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It’s boys v men for Bolton Wanderers again this weekend against Tranmere Rovers

Both Bolton Wanderers and Tranmere Rovers are looking for their first win of the EFL League One season in this bottom of the table match up.

Should Bolton Wanderers not have received a twelve-point deduction at the beginning of the campaign, they would be ahead of Tranmere Rovers. But as it stands, Tranmere sits in 20th on zero points and Bolton sit in 23rd with minus eleven.

The Football Manc Cave brings you the Tranmere v Bolton match preview, where we will discuss the form of each of side and what this game means to them going into it…

Bolton Wanderers

In the two league games and one cup game that Bolton Wanderers have played, it truly has been boys vs men.

Suffering from significantly less possession and shots on target than each opponent, the Wanderers did well to salvage one point at home against Coventry. On their own soil, they had to hold out for a point in a game that saw 24 shots go against them and 7 for. If this is how Bolton plan to survive the season, the die-hard Wanderers fans will be in for a very slow and drawn out season.

In the EFL cup, the Wanderers managed to score for the first time in over four months, with two against Rochdale. Ronan Darcy and Dennis Politic were the scorers in the 5-2 defeat.

Tranmere Rovers

Tranmere Rovers haven’t seen much success either. They have lost both league games and their EFL cup tie against Hull City, 3-0. Despite this, the Rovers showed signs of being able to dominate the game over a decent side. They just need stamina and confidence, which a big win over Bolton Wanderers could give them.

Rovers were promoted to League One last season after finishing sixth and winning the play-offs. This will make survival in this league even more difficult for them and increasing the gap between themselves and Bolton Wanderers is incredibly important.


Despite the valiant efforts of Bolton Wanderers, they are being overhauled in every single game. It appears the class and experience of the vigorous League One is far too much for these youngsters, who have been forced to take an unhealthy leap in their careers. Although Tranmere Rovers finished sixth in the league below last season, their quality will likely surpass Bolton’s.

Bolton will back to the wall, praying for a point, so expect a late winner or shock draw.

If Rochdale start with these two and they’ll easily blow Bolton Wanderers’ youngsters away

Bolton Wanderers could be in for it after drawing Rochdale in the Carabao Cup…

The Wanderers have managed to scrape a team together by promoting youth players to regular first-team football.

Bolton sits in 23rd place after two games in League One, on -11 points. Just below is Bury is on -12, still waiting to kick off their campaign.

The shoehorned together squad of Bolton Wanderers have achieved a draw after a loss in the season so far. Rochdale have a draw and a win and proudly find themselves in 5th position on 4 points.

The two teams will face one another in the Carabao Cup at Spotland Stadium, making it all the more difficult for Bolton. Despite this, Bolton fans have been praised this season for showing immense support to their crumbling football club. Spurring their team on could inspire an upset. However, should Rochdale start either of these, it seems unlikely…

Ian Henderson

The 34-year-old striker bagged his 110th goal in League One after his double against Tranmere Rovers in a 3-2 victory. The quality he brings to the attacking play seems far beyond anything the Bolton Wanderers lineup could deal with.

Henderson has never had quite as much luck in front of goal in the Carabao Cup compared to the leagues. But towards the final stages of his career in a promising Rochdale side, we could see them go full throttle in the competition this year.

Aaron Morley

The 19-year-old midfielder has been entrusted so far this season and managed to bag himself his first goal against Doncaster, which sealed the point for his side. A game against a struggling Bolton in the Carabao Cup would be a perfect opportunity for the youngster to perform under pressure, but also allow him to build on the confidence of his goal.

Should Morley rise to the occasion, Bolton will be punished.

Twitter Reacts to the ‘Agenda against Bury FC’

Owner of Bury FC claims that there is an agenda against his club and demands talks with EFL on Monday.

Speaking to TalkSport, Bury FC Chairman Steve Dale said “Clearly there’s an agenda here. We’re hearing rumbles in League Two that they’ve heard there might be another place for going up, so they’re actually counting us out.”

The situation Bury have found themselves in due to poor ownership and complications has left fans bickering. The Football Manc Cave bring you the two sides of the Bury dilemma.

