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Bolton Wanderers’ 2 Key fixtures to close the gap

Bolton Wanderers Keith Hill

Bolton Wanderers sit on -2 points in League One. However, despite improved form recently, hard work needs to continue to climb out of the relegation zone.

Despite the injury blows within Keith Hill’s squad, he has got his men playing to a great standard recently.

Even though they got knocked out of the FA Cup by Plymouth Argyle last weekend, they have been improving in League One. They have also gone through to the next round of the Leasing.com Trophy.

They recently beat Fleetwood at home, 2-1. This win took them to -2 points. A massive improvement on the -12 they started out on this season.

In order to now climb out of the minus points and relegation zone, they will need some wins. Here are two fixtures they could take advantage of soon…

Bolton Wanderers v MK Dons

This Saturday will see the Trotters play MK Dons. Not only does being at home give them an advantage, but MK Dons being 21st in the League also helps.

When they have been beating the likes of Fleetwood who are in the top half of the table, Bolton should be confident here.

MK Dons currently have 13 points and are struggling. Bolton need to take advantage of that and aim for a win.

Accrington Stanley away

On the 23rd of November, Bolton will travel to Accrington Stanley. The fact that Bolton will be the away team may not favour their chances of winning.

However, Accrington Stanley are currently 19th in League One and are on 15 points. They should be able to use that to their advantage.

If Bolton can get some points from MK Dons, that should give them the confidence to beat Accrington Stanley too.

EFL Decision

Despite the positive thinking about Bolton getting out of the minus points and possibly the relegation zone too, there may be another issue.

Earlier in the season, Bolton couldn’t fulfil two fixtures. After a player strike, their clash with Brentford was called off. Then a player welfare issue meant that their clash with Doncaster also didn’t go ahead.

This has all meant that further misconduct charges could be placed on the club. The Bolton News has reported that the EFL will make a decision and it will be announced next week. Could all the hard work at Bolton be a waste of time?

Oldham Athletic are in freefall, 2 lessons they need to learn fast

Oldham Athletic fans are getting fed up with performances, management and the owners. The team can try to turn this around with some tactical changes.

Last night saw Oldham lose to Fleetwood Town in the Leasing.com Trophy. It wasn’t just a small loss, they ended up losing 5-2.

However, at least that means they can focus more on League Two football as that are out of the competition.

Fans are getting fed up of the performances though. For example, last night, Oldham went 3-0 down before any response.

Jonny Smith was responsible for the goal and he has been outstanding for Oldham so far. However, he is only on loan and the goals keep coming too late.

Oldham have recently made slight improvements. They won 2-0 against Walsall, drew 0-0 with Port Vale and 2-2 with Northampton. They also won their FA Cup clash with Gateshead 2-1.

However, they are still 20th in the League with a struggling 16 points. Scunthorpe and Walsall both sit underneath them on 15 points. Then Morecambe and Stevenage sit at the bottom on 13 points. There’s not a lot in it.

With that in mind, here are two lessons Oldham need to learn quickly…

Oldham Athletic defence

At the start of the season, the defence seemed to be Oldham’s biggest problem. They recruited the likes of David Wheater who came in and made a difference.

He was given the Captain’s armband and acted as leader. Things seemed to improve and then Oldham needed to work on the attack.

However, since the arrival of Dino Maamria, things have gotten sloppy again. Fans already want to see change with the management and owners.

That is something that is out of the team’s control and they need to focus on each game. Defending for 90 minutes to a high standard needs to be prioritised.


Linking with the previous point, the defence standard needs to match the attack. It’s like Oldham can’t do both.

For example, they have shown that goals can be created. However, they are coming too late in the game. Against Fleetwood last night, it took 25 minutes for any response from Oldham Athletic.

In their draw with Northampton, both goals came in the 80th-90th minute period of the game. If they can start by attacking early and getting an early goal then they can try to defend a win.

Bolton should keep these 3 players in the line up from midweek against Fleetwood

Keith Hill’s Bolton side are back in league action tomorrow. They will play Fleetwood at home. Their recent good form is something they will want to keep up.

