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Former Man City boss urges Foden to leave in January

Phil Foden is one Man City player who’s future is a hot topic. TalkSport has explained how Stuart Pearce has now had his say on the matter.

Foden is a highly rated player by fans and pundits. However, all have been fighting his corner and stating that he should be given more playing time.

After he came back from injury and illness, he got a start against Preston in the Carabao Cup. Despite that being what fans wanted, it caused fans to argue that the youngster was ‘more than just a Carabao Cup player.’

Therefore, there is now a debate amongst fans and football pundits regarding Phil’s future. Most think he will benefit from some time away from the Etihad. A loan spell is something that people want him to consider.

However, he has committed his time to the Manchester side as it was his childhood dream to play for the blues. Now ex-Man City boss, Stuart Pierce, has had his say…

Stuart Pearce

He has weighed in on the situation and explained that a player of Phil’s age will benefit most from game time.

That is something he isn’t getting at the Etihad. Pearce claims that a loan spell in January will do him the ‘world of good.’

He acknowledges that Pep Guardiola sings Phil Foden’s praises often, however, he agrees with fans that experience is needed.

David Silva

The current Man City Captain, David Silva will be departing the blues at the end of the season. This will leave a space in the midfield that needs to be filled.

It is looking likely that Foden will be the man who has to step up. In my opinion, the youngster needs game time before being chucked into the Premier League week in, week out.

Training with a team of Pep Guardiola’s standard is completely different to actually playing with them weekly against an opposition. Whether Foden gets more games this season or does consider a loan spell, I think it’s vital towards his career and preparation going forward.

2 reasons why Man City should take advantage of this buy-back clause for 21y/o

The Manchester Evening News has explained the unusual transfer buy-back clause in place for Manu Garcia. The 21-year-old could be called back to Man City in the next two years.

Garcia spent a couple of his youth years with Man City. He signed his first professional contract in 2015 however, he wasn’t used much. This explains the loan spells he went out on.

One of the clubs that favoured his style of play was Sporting Gijon. They put their interest forward and were successful in offering the attacking midfielder a new home. He departed the Etihad to join the club in the summer, although, he could be making a return.


The unusual transfer clause is that Man City can take him back but only in the next two years. This could benefit both teams as Man City have an option. It would also be a huge profit deal for Sporting who would gain massively.

The clubs director, Miguel Torrecilla, has said that if Man City do buy their player back, it would be ‘one of the best deals in Sporting’s history.’ So what’s in it for Man City?


One of the clubs legends, David Silva, will soon be departing the Etihad. Pep Guardiola’s job will be to recruit or prepare a replacement. While it has been made clear that Phil Foden will most likely be that man, it would be nice to have options.

The 21-year-old would have a lot of work to do and big shoes to fill. However, if there’s a manager that can prepare him, it’s Guardiola. He would also be an option in case Phil Foden was to get injured at any point.

Part of the plan?

Man City knew what they were doing when they signed that contract. They would have been keeping in mind that this young midfielder could potentially improve. This clause has left them open to taking him straight back and utilising his skills.

If they were to take Garcia back, it would look like they had it planned all along. That’s clever. The Spanish player has started all ten games so far this season and even scored once. He certainly will be experienced if he was to make a return.

2 La Liga gems to replace Man City’s David Silva

The Football Manc Cave are looking at 2 young La Liga players who Man City could look at when it comes to replacing David Silva.

The current Man City Captain has already spoken on how he intends to leave the Manchester side at the end of the year. Replacements will already be in consideration I’m sure. However, we are picking out some options.

Earlier this year, I picked out two La Liga senior players that may be considered as options and put it in an article. These are two options that Guardiola could look at for experience.

However, if he’s looking for youngsters that he can help develop, here’s two he could look at…

Martin Odegaard

Odegaard is 20 years old and from Norway. He compares to David Silva in the sense that he is known as an attacking midfielder but can also operate both wings.

He is currently on loan from Real Sociedad to Real Madrid. His value is slowly raising as he’s gaining more game time. He’s being compared to other players like Brahim Diaz who is at Real Madrid.

He might be an option for Man City to develop and eventually get him to the David Silva standard. He has a lot of potential and could be open to a loan spell in the Premier League, considering he is currently on loan in the La Liga.

Vinicius Junior

A young Real Madrid player who is also versatile. The 19-year-old Brazilian is known as a left-winger with secondary positions as a striker or on the right-hand side.

He’s currently valued at around £63 million as rated by Transfermarkt. The teenager has also only played for Real Madrid and Flamengo so could be open to a move to widen his experience and develop.

He’s been compared to Chelsea’s Christian Pulisic. Man City could always recruit someone with more experience, and then offer one of these youngsters a loan shot to see how they can handle the pressure.

Either way, it will be interesting to see who Guardiola goes after and when -because a replacement will need to be found. The topic of who should take the Captain’s armband will also come up.

Man City star looks set to join David Beckham in the MLS

It’s old news that David Silva will be leaving Manchester City at the end of the season. Now there’s news on what he might do after his departure.

