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‘What a sad time to be a Bolton Wanderers fan’

This week the Bolton Wanderers players finally stood up for themselves. Announcing that they would not be playing in their next friendly against Chester as they still haven’t been paid.

The players issued a statement claiming that they are under, ‘severe mental and emotional stress.’ The squad have said that themselves and coaching staff haven’t been paid for 20 weeks now. They have also claimed that the administers have not offered any financial help.

The statement also revealed how the players had arrived back to preseason training with the mindset that it was a fresh start from last season. They added that this was not the case as the financial situation behind the scenes still hasn’t come to a conclusion. This has added to their stress as players, both at home in their personal lives and as they prepare to go into league one football. They finished the statement questioning how long it’s acceptable to go without pay.


The club administrators responded to the statement with their own. They claimed that the player’s statement was ‘riddled with factual inaccuracies.’ Paul Appleton said that he did appreciate the player’s point of view and understood their frustrations. He’s also added that the players do not have an understanding of the situation, and that manager Phil Parkinson has been left to explain the problems to the players. The statement also claimed that the players and staff will be paid in full as soon as the take over goes ahead.

As a Bolton fan myself, I fully back these players in their decision. I’ve said from the beginning of the problems with the club, that I don’t blame any of the players for walking away from the club or refusing to play when they aren’t getting paid to do so. No one would go to work for nothing, just like Andrew Taylor said back in April. It doesn’t matter how much you’re contracted to earn if you aren’t receiving it, it’s putting pressure on all aspects of your life.

Patience is wearing thin

Just like the players said, this problem was supposed to be sorted out by now. Bolton fans and players have been patient in waiting for the apparent new buyers Football Ventures to get the green light for the deal to go ahead. It’s been around two weeks since everyone heard that the Trotters have a takeover deal near, and now we are still in the same situation as we were at the end of the season.

I think that the statement made by the administrators is appalling as they’ve dug a bigger hole for themselves. When your players are already admitting to emotional stress and have refused to play in the preseason, don’t fuel the fire by accusing them of getting facts wrong. He then accused the players of not understanding the situation, that is their own fault. Start communicating with the players that are responsible for the football and maybe they won’t be refusing to play or making statements against their own club.

And finally, Phil Parkinson. I know that fans already are doubting him for the next season. I also can predict that fans will be on his back and blaming him as soon as we start losing games. I’ve said before that I think he should go at the end of this season but as of right now, he’s in the same position as the players. If not worse. If I was him, I’d stick around until I was paid and then I’d walk away from the club. The administrators have stated that they’ve left it to Parkinson to keep the players updated. I can just imagine his frustrations as he talks to the players knowing just as much as them and having no payment to back up his efforts.

What a sad time to be a Bolton Wanderers fan.

‘And Newcastle Utd fans constantly complain about their owner. Don’t know they’re born’ Bolton Wanderers fans react to players recent statement

It’s not a good time to be a Bolton Wanderers fan with the players revealing that they still haven’t been paid. 

Not only this, the players have called off their next friendly against Chester City as a result of the financial issues at the club. I have written a lot about the club I support over the past few days. I have stated how I am fully behind the player’s decision to refuse to play. I’ve raised my concerns as there are only 16 days till the start of the season and we haven’t got a full squad. We still don’t have a deal with new owners and players and management are getting increasingly frustrated. 

Today I think it’s about time the Football Manc Cave looked at more Bolton fans opinions to see how they add up. It’s safe to say that emotions are running high not just from fans but players too, and I really do feel for Phil Parkinson and the squad.

A general reaction from fans in response to the most recent statement is that it sounds too much like the previous owner, Ken Anderson and that is a direction that no one wants the club to be returning to. Hopefully, some sort of plan will be put into action in the next few days or should I say, a miracle. Until then, here are your thoughts… 

‘Do well find a club with a worse preseason schedule than ours’ Wigan Athletic fans unhappy with pre-season plans

Wigan announced a pre-season friendly against Premiership outfit Everton, to be played on Wednesday 24th July. The Latics will also play host to Lancashire rivals Burnley on Saturday 27th July.

