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2 players who should have their contracts renewed at Man Utd, agreed?

Man Utd has eight contracts expiring at the end of the 19/20 campaign. One of which is David De Gea, who is rumoured to be extending his contract with the Reds. The Football Manc Cave have picked out two other players who must have their contracts renewed for the betterment of the club…

Man Utd is currently in the process of a ‘rebuild’. The team selections against Chelsea and Wolves saw last season’s regular starters either on the bench or sat at home. For example, Chris Smalling, Phil Jones, Nemanja Matic, Ashley Young and Juan Mata. This demonstrates the inefficiencies of last seasons squad and how the Reds need to move on from the lacklustre side they have been in recent years.

Ashley Young could be an option as a rotation full-back. But with the likes of Diogo Dalot and Axel Tuanzebe able to perform in those positions, his services are likely to be unnecessary.

Nemanja Matic has the option for a further year, but his services should be ended if Man Utd can land a few decent midfielders in next summer’s transfer window, or January’s. Matic’s strengths do not align with the high-pressing, fast-paced and quick-thinking philosophies which Solskjaer is trying to instil into his squad.

Man Utd has several players who need moving on or having their contracts terminated. But which two contracts should Man Utd definitely extend and why?

Timothy Fosu-Mensah

This Dutch 21-year old is the type of player who doesn’t come by too often. He plays all across the backline as well as central defensive midfield. He has gained experience with Crystal Palace and Fulham on loan deals but was cursed with an injury last season.

Many ponder why this youngster isn’t in Man Utd’s first-team squad, especially with tremendous weaknesses in the central defensive midfield role.

If Fosu-Mensah can remain fit he would be a fantastic, versatile and talented squad player for the Reds.

Eric Bailly

Before Victor Lindelof became a fan favourite last season, most Man Utd fans agreed that Bailly was their best defender, when fit.

Bailly is perfect for Solskjaer’s Man Utd, he is good with the ball, only 25 years old and a very brave and committed defender. His ability to bring the ball out from the back is far beyond that of Chris Smalling’s and fairly superior to Phil Jones’, who both have crippling weaknesses in other areas.

With 7 senior defenders, Man Utd should offload Chris Smalling and Phil Jones, fetching the club around £50million. Leaving their best four defenders at Solskjaer’s discretion.

Bailly’s injuries have plagued his career with Man Utd so far. But a fully fit Eric Bailly could work well with both Maguire and Lindelof. Should they ever need a back three, Man Utd’s defence on paper would be impenetrable.

Should Man Utd’s medical team deem Bailly’s injury too serious, terminating his contract would be understandable.

Man City’s star forward hung out to dry by Pep

Guardiola blames long-serving Man City star for the two points dropped against Spurs.

Despite Sergio Aguero putting his team 2-1 ahead against Tottenham Hotspur, Guardiola was more concerned with his positioning during the two Spurs goals.

Guardiola has favoured Gabriel Jesus so far this season. Featuring him in the Community Shield where Aguero did not and starting him on the opening day against West Ham.

Aguero’s first start of the 19/20 season came in the 2-2 draw against Spurs that saw himself and his manager have a verbal altercation after being subbed off for Jesus. Guardiola then went on to blame the lost points on their prolific Argentinian striker.

Gabriel Jesus had a last-minute goal cancelled due to a VAR decision. Laporte appeared to use a hand during the build-up of the play. Had Jesus’ goal stood, both he and Aguero would be two for two in the Premier League. Jesus could feature much more heavily after showing evidence that he can match Aguero, and after Guardiola has publicly blamed the Argentine for the draw.

Gabriel Jesus or Sergio Aguero?

Last season, Gabriel Jesus scored 21 goals and got 6 assists in 47 appearances for the club. These are the statistics for a very good striker. But Sergio Aguero is better than very good. Aguero got 32 goals and 10 assists in 46 appearances.

Aguero, at 31, is still pivotal to Man City’s success. A fall out between himself and the manager could result in him being featured much less often this season. This would potentially result in the Blues losing 20 goals in all competitions this season.

However, with the determination of Jesus to overtake Aguero and Raheem Sterling becoming a very prolific finisher, the goals they lose from Aguero could be made up by their other talents.

The team selection in the near future will reveal the severity of Guardiola’s argument with Aguero and his displeasure with his positioning.

3 players stand out as FC United suffer second defeat to Hyde

FC United suffered their second defeat in the Northern Premier League in a 2-1 defeat at home to Hyde United. Today, The Football Manc Cave will take a look at the key events of the game and what players to keep an eye on for the rest of the season…

A home defeat would leave you thinking that manager Neil Reynolds would be giving the players the hairdryer treatment in the dressing room post-match. However, I was fortunate enough to see a high-quality performance from FC Utd which proved that this side has the potential to challenge in this division.