According to the Manchester Evening News, David Silva may join David Beckham’s new MLS franchise when he departs the Etihad Stadium. Apparently, Silva would be joining Inter Miami as their marquee foreign player next season.

He’s already stated in the past that after signing a one-year extension with Man City for this season that after he leaves, he wouldn’t join another Premier League team. With Beckham part owning the Miami side, he obviously gets a say in what’s happening. He is supposedly keen to bring in a Spanish speaking star to bring in Florida’s large Hispanic community.

The ex-Man United player and England captain had an option to buy an MLS expansion side written into his contract when he joined Los Angeles Galaxy 12 years ago. Beckham understands first hand what bringing in a globally successful player to an American side can do for its reputation. He’s been there and done that himself, and now he’s using that as a business strategy.

David Silva has become a legend for Man City and has helped them win a lot of competitions and league trophy’s over the years. He will fit the MLS bill perfectly but the 33-year-old will have to wait to get started. He will still be under contract at the Etihad when the season gets started in March in America.

Beckham on the hunt for talent

Beckham is on the hunt for stars to feature in his rising team and has recently been in Barcelona to try and track down wanted squad members. The names Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi have been whispered when it comes to this topic but I think Silva will be a more realistic option.

So, with Silva looking likely to leave the blues at the end of the year and Beckham on the hunt, could this be the journey that David Silva will now take? And who should Pep Guardiola bring in to replace him? Can he be replaced? I’m sure we will find out next year.

Man City fans happy to see midfielder going further afield ‘If this is true, I am glad. would not like seeing him play to another team in Europe’

According to the Independent, David Silva could be joining David Beckham’s new Miami team.

David Beckham is setting up a team out in Miami and is out on recruitment. Beckham knows what it’s like to be world-famous and then brought into an American team to bring in a wider audience. Now it looks like he’s using the same tactics as a business plan.

In the team that he’s calling Inter Miami, names like Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez have been mentioned. However, one name that seems more realistic is Manchester City legend, David Silva. He’s already spoken about how he wouldn’t want to join another Premier League team after his time is up at Man City, and that will be at the end of this season. So, could a move to America be on the cards?

Here are your reactions…

Pep has to make this one midfield change today against Brighton, agreed?

Man City will be looking for a big home victory against Brighton to keep them in contention for their third Premier League title in a row…

Although Man City are expected to win comfortably, Brighton has had a confident start to the season. The Southerners have gained 4 points out of a possible 9. Dropping 3 points away against Southampton after going down to ten men after thirty minutes could be considered an unfair reflection. They have looked like a contending side in each fixture so far.

Brighton will set up in a defensive manner. They are going to be seeking the odd opportunity to counter-attack. However, with Rodri sitting in front of a back four consisting of Kyle Walker and Aymeric Laporte, their chances will be difficult to take.

Unlike their neighbours at Old Trafford, Man City have the quality to break down defensive sides. The likes of Raheem Sterling, Bernardo Silva and David Silva are more than capable of breaking this side down.

In the one game where David Silva was absent, the Citizens drew to Spurs at the Etihad. The Spaniard is in his last season with Man City after ten years with the club, and that is exactly why he should be left out of this game…

Why should David Silva miss this fixture?

In the past ten years, David Silva has been pivotal to the success of Man City. The Blues have been brilliant at preparing for the future in their recent history, and should prepare for losing David Silva.

Phil Foden, who Guardiola claimed was the best talent he’s ever worked with, should be featuring much more often. His technical ability makes his almost a like-for-like replacement with the Spanish midfielder and wouldn’t hinder their chances of slotting three or four goals past the Brighton goalkeeper.

2 La Liga players Man City should be looking at to replace David Silva

It’s no secret that David Silva will be leaving Manchester City at the end of the season, and The Football Manc Cave are looking at 2 possible La Liga players who could be recruited as a replacement.

David Silva is a player who has earned the respect of fans, teammates and management at Man City. It’s his last season with the Manchester club and it will be sad to see him leave. A lot of the younger players and even some of the older look up to him. With the money that City have, it’s likely that instead of getting someone from the development squads to up their game and move into a similar position, that someone else will be recruited.

I’m looking at 2 players who could potentially replace the City legend and fill that space. They probably won’t be able to fill that hole in the squad completely but they could give it a go.

Sergio Canales

He broke into Real Santander’s first team at the age of 17. Real Madrid quickly snapped him up as he was one of Spain’s most promising looking midfielders. The only problem was, he sustained quite a few ligament injuries that stalled his career.

In current times he is displaying some of his best football as he has recovered well from the time he spent injured, and Real Sociedad and Real Betis have seen him at his absolute best. This led to him getting called up to the Spanish National team earlier this year. He’s now 28, very creative and has a great left foot. He may be way off Silva’s ability, however, he does have some great and very similar attributes.

According to WhoScored.com, he has a pass rate of 79.2 and a total rating of 5.97. Compare this to Silva who is rated at 71.9 with a pass rate of 86.1. This might seem like a bit of a difference, however, when you look at the age difference, Silva is 33. Canales still has time to up those figures.