After beating Bristol in the league and Man City Under 21’s in the Leasing.com trophy, Bolton will be feeling very confident.

However, they did have another injury blow this week as Ali Crawford is out. He scored against Man City and has been a big part of the team since signing.

There are a lot of players who have been great consistently like Remi Matthews. Players like Yoan Zouma seem to be having a tough time after an own goal this week. Hopefully they’ll bounce back.

Keith Hill will have to put that behind him and pick a decebt team for tomorrow. With that being said, here’s 3 players who should remain in the line up…

Chris O’Grady

As a Bolton fan, I wanted O’Grady to get a chance and now he has.

He scored twice agaisnt Man City’s youngsters. This should give him a drive to do the same this weekend.

Joe Dodoo

When Dodoo first joined Bolton, he was brought on as a substitute often. Now he has worked his way into the starting line up.

I wanted him to get that chance because I believe he drives the attack forward.

Dennis Politic

It’s unfortunate that Crawford is injured. The forward link up between him, Dodoo and O’Grady has been great to see.

However, now that he isn’t available, Politic could fill in that position. The youngster is more than capable.

Rochdale fans react to disappointing loss ‘Really embarrassing performance that, We’re screwed, no plan B’

Brian Barry Murphy’s side had to pick themselves up from last weeks defeat and try and take something from Fleetwood yesterday. Unfortunately, they were subject to a late goal which put them 2-1 down.

Rochdale arrived at Fleetwood today with high hopes, loud fans and Aaron Wilbraham back In the squad. 8 minutes into the game and the Dale were 1-0 up with a goal from Rekeil Pyke. Unfortunately, ten minutes later, Fleetwood was level.

A point would still have been good to take away from the game, and it looked like this was the way they were heading right up until the 87th minute when Fleetwood went 2-1 up. Obviously this wasn’t the way that Brian Barry Murphy had planned the game to go and it’s disappointing.

Here are your reactions…

Bolton Wanderers in the driving Seat for proven midfield free agent

The Football Manc Cave already reported that free agent, Graham Dorrans was on the radar for Bolton Wanderers and now there’s been a development.

In an article that I wrote, I explained how Graham Dorrans departed Rangers last month and is now available as a free agent. This week, TeamTalk.com have revealed how Dorrans has supposedly favoured a move to Bolton over other clubs. It’s rumoured that Scottish Premiership sides were interested in the midfielder along with Fleetwood and Portsmouth.

Supposedly, Dorrans is excited by the fact that Bolton are on the rebuild and it is appealing to him. So if they could secure his signature, that would be a great move as he’d be determined to get stuck in. The 32-year-old would add some experience to the League One side.

He has options

He’s had his career rocked by a few injuries in his past however, he seems to be over it now and wants to get playing time. It’s nice that he’s got a few options in terms of places to move to, Fleetwood and Portsmouth are both great options. I just think that his experience, determination and the fact that he seems to want to move to the Trotters would be his best option.

It would be great for him to be a part of Bolton’s season now and help them get out of the minus points they are in. I just hope he will keep that appeal in mind when considering his options, as Dundee are also interested in signing the ex-Rangers star.

They are currently on a budget and need to bear that in mind when it comes to signings. He might be a free agent, however, he will still need wages which is something that Bolton’s new owners can provide. I’m sure news will come when he makes up his mind on which club to go to next in his career.

Bolton Wanderers eyeing up Scottish free agent alongside Portsmouth & Fleetwood

The Football Manc Cave already reported that Bolton Wanderers had a manic week when they made 9 signings in one day and apparently, they aren’t stopping there.

Rangers announced this week that their 32-year-old midfielder, Graham Dorrans has been released upon mutual agreement. Although he’s reportedly had interest from Kilmarnock, he is unlikely to make a move for the Rugby Park club.


Because he could be coming to Bolton. Now that the transfer window has closed, he can still move as a free agent and this will give him the headspace to think about where he wants to go next in his career. It’s not just Bolton who have shown interest, they’re contending with Portsmouth and Fleetwood who are both said to be interested in the midfielder.