Both fixtures will give solid tests’ to Paul Cooks side ahead of their 2019/20 Championship campaign. Before the two home games, they will travel to Chester, AFC Fylde and Bradford as part of their preparations.

The fans were hoping for a sunny trip to Portugal or Spain. However, they will have to settle for a trip to Blackpool tower after visiting AFC Fylde… at least you can buy some Blackpool rock, silver linings and all that.

Let’s see how Wigan fans reacted to their full pre-season announcement…

Once The Dust Settles, Bury FC Should Be Looking at These 2 Managers to Push The Club Forward

With the ongoing financial problems at Bury still taking place, manager Ryan Lowe had no other option than to leave, which has the Shakers looking for a replacement. 

Ryan Lowe leaving the side to join Plymouth Argyle has put Keith Hill at the top of the list as the favourite to take the job. Hill has been out of work since being sacked by Rochdale and this would be a good move for him. Anthony Johnson and Bernard Morley of Chester have also both been linked to the job and, both names have been in speculation but today they have both revealed how they haven’t been in talks with Bury and even though Johnson is a Bury fan himself, he has no intentions to talk to the club.

With administration being a possibility for the Shakers and a high court hearing in place, it’s likely that these problems will have to be resolved before they can appoint a new manager. So who else should Bury look at when the time does come?

Derek Adams

The former Plymouth manager has already been suggested but with the financial problems that Bury have been in, Adams could be a good choice. Some have said it would be like a “manager swap” as Ryan Lowe has now joined Adams’ previous club. If Steve Dale can sell his club and sort the money issues out, maybe a good deal could be put on the table.

Ian Holloway

The 56-year-old is supposedly looking to get back into management after his great run with previous clubs such as Blackpool and seeing as he left QPR last May, he may take an easy offer. Plymouth fans really wanted Holloway to join their side before it was confirmed that Lowe would be joining them, however, maybe Bury would be better suited with him to keep up their on-field performance while their off-field issues are hopefully sorted.

OPINION: Bernard Morley and Anthony Johnson To Ride Into Bury FC & Save The Day is a Career Ender – Agree?

There’s a job opening at the team that won promotion from League Two last season, Bury FC. You’d think the applicants would be queuing up at the chance to take on the side, that’s where you would be wrong.

The off-field situation is bleak, nobody is sure who’s been paid, nobody knows when they are going to get paid, in fact, I think 99% of the players at Bury don’t know if they will be playing for them come the 2019/20 season. It will need a miracle worker if they are going to stay up next season.

Rumour is that Bernard Morley and Anthony Johnson joint managers of Chester FC are being linked to the job. Is that because the owner of Bury loves saving every penny he can, so thinking to bring two guys up from Non-League will be cheaper than getting someone with League One experience? I think so.

Johnson apparently is a fan of Bury, so you could understand him wanting to ride in and save the day for his favourite club, but as the two of them have a great little project going on down at Chester, are they really going to sacrifice all of that for the sinking ship that currently is Bury?

The risk of not getting paid, the probable instant relegation to League Two surely it is a borderline career ender?

If Bury where on a better footing financially, then you could forgive the pair of them making the move. Full-time management at the highest level neither of them have been at and a larger paycheck, but it just isn’t worth the risk currently. The grass isn’t always greener.

Photo credit: Terry Marland

Is Radcliffe Borough’s Top Goal Scorer On The Move to Chester?

Rumours emerged last night from Non-League transfer account ‘non-league tittle-tattle’ that Radcliffe Borough’s 25 goal striker Tunde Owolabi was on his way to Chester Fc.

Chester are currently co-managed by Bernard Morley and Anthony Johnson, who gained fame from their successful spell at Salford which was documented on the BBC programme “Class of ’92: Out of Their League”

Joint Chester manager Bernard Morley noticed this tweet and replied tongue in cheek stating he had no idea about the potential signing and, jokingly suggested his Co-Manager Anthony Johnson might have done the deal behind his back.