Some fans see that the EFL are the only ones who can co-operate with their club to the extent of forgiveness, to allow them to continue their season undisturbed. However, there are some disagreements…

Bolton is in a similar situation to Bury, both receiving a 12 point deduction from the get-go of the EFL League One season. But Bolton was granted the ability to play their first two fixtures whilst Bury were not.

Both Bolton and Bury were given sufficient time to prove that they can be sustainable in the league. Given deadline extensions, Bury were the ones to hand in their homework late…

Though some fans are sticking to their guns, they genuinely believe that Bolton has seen preferential treatment over Bury. Hence why Steve Dale is opting to meet with the EFL face-to-face.

There are clearly two sides to this story, dividing an already unhappy fan base right down the middle.

‘I can’t believe these players have stuck around this long’ What type of team will Bolton Wanderers field

Despite the EFL stating that they will allow Bolton Wanderers’s first game of the season to go ahead as planned, there won’t be any senior members in the squad according to SBNation.

Bolton fans, players, staff and everyone involved in the club are clearly going through a rough stage in the clubs career. It was reported how the players refused to play any of their friendlies, as they still haven’t been paid and are not willing to put themselves up for injury.

Recent news coming out of the club suggests that the players are still refusing to train ahead of the start of the season. Even though the game is going ahead, the players have been told that the wages they are owed will only be paid to them in stages.


This has obviously sparked outrage with the remaining Bolton players as they haven’t been paid in five months. As a Bolton fan myself, I can’t believe these players have stuck around this long. It’s absolutely diabolical that they’ve had to wait this long for some sort of reassurance. Furthermore, now they are being told that the money they should have received all those months ago will only be paid to them in instalments.

The rumoured agreement that has been offered to current and ex-players, is that they will be paid twenty percent upfront and the remaining balances to be paid over two years. Can you imagine doing any job and being told that you’ll have to go unpaid for months, and then only get it back a bit at a time over the course of two years? It’s just unbelievable.

This now explains why no news has come out of the take over plans over the last few weeks. Players are rejecting the offer and as a result, this will see the team go without any of the remaining seniors on Saturday when they face Wycombe.

One other piece of information that has come to light from SBNation is that chief scout, Tim Breaker has obviously also gone unpaid. This has meant that Bolton has had no scouting presence in the wider footballing world since the financial issues started. So even if the club had have sorted their take over, there would have been no one to even suggest new players.

This leaves Saturday’s game in the hands of our youth. I feel extremely sorry for every one of the players, senior and youngsters and for Phil Parkinson. Good luck to the kids this weekend.

‘Nothings stopping the likes of Man Utd & Everton stepping up & arranging a fundraiser, like they do in Germany’ Bury & Bolton Wanderers fans react!

The EFL has issued a statement regarding the future of Bolton Wanderers and Bury FC, here is what Twitter has to say…

Fans of Bolton Wanderers have more to be happy about than Bury fans right now. Although both clubs are in terribly murky waters.

An official statement from the EFL has finally been released. They have concluded that Bolton Wanderers have ‘satisfied that they are sufficient to meet the requirements of the League’. Therefore, ‘their opening day fixture with Wycombe Wanderers and it will remain as originally scheduled on Saturday 3 August 2019 at 3 pm‘.

Bury, on the other hand, have not supplied sufficient evidence ‘in regard to the outstanding information it requires that demonstrates how the Club will be funded moving forward’.

Bury’s opening fixture against MK Dons has been suspended. Should necessary evidence not be presented to the EFL board by Friday 2nd of August, their fixture the following day against Accrington Stanley will be suspended also.

Let’s see what EFL fans have to say about the news…

The general consensus is that the corporation side of the sport has brought devastating results to the clubs and fans.

Bolton has been granted permission to play the opening fixture. However, fans fear that their journey afterwards may not continue…

Some fans feel as though the richer clubs in the country should hold out a helping hand.

Both Bolton and Bury are respected amongst the football community. Hopefully, the Greater Manchester clubs can pull through these tough times.

Photo Credit: EFL

Former Bradford City and Blackpool striker on a free to Bolton Wanderers?

Despite friendlies being called off and the financial situation at Bolton Wanderers, there are reports that Billy Clarke is on trial with the Trotters.

Alan Nixon is known for sharing football news on Twitter and he has stated that Billy Clarke is on trial with the Wanderers. He’s stated in the tweet that Bolton had a closed-door game yesterday that could see the striker in action.

