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Bolton’s Chairman will back Bury’s bid to return to League 2 – ‘Good luck…there is some very bitter teams in the football league’

The Bolton News has reported how the new Bolton Wanderers owner, Sharon Brittan has said she would back Bury’s campaign to return to League Two. The Football Manc Cave look at your reactions.

There’s a campaign in full swing for Bury to return to League Two instead of starting again from Non-League. The EFL clubs will meet on September the 26th to discuss the matter and Bolton owner, Brittan has confirmed that she would want to back this idea as long as Bury have a stable footing.

A lot of other fans have been saying that it wouldn’t be fair on clubs trying to gain promotion and I completely understand that side to the argument. However, the EFL didn’t do a lot to help Bury in their situation and it’s not the fans, players, staff or community’s fault.

Bolton and Bury’s situations were running at exactly the same time although they had very different outcomes. It’s nice to see that Sharon is completely behind Bury as she understands the struggles she’s faced. I’m glad and proud that she will be supporting them in this vote.

Here’s what you thought…

Why Bolton’s no fixture last weekend is a sad time for football

Wondered why Bolton Wanderers never played a game this weekend? It’s because they were meant to be playing Bury. In a sad time for the game, The Football Manc Cave reflects.

A lot of football fans haven’t had a game to watch this week because it’s the international break. Bolton fans have had no game because the team they were meant to be playing were expelled from the league.

Bury fans haven’t got any games to watch.

It’s about time the people in power started to look at struggling clubs a little closer, and help them instead of putting them in situations like this.

Just imagine for one minute, the EFL would have given Bury more help and extended their time to try and sort the issues they were having. I know a lot of people are now going to say that they had enough time. However, in my opinion, with the supposed new bids on the deadline day, the EFL should have seen that as a possible way to save the club so should have helped.

If they would have and a deal could have been made. Just imagine Bolton vs Bury. The money that that game would have brought in because both sets of fans want their clubs to survive, the attention the game would have got and what it would have meant for either team to score, gain any points or most importantly, win.

Instead, the EFL removes Bury from the league. The fact that there was no fixture for Bolton this weekend, just made me realise how lucky I am to be a Bolton fan. We actually have games to watch now thanks to Football Ventures. It doesn’t matter whether we win or lose, we have football to watch.

Sad times for Bury

It’s a sad time for the game and I really do hope that Bury can solve the issues they have and work their way back into the leagues. It’s not fair, football is all about money and there’s so much of it, so why are Bury facing these issues? Because the EFL let a man, sorry, a coward, take over a club, not have the funds, not willing to sort a sale out and then the EFL end up expelling them from the league.

Maybe they should have run tests more accurately, and actually done a background test on Dale before just shattering the fans, staff and players.

I hope that once we are up and running properly, we could maybe give Bury fans free entry so that they’ve got some football to watch. If not that, then I really do think we should have some sort of game that raises money for Bury. Football fans that are laughing, mocking or saying that Bury deserves this in any way, I really hope that your club never has to go through what they have – because it’s heartbreaking.

Bolton fans cause delay to watch the youngsters ‘Onwards and upwards from here… UP THE LADS’

Bolton Wanderers played Bradford last night in the Leasing.com trophy and The Football Manc Cave want to see your reactions.

This was the first home match for Bolton since their take over had gone through. The new owners had said that to draw in an audience, they would only charge £5 a ticket in which you got a match day programme and free parking. They underestimated how many people would turn up as kick-off had to be delayed by 10 minutes.

Another nice touch to this game was that even though Keith Hill has been appointed manager, Jimmy Phillips was told to still manage this last game and put out a young team for one last time, despite the new signings being made. I personally thought this was a great touch and sensible. It was a 1-1 draw that saw Bolton go 1-0 up thanks to Dennis Politic but only lost to penalties at the end.

Here are your reactions…

There was also some confusion at the last penalty…

‘ANNOUNCE LEAGUE ONE WINNERS 19/20’ Bolton Wanderers fans react to signing after signing on deadline day

Bolton Wanderers fans had a busy day yesterday keeping up with their clubs last-minute signings and The Football Manc Cave are taking a look at your reactions.

Bolton has been in need of some new signings for quite some time and now that this new take over enables them to do so, they have arrived. Finally, Bolton can start to compete in the league with a fair team and it will be like a fresh start for the new manager, Keith Hill.

A total of 9 players signed on the dotted line yesterday and fans were loving it. So strap yourself in, we’re going to go through the day and get some of your best reactions…

After the signing of Jack Hobbs had already been announced at the weekend, this was what kickstarted yesterday:

Bolton fans were quick to jump on this

Me a couple of minutes later, they stuck to their promise and the announcement of Thibaud Verlinden from Stoke City was made.

Next up, Liam Bridcutt became the next signing…

Will Buckley’s return to the club was next on the cards…

Jake Wright was next…

Ali Crawford was next in Keith Hill’s plan…

And then Chris O’Grady got himself a contract until the end of the year.

