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Man City Women need to give these two a rest against Atlético Madrid tonight, agree?

Man City women have been doing great in all competitions so far this season. Nick Cushing desperately wants his side to win the Champions League.

In order to do that, they’ll have to get past Atlético Madrid this week. The Football Manc Cave are looking at two players who should be rested.

Even though Cushing will put out a team aiming to win the Champions League clash, he’s still got to consider the league.

Man City are currently top of the Women’s Super League and are the ones to beat. However, getting past Atlético Madrid this week will take priority.

Here are two players who may benefit from being rested during this clash. Whether it be starting them on the bench or leaving them to rest ready for the weekend.

Pauline Bremer

Bremer has had a great season so far. However, she picked up a slight injury before last weekends game.

Rather than play her and make it worse, Cushing should keep her rested until the weekend when Man City play Man United again.

Cushing has said that he will make a decision on her closer to the game. If she doesn’t get a start then, she will be featured against Man United.

Georgia Stanway

She’s been a stand out performer for Man City and England. However, she is another player who picked up an injury earlier on in the season.

She has been seen back in training with the blues but that doesn’t mean she should be started.

Cushing should keep her out of action and assess whether she is up to playing on Sunday. The last thing he needs is any of his players coming back before they’re ready.

Former Man City boss urges Foden to leave in January

Phil Foden is one Man City player who’s future is a hot topic. TalkSport has explained how Stuart Pearce has now had his say on the matter.

Foden is a highly rated player by fans and pundits. However, all have been fighting his corner and stating that he should be given more playing time.

After he came back from injury and illness, he got a start against Preston in the Carabao Cup. Despite that being what fans wanted, it caused fans to argue that the youngster was ‘more than just a Carabao Cup player.’

Therefore, there is now a debate amongst fans and football pundits regarding Phil’s future. Most think he will benefit from some time away from the Etihad. A loan spell is something that people want him to consider.

However, he has committed his time to the Manchester side as it was his childhood dream to play for the blues. Now ex-Man City boss, Stuart Pierce, has had his say…

Stuart Pearce

He has weighed in on the situation and explained that a player of Phil’s age will benefit most from game time.

That is something he isn’t getting at the Etihad. Pearce claims that a loan spell in January will do him the ‘world of good.’

He acknowledges that Pep Guardiola sings Phil Foden’s praises often, however, he agrees with fans that experience is needed.

David Silva

The current Man City Captain, David Silva will be departing the blues at the end of the season. This will leave a space in the midfield that needs to be filled.

It is looking likely that Foden will be the man who has to step up. In my opinion, the youngster needs game time before being chucked into the Premier League week in, week out.

Training with a team of Pep Guardiola’s standard is completely different to actually playing with them weekly against an opposition. Whether Foden gets more games this season or does consider a loan spell, I think it’s vital towards his career and preparation going forward.

Man City & Man Utd to go head-to-head again in January transfer battle

There could be some hope for the defensive issues at the Etihad. Man City look to be joining the race for Ruben Dias according to The Mirror.

Vincent Kompany departed the Manchester side at the end of last season and there seems to have been a hole left ever since. Now with injuries also contributing to the problems at the back, Guardiola needs to recruit.

Pep is very good at preparing his players to be versatile. Most of his squad can alternate in positions but one player who has had to do that recently is Fernandinho.

He’s gone from midfield to defence and while he is trying his best, its a new signing that is needed. Now the Man City bosses are supposedly going after the Benfica defender.


Man City aren’t the only team ready to sign the 22-year-old. There have been links with Atletico Madrid, Juventus and Lyon. Manchester United are also meant to be interested.

This is why Man City need to act fast. Harry Maguire was the last defender that Pep Guardiola expressed his interested in and Man United beat him to it. Imagine losing out on another signing to your biggest rival.

Ruben Dias

As well as getting in appearances for Benfica, the defender has also got international duties to perform. He’s got 13 senior Portugal caps to his name currently and will get more.