‘Jonno’ who is seemingly still on his post-season holiday judging by the selfie he posted, simply said: “25 GOALS though, GET HIM IN…”. Current Radcliffe assistant manager Frank Sinclair even joined in the fun, correcting Johnson saying “26” Actually Jonno.”

Whether or not there is something to this rumour remains to be seen, however, Bernard Morley was actually at Radcliffe’s recent Play-Off final success against Leek Town. Something I wouldn’t read much into with Bernard being a Radcliffe local. This may allow him to perhaps have a better knowledge of the player, however.

Chester certainly needs firepower up front to fire them to the promotion they were so close to last season, so maybe another look at the 26 goal man isn’t the worst idea.

What do Chester fans think, would he be a good addition to the team, let us know in the comments below?

4/4: Bradshaw Has Got Curzon Ticking – Is a Late Surge For The Playoffs Too Much Of a Task?

I am struggling to believe that three weeks ago I was heading to Hurst Cross to watch the Ashton Derby, feeling pretty pessimistic about the chances Curzon had of survival and had pretty much resigned myself to a season watching Northern Premiership football.

However, something clicked that day for Curzon and they were utterly dominant. This was followed by two fairly kind games, in York and strugglers, Nuneaton. Chester was far more of a challenge, they were 11 league places ahead of the Nash and gunning for a place in the playoffs. Their recent slight dip in form had given me a bit of hope of the Nash grabbing a point. I didn’t think this away fixture was winnable.

Furthermore, the confidence boost that comes from having already picked up 9 points in 2019 showed on Saturday. One thing that was really impressive was Cameron Mason’s goalkeeping. It really kept Chester out of the game, and while the defence at Curzon still needs a bit of work, Mason really earned his fee on Saturday and kept a hard-won clean sheet.

Curzon have climbed 7 places in a very short space of time and are now a mere 8 points away from the playoffs. The next two fixtures at home to Darlington, who they have recently leapfrogged in the league and away to strugglers Hereford could see another 6 points, which would be huge.

There are some good teams at the top, and getting into the playoffs can be really tight. However, Curzon are looking better than they have for years, they are working together excellently. While they never really had an issue scoring goals, they used to also let quite a lot in which is something they have improved on drastically in a short space of time. If this trajectory of improvement continues they have every chance of reaching the playoffs, and in doing so their highest ever league position.

Can Bradshaw Make it 4 Unbeaten With The Revolutionised Curzon Ashton Against Chester

After a shaky start to his tenure, Mark Bradshaw has Curzon Ashton flying, winning three games in 2019 already.

There is no denying that Chester this weekend will be their toughest game, their three wins coming over floundering York, and Ashton United and Nuneaton, who look like the most probable candidates for the drop. I imagine that there will be a few nerves as the team head to Wales (yes, really, the Deva Stadium is in Wales by about half an inch).

Chester are flying high in the playoffs, 11 points and 11 league places ahead of the Nash currently. However, their form not being in quite the same rich vein as it was at the start of the season could give Curzon and their fans a bit of optimism about the chances of grabbing something out of this game.

I was initially not happy with the news that Curzon’s long-standing manager John Flanagan had left the club, and I think a lot of people felt the same. Added to this I was concerned about the initial results. However, Bradshaw’s men are now in flying form. He has not been afraid to get rid of players during the transfer window and has made clever signings from lower leagues and academies.

A change is as good as a rest, so goes the saying, and the team have got some fight back. Before Curzon had a bit of a habit of scoring early, and then conceding, leading to picking up draws on games they should have been winning and losing games they should have pinched a point from. This had left Curzon in serious risk of Northern Premier League football next season, but while the defence still needs work, Curzon are playing better and looking dominant in games again.

They have gone from looking like likely candidates for the drop to looking certain to stay up, and they could now be confident now of them finishing solidly mid-table.

Obviously this is against easier opposition than they will face this weekend, however, they can head here off the back of hitting a confidence boosting 4 goals past Nuneaton last weekend and be cautiously optimistic about taking something from this game. If they do that is a major stepping stone to well and truly turning their season around.