Josh Emmanuel was next…

But Bolton has put out the wrong picture in a manic rush

Joe Bunney then made his move…

The news that fans were begging for finally came in, the signing of Daryl Murphy…

And that was all! Let’s hope Keith Hill can get these players ready for the league and have a fresh start. This will now give the youngsters a chance to rest but their efforts will never be forgotten. It will be nice to see some of them just coming on as a sub, rather than having to push 90 minutes a game being tired and unfit.

Come on Bolton!

Bolton Wanderers fans don’t care about the team sheet today against Gillingham

The Football Manc Cave is taking a close look at Bolton Wanderers game against Gillingham.

Bolton fans have been remarkable and loud during the past couple of months while the club has been going through so many problems. They’ve turned up to every game and even the players have noticed how amazing the support has been. So this game should be even louder as it’s the first match since the take over at the club has gone through.

No matter what the result, the fans will no doubt turn up in their numbers to get the team through it. Now looking to the match itself, caretaker manager, Jimmy Phillips has spoken about the game and explained how now that the take over has gone through, there are 4 players that are being looked at. Jack Hobbs is one of those and Phillips has said that they just needed the permission of the league for that to go through before he can play and now it has so he is able to play against Gillingham. The other three players are waiting to see whether they can be registered with Bolton before names are announced.

Bolton is looking for their first win as they sit at the bottom of the league on -11 points. They lost their last game to Ipswich 5-0 even after they had a break from playing because of the welfare of the young players was raised. Now that the take over has been completed and the signing of some new players has come to light, this may give the youngsters a chance to rest and hopefully, a better performance will start to come out of this team.

Here’s Jimmy Phillip’s’ words:


Bolton is obviously at the bottom looking for any result that will help them shake off that minus figure. Gillingham sits at 19th on 2 points. They’ve drawn 1-1 with Doncaster, lost 2-1 to Burton, drawn 2-2 with Blackpool and lost to Coventry 2-1. This shows that Gillingham is also out to get some points but also that they can score, so Bolton will have a tough game. The result will just depend on the mentality of the Bolton team especially if there are a few new players in the mix.

Line Up:

Normally I would do my prediction of the team that will go out, however, that is quite difficult with Bolton not knowing for sure about new players and the announcement of Jack Hobbs. So here’s how they lined up against Ipswich…

The line up will be pretty much the same if the signings don’t go through, if they do, there will be a couple of changes I imagine. Jack Hobbs will more than likely start to give one of the youngsters a rest, that will probably go off who Jimmy Phillips thinks looks like they could do with rest the most. One thing to consider is that new players don’t stand much of a chance of coming in straight away, and gelling well with their new teammates. Hopefully, the loud fans cheering them on will give them the belief they need to be able to perform to the best of their ability. That’s all us fans ask for at this stage.

Ex-Bolton Wanderers boss lifts the lid

The Football Manc Cave is looking at the interview that Phil Parkinson gave with Sky when he appeared on The Debate.

The 51-year-old left Bolton Wanderers after him and his players went unpaid for over 5 months and kept receiving false promises from administrators.

Parkinson appeared on The Debate with Sky after his departure from Bolton. This was before the takeover had actually gone through so it would be interesting to hear his thoughts now also, however, here’s a break down of his interview…

When asked about when he knew there were problems at the club, he said that he had concerns straight away. He explained how it was easier to deal with in League One but when he managed to gain promotion to the Championship, money became a big problem.

Taken them as far as he could

Parkinson also admitted that he left the club because he felt that he and Steve Parkin had taken the club as far as they could. He also added that he felt it was the right time, as the deal was supposedly about to be going ahead and he wanted new owners to have a completely fresh start. This came as a bit of a shock to me as I honestly thought he had left simply because he was fed up. I mean that is probably part of the reasons, but I have so much more respect for him now that I know that he left us so that we could start to grow again.

Something that I’m glad he spoke about was that Ken Anderson apparently had a deal lined up when Bolton was in the Championship, but it never went ahead. Phil Parkinson has said that that was the perfect time to sell up. It should have happened then.

Problems arising

This obviously led to the more serious problems and he even explained to people who were saying “footballers can survive without being paid” that some under 23 players at the club were only contracted to around £400-500 a week. That became difficult for them when they had rent and mortgages to pay but they weren’t receiving the wages. He even said that players were still turning up to training even though they weren’t getting paid, and just putting petrol in their cars in order to get there was taking away money that they needed. You don’t even think about these things at the time and I’m glad he’s addressed them.

He also spoke on how this was the first time he and his players had ever experienced not being paid. It was hard to see the staff who hadn’t been paid also to come into work and try to motivate players when they weren’t feeling happy themselves.