Nabil Fekir

Some might recognise this name as he has been a man who has been monitored by quite a few teams over the summer after his recent displays. The left-footed midfielder is another who has similar attributes to David Silva, the main difference is that he’s more of a goal-scoring midfielder than an outright creator.

He would still be a great addition to the Manchester side. He’s been with Lyon for quite some time and has only recently made his move to the La Liga after he joined Real Betis. It might be very early for him to want to move and he probably wouldn’t be let go easily. However, he might be considered for the future if he wanted to make the move to English football. After all, he was linked with Liverpool for a short period.

According to WhoScored.com once again, the midfielder had racked up some stats for himself. At the age of 26, he’s got an impressive average of 91.7% as his pass rate. He’s built an overall average rating of 6.98 which can only improve.

‘Ederson literally carried us today, Defence looked dodgy at times’ Some Man City fans weren’t happy today

Man City victory over Bournemouth seen the Citizens climb to second in the Premier League amid another controversial VAR decision.

David Silva stole the show on his 400th appearance for Man City, showing what a miss he will come next season. With an 89.8% pass completion rate, 2 assists and not one backwards pass all game. Pep will have to spend big or hope he has someone within the ranks who can fill such a big hole that will be left once the Spaniard leaves the Etihad after 10 years.

Pep in his post-match comments heaped further praise on the midfielder, by stating he is “one of the best” players he has ever worked with.

However, not all fans were impressed…

Despite another VAR decision going against them, other fans were happy with the 3-1 win over, what is always a tough Bournemouth team to face.

Three brought back in as Man City’s starting 11 should ease past Bournemouth

Man City and Bournemouth sit on equal points before the third matchday fixture but their season so far has told two very different stories…

Man City thumped West Ham 5-0 on the opening day of the Premier League, and perhaps unfairly drew 2-2 at home against a resilient Spurs the week after.

Bournemouth, on the other hand, has faced two recently promoted sides, Sheffield Utd and Aston Villa, so far this season, drawing and winning narrowly.

After the disappointment of losing two points, and the unfamiliar feeling of not being at the top of the table, Man City expect to beat their opposition heavily, despite being away from home.

Pep Guardiola would be naive to assume that they will run away with the Premier League title this season. Liverpool should be snapping at their heels throughout the entire season. This could encourage the citizens to go all out against opponents like Bournemouth, resulting in heavy scorelines.

Although beating Bournemouth is enormously more likely than losing to them, a very strong outfit will set out to rake in an extra four or five goals for their goal difference. The lineup can be expected to look like this…

Man City’s Predicted 11

David Silva can be expected to make a return for the Citizens. Although it is his last season with the club, Guardiola so far has had no qualms about placing the exact same trust and reliance on the club Captain.

Joao Cancelo is yet to make his debut for his new English club. Facing Ryan Fraser in a game the team would be a great introduction to the Premier League.

With John Stones having a minor injury, it is unlikely to see him feature in this fixture. Having Otamendi isn’t exactly a weakness in the squad. But should Bournemouth knock a few goals past Man City as Tottenham did, questions may need to be asked.

Man City fans have spoken and demand Pep play midfielder this weekend

Man City was held to a 2-2 draw at Spurs, and now fans are demanding that one key player feature in the midfield against Bournemouth.

Pep Guardiola is blessed with one of the best midfield selections in European football. With the like of David Silva, Kevin De Bruyne, Phil Foden, Ilkay Gundogen, Rodri and Fernandinho at his disposal.

However, the winger/midfielder Bernardo Silva is the man the fans want to see partner Kevin De Bruyne in the midfield in their next game against Bournemouth. According to MEN Sport’s tweeted poll, 47% of fans wanted to see Bernardo Silva. Compared to David Silva at 32%, Phil Foden 13% and Ilkay Gundogen 8%.

Bernardo Silva was a fantastic central midfielder during Kevin De Bruyne’s absence last season. He returned to the wing upon his return. With De Bruyne being arguably irreplaceable he cannot be dropped for Bernardo Silva due to his immense quality. So naturally, fans want to see two partnered up.

Against Spurs, he didn’t manage to make the same sort of impact that he does when featuring in the midfield three. Guardiola’s reasoning for dropping Mahrez from the right-wing position for Bernardo Silva was to get game time for as many players as possible during the opening games of the season.

So who would make way should Bernardo Silva feature in the central midfield role?

Here is a starting eleven that we could see face Bournemouth…

Silva for Silva?

Rodri has made a mark on his new team and has been favoured for selection in both pre-season and season games so far. His position as a defensive midfielder who protects the back line and acts as a link between defence and attack is pivotal to how Man City play out from the back.

David Silva is one of Europe’s greatest talents. But he has publicly admitted that this season is his last. Guardiola could test the waters by replacing him for Bernardo Silva to see if a relationship between himself, Rodri and De Bruyne could blossom.

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