The much-wanted man has worked his way up through Benfica’s youth ranks and has done a brilliant job of getting into the first team. However, he could benefit from a change.

Could January be a chance for him to explore? His current contract expires in 2024. His deal also has a release clause of around £59 million. Any team would have some negotiating to do as Benfica are reportedly trying to raise his fees.

I truly hope that if the 22-year-old does want to move, he considers the Etihad in the new year.

3 things Guardiola will be working on in Man City’s international break

Another international break is on its way to interrupt the Premier League. The Football Manc Cave is looking at what Man City will have to focus on in preparation for their next fixtures.

Man City haven’t had great form recently. Some may say that this international break couldn’t have come at a better time for them. Pep Guardiola will have his players working hard in training.

He will also be working hard behind the scenes to come up with plans for his squad members who will be away on international duty. Pep will be furious at the recent unexpected losses his side have faced.

These poor performances have meant that Liverpool has gone 8 points clear on top of the league. This is why plans need to be put in place for improvement and fast.

Here are 3 things I think he should be working on…


This is obvious. However, it’s also unfortunate for the Man City boss as he’s had to cope with injuries. Despite being low on options, he’s still put a defensive line up out every week.

The players he is picking, on paper, should be able to cope with the pressure. This isn’t the case and things need to change at the back. It isn’t even down to particular players. It comes down to communication and teamwork.

Whenever Wolves managed to break, there was no plan. Defenders were too far down the pitch and were having to scramble back into position. Too many players were chasing the same ball and it just didn’t look like the usual blues. The team need to work on this.

Defensive Midfielders

Something that Pep Guardiola is good at is having versatile players. He’s got a few players who can adapt to being defensive in the middle rather than always attacking.

Two players who had to try and adapt to this against Wolves were Rodri and Gundogan. Although they tried, they need some more training. Pep should be working on his defence and midfielders working together and communicating.


The absolute last thing that Man City need now is any player suspensions. Especially in defence. However, if Pep doesn’t work closely with his players, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

When the squad faced Wolves, 5 players ended up with yellow cards. Ederson, Fernandinho, Cancelo, Gundogen and Rodri were all penalised. This is really concerning. Especially with most of these being defenders.

The Man City boss can fix this by working on cleaner and better-timed challenges. He can also work on the pressure as it looks like most players are tackling badly out of frustration.

I’m sure the boss has more plans up his sleeve for this international break. However, we will have to wait until it’s over to see if his plans are put into action.

2 reasons why Man City should take advantage of this buy-back clause for 21y/o

The Manchester Evening News has explained the unusual transfer buy-back clause in place for Manu Garcia. The 21-year-old could be called back to Man City in the next two years.

Garcia spent a couple of his youth years with Man City. He signed his first professional contract in 2015 however, he wasn’t used much. This explains the loan spells he went out on.

One of the clubs that favoured his style of play was Sporting Gijon. They put their interest forward and were successful in offering the attacking midfielder a new home. He departed the Etihad to join the club in the summer, although, he could be making a return.


The unusual transfer clause is that Man City can take him back but only in the next two years. This could benefit both teams as Man City have an option. It would also be a huge profit deal for Sporting who would gain massively.

The clubs director, Miguel Torrecilla, has said that if Man City do buy their player back, it would be ‘one of the best deals in Sporting’s history.’ So what’s in it for Man City?


One of the clubs legends, David Silva, will soon be departing the Etihad. Pep Guardiola’s job will be to recruit or prepare a replacement. While it has been made clear that Phil Foden will most likely be that man, it would be nice to have options.

The 21-year-old would have a lot of work to do and big shoes to fill. However, if there’s a manager that can prepare him, it’s Guardiola. He would also be an option in case Phil Foden was to get injured at any point.

Part of the plan?

Man City knew what they were doing when they signed that contract. They would have been keeping in mind that this young midfielder could potentially improve. This clause has left them open to taking him straight back and utilising his skills.