In my opinion, I still think he’s amazing. I thank him for everything he’s done with the club. It was such a tough time and he managed to turn up, get a team to perform to the best of their ability and he even raised concerns for the player’s welfare when he had to. I think he’s got more to say on the situation and on Ken Anderson, but he’s only just parted with the club and started to live his life stress-free so he won’t want to cause any more trouble or drama right now.

3 Things Football Ventures Have To Do Straight Away At Bolton Wanderers

I am so happy to be able to finally write something positive about Bolton Wanderers. The Football Manc Cave are exploring three things that new owners, Football Ventures need to do with the club.

It’s going to take a lot of time to sort absolutely everything from debts to players but it’s a start. A positive start. As a Bolton fan, I just want us to be playing consistent football, not having to call games off and making a start on rebuilding.

Bolton News reporter, Marc Iles tweeted his take on what should happen next:

Here’s my take…

Settle Debts & Pay Players

All Bolton fans know that we are in debt and there are players that are owed money from the club all over the show. It’s going to take a while to get everything completely finalised, there’s also going to be other issues that fans don’t know about and probably won’t ever find out about. However, these payments need to be settled so that we can start again. Current players need paying so that it proves to everyone that the deal is a good one and it will appeal more to new signings which we also need if our players are finally receiving their wages.

Sort Manager

We obviously need a new manager. I am actually gutted that this takeover has gone through only a week after Phil Parkinson left. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he is the answer for our long term plans. His style of football isn’t the best but he has stuck with us throughout everything when others would have walked away. I hope he comes back to the stadium to watch a game then we can say goodbye properly and thank him for his efforts.

Moving on, we can finally start talking about who should take the job now. In my opinion, we need Kevin Nolan. One of my favourite players growing up who I’ve met a few times. He has started his managerial career recently and would be the perfect option for us. He knows the ins and outs of the club, has friends still involved with us and has the respect from other clubs who he could ask for favours in terms of loans of players. I also think he would get the best out of the youngsters.

Season Tickets

Fans have been paying per match so far this year with the uncertainty of whether games would go ahead. Now we can finally think about buying season tickets. They will obviously have to be at a cheaper price now that fans have paid per match and they are being issued later in the season than planned.

We should also be offered reduced prices for the absolute hell we’ve had to deal with but that’s another issue. We should also give Bury fans free entry to our games. We could never ask Bury fans to think of switching their support but we could give them some football to watch for the time being. It would also bring us more bodies to fill the stadium.

‘Thank Christ that’s over with. Horrible’ Bolton Wanderers fans relief over takeover

The Football Manc Cave is looking at your reactions to the Bolton Wanderers takeover.

The news of Bury being expelled from the league came in, and Bolton got 14 days to try and find a resolution to their take over before going the same way. As I wrote my thoughts out into an article, Bolton’s take over went ahead. I am absolutely delighted. I’m still upset for Bury and hope that there’s some sort of resolution to their ownership that allows them to still be a club and build, eventually, they could end up back in the league.

As a Bolton fan, I am so happy. I was expecting us to take it until the very last minute before securing a takeover and having fans wait it out. It’s just what we have come to expect. To learn that we have actually sorted the deal out is brilliant and here are some of your reactions…

‘If the official administrators of Bolton Wanderers cannot organise a ticket sale, how the hell can they organise the sale of the club’

The Football Manc Cave are looking at your reactions to the Bolton Wanderers takeover and ticket news coming to a standstill again.

All summer, Bolton fans have been awaiting the news they all want to hear and that’s that they have new owners and the deal has been done. However, there’s still no real confirmation of this happening, no communication and fans are getting increasingly frustrated once again.

On top of this, ticket prices were released for their opening game and fans were confused to how the prices were £24 for just for adults. After the prices were announced, it was also stated that fans would only be able to buy tickets from the club shop and online. Fans again started to question the clubs thinking seeings as they need all the money they can get but weren’t offering tickets on the day of the game.

To top all of this off, the ticket sales were then suspended and no further update has been given which has left fans speculating even more.

Here are your reactions…

‘Shambles. Absolute shambles’ Bolton Wanderers fans react!

More confusion and frustration has come for Bolton Wanderers fans as their ticket prices have been released for their first home game of the season.

However, the tickets haven’t actually been released yet, and the prices and information on buying the tickets are making Bolton fans question their club.

Bolton will play Coventry City at home this weekend, ticket prices were finally released for the game at adults from £24, £18 for over 65’s and Under 23’s and Under 18’s from £12. Fans were shocked at the prices but more shocked by the fact that the club has stated there will be no on the day purchasing of tickets. Fans will only be able to purchase them online or at the club shop before the game goes ahead.

This is bizarre as the club is in need of all the money they can get. When they managed to sell out their support capacity away at Wycombe at the weekend, you’d think they’d make it as easy as possible for fans to go and support. It was also announced that there was a suspension on the ticket sales which were supposed to go on sale at 9 am yesterday.

Here are your reactions…

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