Dorran signed for Rangers in 2017 when he made a move from Norwich City. However, his career was rocked by some cruel injuries. He had signed for Rangers on a 3-year deal and made his debut for the club against Motherwell. The midfielder bagged both goals in a 2-1 win and things were looking great, only to be subject to an ankle injury a couple of months later against Kilmarnock which required surgery. This has unfortunately led to him being let go by Rangers but a League One move could be on the cards.

His name has also made headlines for other reasons outside of football such as being bottled in Ibiza when trying to defuse an argument. He’s also been a part of the Scottish National Team in the past, however, more upset for his family when his baby was stillborn and his daughter contracted meningitis meant that he was obviously unavailable until 2015 when he was recalled.

The Glasgow born man was delighted when he joined Rangers as he supported them as a child, so the injury he suffered was a huge blow for him. Now that he’s been released, hopefully, this will give him time to weigh up his options and make a move for a club he will be happy with.

What can Bolton Wanderers be excited about? Here are 3 reasons ahead of next season

I know what you’re thinking because I’m thinking the same, in Bolton Wanderers’ situation, what can we be excited about?

Bolton has obviously had a hard time over the last year with financial problems, that have seen players and staff go unpaid resulting in relegation to League 1 football. As a Bolton fan myself, I am not optimistic about the season ahead. We don’t even have a full senior squad right now, and we still have ongoing rumours regarding our management.

However, I’ve decided to try to look on the bright side at things we can look forward to…

No More Anderson

It’s been announced that Bolton have a preferred bidder when it comes to buying the club and Football Ventures are apparently the new owners. This means we are rid of Ken Anderson and can focus on football.

Players will now be paid and hopefully, new recruits will be brought in if the takeover goes as planned. The fans spent a large period of last season campaigning for Anderson’s departure. So now that he’s gone, we can all focus on the football and the league.

New League

Yes, it was disappointing that we ended up being relegated last season. Nevertheless, you have to see a positive in this and that is the team’s we will now be facing. The league may be easier for us and fans might see some exciting football games. I could be completely wrong, we could end up even worse off, and have the most boring football play going. Again, I’m being optimistic.

Local and Seaside Away Games

If all else fails, at least we will have good away games. As well as having local games such as, Bury and Rochdale, we will also have matches that aren’t too far away and are by the sea. Blackpool and Fleetwood will definitely be go-to games, if not for the football, for the pubs, arcades and fish and chips.

Is George Edmundson Good Enough To Make The Step Up To Rangers or Sunderland After Being Linked Away From Oldham?

There are a good number of gems to be found in the lower divisions if clubs can be bothered to look for them and one of the brightest of them, Oldham’s George Edmundson is currently being sought by several clubs including Scottish Premier side Glasgow Rangers.

It’s always a blow to a club’s supporters to lose an integral member of the team but given Oldham’s league status, diminishing support and financial uncertainty the chance to cash in on a player is a pill that has to be swallowed.

The question as to whether Edmundson can make the step up to a higher division has already been answered, by the clubs who have shown an interest in him. Originally that consisted of the likes of Scunthorpe and Fleetwood but Edmundson will surely be aware that he can set his sights much higher, and that he would be seriously undervaluing himself if he didn’t aim for the best option available to him.

Although Latics fans would miss the young defender, they can surely not deny him the chance to possibly play in the Europa League next season and also experience the delight of a Glasgow derby!

Oldham have lost players to bigger clubs in the past and that is a burden we have had to carry. Another ex-Latics defender who began his career with us is James Tarkowski, who is now with Premier League Burnley and in the England squad.

It could be (but is highly unlikely) that the promising centre back might be persuaded to stay with Oldham until his contract runs out next season, however ‘cashing in’ on him now makes more sense as far as the club’s financial situation. The figures being reported are close to the £500,000 mark, and that is a figure we can’t afford to turn down no matter how much people think he will be worth in the future.

Should Edmundson go, it is to be hoped that he finds his way into the first team as soon as possible, rather than become lost in the club’s reserves. It will hopefully give a chance to one of Latics other youngsters to step up to the mark in his place.