If they were to take Garcia back, it would look like they had it planned all along. That’s clever. The Spanish player has started all ten games so far this season and even scored once. He certainly will be experienced if he was to make a return.

It’s time Man City go all out for Premier League goal-getter

Former Liverpool defender, Glen Johnson, has urged Harry Kane to leave Spurs. This is according to The Manchester Evening News. The Football Manc Cave looks at the possibility of him moving to Man City.

Glen Johnson hasn’t only given Kane advice on whether he should remain with Tottenham. He’s also told him where to go. Johnson has suggested that he has Man City down as a potential target.

Harry Kane is considered one of the best footballers around. This is why it’s frustrating to see him playing for a disappointing Spurs team at the minute. Man City aren’t shy of goal scorers and attacking players. However, Kane could be another man to add to their successful team.


They have a new stadium, Champions League football and are one of the biggest clubs in the Premier League. On paper, this should be perfect for the Captain of both England and his current club.

When you look at recent results, sadly this doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, you can see why the 26-year-old would consider a change. They recently lost 7-2 to Bayern Munich. They got knocked out of the Carabao Cup by Colchester and their Premier League current form isn’t great either.

Normally, watching Harry Kane break down an opponent’s defence is a delight. However, in recent games, it’s been frustrating to watch him fail to produce his usual style of play. The striker also looks deflated after games.

Man City

With how Spurs are currently playing, Kane would benefit from a move. This is exactly what Glen Johnson thinks too. He thinks that he would have a better chance of playing with better players.

I have to agree. Man City haven’t had the best recent form either but they certainly would be Kane’s next best option. It would mean a big move for him and his family, however, it would be worth it for the quality of players around him.

Tottenham have failed to make new signings with the cost of their stadium on top of other expenses. If the Pochettino ‘January clear out’ is true, that could be a chance to convince Kane to stay depending on who Spurs bring in.

Although, January could be too long of a wait for a frustrated Harry Kane.

Is Pep’s huge statement right for Man City’s future star?

The Sun has published an article which explains that Pep Guardiola would never sell Phil Foden. The Football Manc Cave is looking at the youngsters future at Man City.

The Man City boss has gone as far as to say that Foden is the only blues player he would never sell. Even for £500 million. This isn’t the first time Guardiola has praised the 19-year-old. He’s previously rated him as ‘the best player he’s ever seen.’

The title winner has now spoken further on the midfielder. He has claimed that he will be Man City’s next ‘magician.’ This analysis of England under 21 star confirms that he will be the player who takes David Silva’s position.

First Team

Despite the level that Pep claims Phil is at, he hasn’t given him much of a chance. He has suffered from injury blows, however, now that he is fit again, fans want to see him in action more.

The highly-rated player got a chance to shine against Preston in the Carabao Cup. Fans expected him to be a lot more effective than he actually turned out to be. Instead, younger teammates like Eric Garcia stood out.

So why stick around?

Playing for Man City has been a dream of his since he was a child. He’s been a part of the youth and development squads since 2017. Foden has worked especially hard to get to the level he is at today.

With how highly his boss speaks of him, it’s no wonder he is committed to Man City. He now has big shoes to fill. If he is going to ‘replace’ David Silva, he needs to take some notes from the current Man City Captain.

Even though he will have it tough, it’s clear to see why he wants to stay at the Etihad. He might not be getting much playing time as of right now but when Silva departs, he’ll be getting 90 minutes a week for sure.

Last month, fans made it clear that they thought he needed a loan spell. Now it is confirmed that the teenager is going nowhere. Are you excited or worried?

Man Utd & Man City fans react to Pep’s ‘quit’ claims – ‘First sign of trouble and he can’t wait to go’

The Football Manc Cave is looking at your reactions to Man City boss, Pep Guardiola possibly departing the Etihad.

Guardiola’s future at the Manchester club has been something that has never really left headlines. At one point in time, Man City fans would have been begging him to stay. However, things seem to be changing.