First Half

The beginning of the game saw FC Utd take total control. The Reds were pinging passes from left to right. James Joyce had acres of space out on the left, where the likes of Tom Dean and Luke Griffiths were picking him out for fun. But FC Utd was unable to capitalise despite dominance.

A mistaken pass in their own half saw Hyde take advantage and Danny O’Brien scores a tap in from a yard out.

In a baffling event, Hyde was awarded a free-kick on the edge of the box, until the referee changed his mind and awarded a penalty. Imminently, the referee became the most disliked man in the stadium. However, goalkeeper Patrick Wharton pulled off a fantastic double save to stop the penalty as well as the rebound. It was one of the most fantastic things I have ever seen in live football.

Despite FC Utd’s control of the game, Hyde was vicious on the odd occasion they had a counter-attack. On one of the very rare occasions that Hyde played some good football was down the left, where they completely undid the FC Utd defence. Liam Tongue slotted it away nicely leaving Hyde Utd 2-0 ahead.

Second half

Hyde Utd started the second half the way FC Utd started the first. Hyde was holding possession and switching play until FC Utd found their groove again.

Niall Rodney and Regan Linney looked to be the two most threatening players for the Reds. Linney regularly cutting inside from the left for the shot or Rodney playing off the last man and attempting to get on the end of some fairly wayward long balls.

FC Utd gained more and more momentum as the clock ticked down. The introduction of Chris Sharp gave the Reds more threat and options, adding to the attack v defence display.

Regan Linney’s favoured technique of cutting inside and shooting finally paid off, as a slight deflection sent the keeper the opposite way.

The remainder of the game saw FC Utd try to prod and pick away at the sturdy and compact Hyde. By the way, Hyde was hoofing the ball up and taking time on dead-ball situations, it was clear the side was holding out for the result they had.

It worked. Despite piling on the pressure in the final stages of the game, FC Utd undeservedly missed the mark on several goal-scoring opportunities.

The game had some fantastic moments and displays of good football. But the highlight has to be manager Neil Reynolds’ yellow card for descent towards the assistant referee over a throw-in awarded to Hyde where the ball hadn’t completely crossed the line. From my position, Reynolds was correct, but he must remain composed and focused in order to set a good example for his team.

Scout report: Who stood out?

Luke Griffiths

Griffiths played in the centre of the park and made everything tick for the Reds. Without him, it’s hard to see how they could dominate possession. His ball control, passing accuracy and footballing IQ set him apart from every other player on the pitch.

Craig Carney

Carney is a joy to watch. Finding acres of space on the right side of the field allowed him to be one of FC Utd’s most dangerous players. His ability to storm down the wing, whether defenders are there to stop him or not, makes him one of the best full-backs to watch live. He found himself in both crossing and shooting opportunities and was unfortunate to not come away with more. For myself, he was Man of the Match.

Patrick Wharton

The FC Utd goalkeeper deserves a special mention for his double save after the Reds conceded a very suspect penalty. He also pulled off the odd good save in a game where he wasn’t entirely busy.


In my opinion, FC Utd deserved to win this game. They played some amazing football, looked good as a squad and challenged Hyde Utd throughout the 90 minutes. It looks as though they need an imposing striker who can be an aerial threat and well as a hold-up player to slide the ball into the wingers.

Great Gesture: Bury old boys look to help the club

As Bury’s ongoing problems with their owner and financial situation continue, ex Bury player, Gareth Seddon is trying to take matters into his own hands.

Gareth Seddon is a striker who played for Bury back in 2001 until 2004. He also spent time at Salford, Fleetwood and Halifax, the list goes on. He wants to try and find a solution for the fans by getting ex-players to fulfil the fixtures Bury have until the problems are sorted.

He tweeted:

I think this is a great idea and while it’s frustrating that the problems with Bury have gone on this long, it’s nice to see people trying to come up with ideas. However, the EFL wouldn’t allow this as they won’t accept players signing on to play, whether it is free or not because of the debts and other things that people probably don’t get to see. The players that are at the club that I got to see in pre-season are actually a great bunch and they want to play, they’re just not allowed.

There’s also more to it, like paying for police and ambulances that need to appear for health and safety. If there was a way around this then it would be a brilliant idea, if the EFL had stricter rules on the people that were allowed to own football clubs, then Bury probably wouldn’t be in this mess.

Here are your reactions to the tweet:

‘This is the perfect time to prove everyone wrong’ Man Utd fans feel striker should stay

Alexis Sanchez could be heading away from the club as Man Utd fans are torn as to whether he should be allowed to leave.

Reports have surfaced that Man Utd are looking to offload Alexis Sanchez before the European transfer market shuts. According to Sky Sports, Inter Milan are looking to hijack another Man Utd player, this time on loan.