The Irish 31 year old spent his youth career with Ipswich Town. Once he signed his first professional contract, he wasn’t shy to being loaned. The loan spells included Falkirk, Brentford and Darlington. In 2009 he signed for Blackpool only to be loaned again to Sheffield. He’s most recently been with Bradford City until the beginning of this month.


According to TransferMarkt, Clarke is out of contract and been without a club since the 1st of July. The striker has got a lot of experience behind him and has certainly been around. If he does make a move to Bolton, he would hopefully aim to impress.

Although it’s nice to hear of a player on trial giving fans some hope instead of the usual disappointing take over news, personally, I don’t understand this rumour. Why would a player want to get involved in a club that’s going through so much?

All of the Bolton players are refusing to play the friendlies that were in place resulting in them being called off. Players still haven’t been paid and the supposed take over of the club still hasn’t happened.

All I can say is, Billy Clarke must be desperate to want to get himself involved in this mess. Maybe he is just as desperate as us as a club.

Putting the takeover news aside, which is what people at Bolton have been doing for the past 3 weeks, Clarke is apparently a free agent. This could come beneficial to the Trotters as free agents may be the best option going forward.

Let’s say the take over gets sorted out before the start of the season, it will take a while to sort out all the financial issues going on, so getting players for free would be the most sensible option. I wish we were in a position to be picky about who played for us but we really can’t afford to, literally. Fans will have to hope that something comes of this game behind closed doors in terms of Clarke and the rest of the team.

The fact that we have a player actually involved with us, and considering joining us gives me an ounce of hope that our club can end up back on top, under control and stay out of the headlines for negative reasons.

Gossip begins to heighten amidst takeover rumours for Bolton Wanderers

Alan Nixon has tweeted a Bolton Wanderers takeover rumour that The Football Manc Cave has a little more news on.

Nixon has revealed how Terry Robinson, an experienced English football chairman and director. Is a name on the agenda for possibly being the director of Bolton Wanderers if Football Ventures can complete the takeover deal.

Terry Robinson has been involved in a few clubs including Bury where he was chairman for twenty years. He’s also been involved in Sheffield Utd, Stoke City and Leicester City. Bolton fans may recognise his name from when he was involved in the club a couple of years back. Robinson left us in 2016 but apparently could be making a return.

A source says…

A source close to us has stated how this may be just gossip. Apparently, Robinson has had some conversations with people about Bolton although absolutely no offer has been made. The conversations he’s had were more him giving advice rather than him being asked to re-join the club. He has no idea where the rumours have come from.

I wish I could write this article and just give you my opinion on this rumour and that be it. Unfortunately, the word, ‘if’ in Alan Nixon’s original tweet has taken centre stage for me. This is because Bolton fans are sick of hearing the word ‘if’ when around three weeks ago Football Ventures were supposed to be completing the takeover.

Now we’ve got players refusing to play over still not being paid, no friendlies going ahead and absolutely no news of what’s going on. It’s about time we stopped hearing ‘if’s and but’s’ and more ‘what’s, when’s, where’s.’

It’s such a sad and disappointing time to be a Bolton fan. We are all dreading the start of this coming season because everyone thought that our club would be financially stable by now. Or at least, have the take over completed so we could work on our squad. Instead, the first game of the season is upon us and we barely have a squad.

Loan, Buy & Sell: Bolton Wanderers

Now that it’s looking like Bolton Wanderers may have the financial situation under control, the Football Manc Cave is looking at options for the club to loan, buy and sell.

There’s been a lot of news regarding Football Ventures and their possible takeover at Bolton Wanderers. This article is literally just me being optimistic that Bolton manages to secure the takeover deal, sort out everything behind the scenes financially and then get to business in the transfer window.

If we can do all of the above, here’s a player that I think we should sell, one that I think we should buy and one that might benefit from a loan. Think a football equivalent to snog, marry avoid.

This was also quite hard to choose players for as fans know, we only have around 7 players that have actually signed new contracts and we don’t yet have money to buy anyone.

That’s why my options have been a little limited…

Loan – Connor Hall

The 21-year-old has already spent most of his football career on loan so why not give him another spell to try and build some experience, skill and a chance to prove himself.

