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2 Managers that could replace Paul Cook at Wigan Athletic

This weekend saw Wigan lose 3-0 to Brentford. Fans are now getting increasingly frustrated with Paul Cook and their team’s performances.

While most fans are wanting to see change, most still actually like Cook. He’s done a lot for Wigan over the years and fans won’t disregard that.

However, the excuses he keeps making for the losses and poor performances are really getting to fans.

One week he will blame the Championship itself and say the league is too hard. Another he may blame the players.

If he is to be replaced soon, the question right now is who will replace him? There are a few options like Sam Allardyce that would be sensible, but as a Bolton fan, I’d hate to see that.

Here’s two who would be great options…

Chris Hughton

The 60-year-old certainly has experience when it comes to management. He has had many successful jobs at Tottenham, Newcastle, Brighton and Birmingham to name a few.

He has played and managed at different levels. Furthermore, Hughton has 2 Championship promotions, a play-off place and stabilizing Norwich City and Brighton in the Premier League.

David Moyes

Possibly most remembered for his time at Everton, Moyes could be a perfect replacement. Experience at Preston, Sunderland, Man United and West Ham could also help.

He has been out of a job since he left West Ham last year. Could Wigan be his next task? It certainly wouldn’t be a bad move in his career as he seems to thrive in tough situations.

Three Managers to step into Benitez’s Newcastle United shoes

Rafa Benitez will officially leave his role as Newcastle manager on Sunday and fans are wondering who will take over their club.

It’s also being said that Benitez didn’t even know that Newcastle had released him, so this is a hot topic that has fans and probably members of the club wondering what’s going to happen. As you can probably imagine, betting sites have already started second guessing, and there are some big names in the mix.

I have picked three potential managers that could take over who I think will make a difference to the team. Finishing 13th last season wasn’t the worst possible outcome but fans will be wanting to see a higher league finish this coming season…

Jose Mourinho

A lot of people have suggested him already and after his last spell at United, I don’t know whether many people will agree with me but I would be happy with him if I was a Newcastle fan. Maybe United was too big of an ask and a lower positioned club would suit him better so he could try to get them a higher finish in the table.

I think if he does get offered the job, he will either have a great start that keeps the fans happy and wanting to see him stay with them or it could be disappointing to a point that fans don’t want him for the rest of the season.

Claudio Ranieri

Another big name and maybe obvious pick but someone who should and could be given the chance to manage an English team. Everyone remembers his name for what he managed to do with Leicester and I’m not saying he’s going to be able to do it again straight away with Newcastle. He may never be able to get them in the same position he got Leicester, however, there’s no harm in him trying.

Chris Hughton

Yes, he’s been at Newcastle before. Of course. I think he would be a good shout for someone who deserves a second chance. Even if it’s not for a long period plan, he is a manager that can get results in a short amount of time.

I admit, he doesn’t really get to spend a lot of time at clubs usually because he has a good season, and then follows it with an average one then ends up getting sacked. That aside, he could help Newcastle for a season to get back up in the top half of the Premier League.