The desperation of Man Utd to get rid of the Chilean certainly raises eyebrows. The Reds currently lack depth in the forward and midfield positions, and most fans believe that it should be defenders heading to the bin, not strikers.

However, some fans feel that there is no way back for Alexis Sanchez.

Whilst a portion of fans are glad that Sanchez is leaving, many others disagree. The main concern for fans is the depth and quality of Man Utd’s forwards…

To the surprise of most, there are fans out there that believe Sanchez could redeem himself this season…

Sanchez leaving Man Utd comes down to two things. Should Sanchez leave, it would allow more playing time for youngsters in an array of positions; Greenwood (striker/winger), Chong (winger), Gomes (winger/attacking midfield) and James(winger).

However, Man Utd have Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford, who are yet to prove themselves as prolific Premier League goal scorers. Next up is 17-year-old academy graduate Mason Greenwood, who has zero first team (competitive) goals so far. Greenwood is capable but unproven.

This leaves Man Utd starved for goals and attacking threat this season.

Twitter has had it says, have yours! Should Man Utd let Sanchez leave this summer?

Ex Salford City GK will bring 2 qualities to Rochdale

Rochdale have managed to sign goalkeeper, Jay Lynch. The Football Manc Cave are looking at two things he will bring to the Dale.

The 26-year-old keeper has spent time at Man United, Bolton Wanderers and Accrington Stanley. He’s also had spells at Salford and A.F.C. Fylde where he really made a name for himself.

Lynch believes this is the right one for himself to make the jump from National League to League football. He turned down other opportunities to join the Dale this summer. What can he bring to the squad?


Salford gave him 110 appearances from 2014 to 2017 and AFC Fylde gave him 81. Even though these clubs have him a lot of exposure and allowed him to grow and develop, he’s also got the training experience from Bolton and Manchester United to offer which means he will be determined. Making that jump from National League will also make him want to break into the squad and his experience will help with that.

Brian Barry-Murphy Belief

BBM has talked about his new signing and how Lynch has been in training with Dale for a couple of weeks. He explained how the keeper has impressed a lot with his attitude and hard work, BBM also said that he couldn’t let him pass and would have been full of regret if he did. This will mean that Lynch will fit straight in at the club and feel at home which should help with his development and performance.

If Pogba stays, where do Man Utd finish in the Premier League

Man Utd manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has no qualms about Paul Pogba staying with the club.

Prior to facing Wolves, Solskjaer was once again asked about the future of Paul Pogba. Sky Sports reported his response as “I’ve got no concerns on Paul. For me, he is going to stay.”

With the manager so confident, a Pogba move away would question the authority and legitimacy of the manager.

With this in mind, it is almost certain that the World Cup-winning midfielder will be staying at the club. This is wonderful news for Man Utd fans as the quality of their midfield with Pogba in it is not enough to challenge for the title. Without it, they would be nowhere near challenging for Champions League spot in the top four.

Without the Frenchman, Man Utd’s best midfield would be Matic, McTominay and Fred or Pereira.

Unless Fred magically turns into the player they thought he was, Man Utd would have no creativity in their midfield. This would starve the attackers of chances, resulting in few goals and lots of pressure on their own defence.

Tough start to the season

Pogba has had a rough start to the season. He looked lost for the majority of the games against Chelsea and Wolves. Despite this, he got two fantastic assists against Chelsea and won a penalty against Wolves.

With a Paul Pogba who is full of confidence, motivation and is at the top of his game, imagine what he could do for Man Utd.

With Paul Pogba in full swing, which is likely to be seen as the season progresses, Man Utd well and truly have a chance at reaching the top three. However, Man Utd is not a one-man team and never has been.

Solskjaer and his team need to continue believing in their philosophies and allowing this very young side to gel and develop.

These 3 things were clear in Man Utd’s draw with Wolves

Both sides have plenty to take away from their 1-1 result at Molineux. The game was predicted by all to be close, due to Wolves’ tactically astute manager and incredible form against the top six.

The game showed the strengths and weaknesses of each outfit as they muscled out a 1-1 draw. Wolves have been known to play a very defensive style, which was the case in the first half.

Man Utd held onto possession for the majority of the first 45, with Jesse Lingard playing a vital role in the way the side moves the ball around.

Hopefully, Solskjaer has noticed the following three things that were clear in Man Utd’s draw against Wolves…

Paul Pogba played too deep

Pogba was almost a centre back for the majority of the second half. When Wolves were in control of the pressing and attacking, Paul Pogba was playing very deep and didn’t progress forward enough.

With the quality he brings to the attacking threat, he is wasted as a defensive midfielder. Despite his strength and stature, the best of him is seen in the opponents half picking out his teammates.