Recent results have been quite poor for Man City. As a result, the chances of winning another title are slipping away. While he will always be a legend to fans, some are starting to think that maybe his time with the club should end soon.

The Making Of A Superteam

Pep has recently released a book in which he has spoken about his future. The Sun has revealed how he has said that if things started to take a turn for the worst at the Etihad that he would leave Man City.

With Liverpool seemingly ‘running away’ with the title so far this season, could Pep’s departure be coming soon? Some fans will want him to leave if things don’t improve, however, this book was written a while before the poor form at the Etihad.

So what do you think? Here are your responses on Twitter…

In addition, I have given my verdict on who should be considered for the job if he does leave and you can take a read here.

Man City should be lining up one of these 2 managers following Pep rumours

According to The Sun, Pep Guardiola could be leaving Man City sooner rather than later. The Football Manc Cave looks at 2 possibilities that could replace the title winner.

The Sun has reported that Pep is prepared to step down from his role at the Etihad. This headline has come after the successful manager has explained things in his book. Apparently, the Man City chairman, Khaldoon Al Mubarak knows of his plans to step aside if things don’t go to plan.

The book also describes his anger at players who stayed out partying last Christmas. He has a plan to punish any who do the same this year, as he is desperately trying to get that 3rd in a row Premier League title.

If he can’t be as successful this Premier League campaign, who could replace him?

Mikel Arteta

Some Man City fans will definitely disagree with this pick due to lack of actual experience. However, the 37-year-old has been Pep Guardiola’s apprentice for some time now. He must have learned a lot from the current boss.

This is why he would be a perfect fit, even if it’s only temporarily. The players already know him and have respect for him which would be ideal. Guardiola has already spoken about how he thinks Arteta will succeed him at Man City.

This could be a plan already in the works. Another note to add to this pick is that Mikel Arteta got offered the Newcastle job before Steve Bruce. He turned it down. Does this suggest he’s waiting for his turn to be in charge at the Etihad? Possibly.

Patrick Viera

If it’s someone with some experience you’re looking for, then Viera is your man. The 43-year-old has already managed at New York City. He also currently manages at Nice.

The ex-midfielder is certainly no stranger to the Premier League. He spent a large period of his career with Arsenal and finished it at Man City. This could be a great Guardiola replacement.

It will be hard to find someone who matches the record that Pep has or the standard he expects. However, I believe these are two great picks who could both deliver.

2 Man City youngsters that will be looking to impress in this International break

The Football Manc Cave is looking at two Man City players who will be looking to have great international spells, in which they can impress Pep Guardiola and fans.

We will be seeing a break in the Premier League soon enough as it makes way for another international break. With how Man City’s recent form has been, there’ll be a few players looking to impress Guardiola during the break and it’s a great opportunity for some players to get some actual playing time.

The list of players out on duty is quite big and is on their website. While there’s talent from Ederson to Raheem Sterling, I’ve picked out two younger players who will be looking to be stand out names in their games…

Phil Foden

Pep Guardiola rates Foden very high and says he’s one of the best players he’s ever seen. Fans have been quite confused to why he doesn’t get more opportunities if this is the case.

However, his injuries have kept him out. He’s now fit again and a few weeks ago he got a chance to play against Preston in the Carabao Cup. While City won the game, fans were still talking about him and saying he wasn’t as impressive as they expected.

It’s a bit harsh considering he’s been out but this is the reason why he’s in this list. The pressure will be on him and he will be looking to have a great international spell. You can catch him in action for England Under 21’s against Slovenia and Austria.

Eric Garcia

With City’s defence looking weak, Garcia is one of the most promising players that they have got in their development squad. He was another player who got a chance to show his capability against Preston and even came out with some of the highest player ratings from most critics.

He will be looking to impress in this international break and try to show Pep Guardiola that he deserves a chance in the first-team squad. You can see him in action for Spain Under 21’s against Germany and Montenegro.

One more player to look out for is Taylor Harwood-Bellis who will be in action against France and Belgium for England’s under 19’s.

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