Games are won and lost in the midfield

Man Utd failed their fans by not signing a midfielder in the transfer window. It is by far their weak spot and this was exploited by Wolves.

The best ball holders and passers on the pitch were the two centre-halves Victor Lindelof and Harry Maguire. This meant that most of the possession was in and around the defensive lines, inviting the press from Wolves. However, Nuno was clever and didn’t allow the Man Utd counter-attack.

When a team uses this strategy, possession and playing through the opponents with a talented midfield is the only way to win the game. This is why Man Utd drew against Wolves.

Luke Shaw is the weakness

Wolves brought on Adama in the second half at 1-0 down. He ran rings around Luke Shaw, resulting in Scott McTominay and Harry Maguire moving to the left flank to support their teammate.

This left an enormous hole for Ruben Neves, one of the best midfield talents in the league, to showcase his skill and quality almost untouched.

Had Man Utd’s defence been that of last season’s, they would have seen a very embarrassing scoreline.

Man City join Tottenham and Arsenal in scouting 16y/o wonderkid

Man City are on the hunt again and this time it’s for 16-year-old Eduardo Camavinga according to Mail Online. The Football Manc Cave is taking a closer look at the ‘wonder-kid.’

The 16-year-old is apparently being chased by a lot of big clubs. Arsenal and Tottenham are both said to be joining in the hunt for him. Scouts from all three clubs were at Roazhon Park to watch the midfielder, ‘steal the show.’ He helped Rennes beat PSG 2-1 on Sunday night.

Who is he?

He started his youth career at AGL-Drapeu Fougeres and moved to Rennes youth academy. In 13 appearances for Rennes second team, he managed 4 goals which saw him break into the senior team.

Representatives at Rennes have explained how the youngster knows just how to question himself, listens to feedback and is very respectful which is why so many people have taken him under their wing and this has helped him blossom over the summer.

Camavinga has been mostly used as a defensive midfielder in the past, however, his technical and physical attributes have seen him be compared to Paul Pogba. The 16-year-old also has the same agent as Ousmane Dembele.

Eduardo signed his first professional contract with Rennes in December 2018 and this made him the youngest ever signing for the club on record. The 6th Of April 2019 saw him make his Ligue 1 debut in a 3-3 draw with Angers SCO.

Pep Guardiola has got an eye for young talent and knows exactly what to do in order to train them to the highest standard. It’s just the battle of getting pen to paper than he’s got on his hands as he fights with the top clubs from England and Europe to sign the teenager.

Loan watch: Two Man City youngster to keep an eye on

Man City currently have twelve players out on loan. Today, The Football Manc Cave will report on two prolific youngsters who have a strong shot at making it to the Premier League winner’s starting eleven.

Since Manchester City was gifted ‘blank-cheque’ status in 2008, their planning for the future has been absolutely spot on. The club has gradually improved their squad before settling on the perfect group to perform under Pep Guardiola before appointing him.

The young players out on loan are there because they are seen as part of the plans of Man City’s future. Meaning that you could see the names Sandler and Ilic in the Premier League in the years to come.

Man Utd is renown for producing their own talent. This is currently unmatched by Man City as they tend to purchase young talent. Philippe Sandler was purchased from Zwolle for around £2.25million and Luka Ilic was purchased from Red Star for a similar price.

City purchased Oleksandr Zinchenko from FK Ufa when he was 20 in 2016 for only £1.8million. He was then loaned to PSV, and now he starts week in, week out for Man City with a market value of £18million.

Could one or both of the following players see the same fate? Let’s see how their loan spells are going for their current clubs…

Philippe Sandler

Sandler, 22, went out on loan this summer to Anderlecht. He followed Man City superstar Vincent Kompany as he ventures on to a player-coach role. Having such an experienced talent alongside him will fast-track his progression and allow him to become the man who fills the hole Kompany left.

Sandler has featured in the first three games for Anderlecht, starting on all three occasions. This shows a good start to his loan as he is being trusted with regular first-team football.

Himself and Kompany in as the centre-back partnership saw two clean sheets in the first two games. But conceded 4 in a 4-2 defeat in Sandler’s third and most recent game with Anderlecht.

Luka Ilic

Ilic, 20, is a Serbian left-footed attacking midfielder. He is in last season of his two-year loan at Breda, who is in the second division of Dutch football,

Ilic’s first season with Breda was in the top tier in Holland. Having only 16 appearances, 2 goals and 3 assists say that the youngster had a tough time.

However, with only two games played in the new season, Ilic has scored twice and assisted once, having his team sat at the top of their division.

Should this form continue, it would demonstrate a resilient youngster who is eager to improve and going back to his parent club with a fantastic reference from his temporary manager at Breda.

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