He joined Bolton in 2017 and in 2018 was sent to Accrington Stanley on loan. He only managed 13 appearances there and didn’t bag any goals. With our current situation, I don’t think we should be open to loaning anyone who has had the courage to sign a new contract with us. However, if we can manage to sort the situation before the start of the season, Hall is a player we should let have a chance elsewhere. Erhun Oztumer is another player who could be considered as teams like Charlton have shown interest although I personally think we should fight to keep him.

Buy – Alie Sesay

As we currently don’t know the exact situation behind the scenes of the club, I didn’t want to get too carried away with picking a player to buy. Back in May, we were linked with the 24-year-old defender and it made fans question how we were going to pay him. People questioned if we were now paying in Monopoly money or magic beans.

However, now that we hopefully have payments covered, we can put in a bid for him. We desperately need players in any department but defenders should be the priority. The 24-year-old ended 2019 as ‘player of the season’ with AO Chania Kissamikos and may be worth looking into if the rumours were true first time around.

Sell – Andrew Taylor

Now, I haven’t picked Taylor because I want him to go, I’ve picked him because I think he wants to go. I said at the end of last season that I wouldn’t blame any player for leaving us this summer as they’ve all gone without pay. There’s news about how the 32-year-old is supposedly looking at a move to the National League.

Taylor gave one of my favourite interviews from any member of Bolton Wanderers players, management and staff. He addressed the problems behind the scenes and gave this interview. He explained how the players on pitch performances were affected by the financial problems, and how the players were becoming frustrated.

If Taylor does end up leaving us, although I don’t blame him at all, I will be gutted. I’d also want to thank him for sticking with us at hard times, and for his honesty on the situation. I wish him well in the future.

Bolton Wanderer’s Luca O’Connell set to sign for Scottish Champions Celtic

Celtic boss Neil Lennon is looking to sign highly-rated Bolton prospect Luca O’Connell on a free transfer. However, Bolton feels they can request a fee in compensation due to him being under the age of 21.

The youngster signed for Bolton in 2009, and after 10 years at the club, broke into the first-team last season. He immediately made a positive impact on the fans on and off the pitch and is now attracting interest from clubs like Celtic. Suggesting he has a big future ahead of him.

O’Connell will be gutted to see what’s happened at Bolton. I imagine he’ll of wanted to repay the faith shown in by him the club. However, he has a career to get on with. If clubs like Celtic are chasing him, you’ve got to take the opportunity and do well. Loyalty in football is always nice to see, in this situation it just wouldn’t make sense. Bolton is in a sad state, with or without Luca O’Connell. Wish the club the best with everything, pack your bags and head to Celtic Park – you might never get a better offer in your career.

The big question is whether he’s available on a free or not. Celtic think he is, Bolton doesn’t. The rule usually is if a player under the age of 21 is signed by another club on a free, they must pay a fee in compensation. I’m not sure exactly what the circumstances are in this deal, however, you think Celtic would just pay some sort of fee considering the current situation Bolton are in.

Either way, it’s looking a deal will be struck. That’s Bolton down to seven players I think, I’m not sure how they’re going to even field a team in August. Oh, and they start on -12 points. All I’ll say is, I’m pleased I’m not a Bolton fan.

‘I’d absolutely love Roy Keane at Bolton Wanderers’ – Agree?

Roy Keane is free after leaving Nottingham Forest and some say he may end up at Bolton Wanderers.

The Manchester United legend Roy Keane has left his post as assistant manager for Championship side Nottingham Forest and is seeking a new challenge as a manager.

Roy Keane has managed Sunderland, playing a big part in their Championship title victory in 2007. He then managed Ipswich Town who had mid to low table results throughout his reign.

Since Keane has been assistant manager to Martin O’Neill for his national side; Ireland. Whilst having the same role under Paul Lambert for Aston Villa for 13 games in 2014. He was also under Martin O’Neill for Nottingham Forest in his most recent occupation.

Bolton Wanderers will be losing their 27-year-old winger Sammy Ameobi after their demotion to League One, and Nottingham Forest have signed him. Perhaps Keane will be heading in the opposite direction, as Bolton Wanderers face financial difficulties and Football Ventures are set to take them over, their current manager Phil Parkinson may not hold onto his position.

With the new League One side looking to turn over a leaf and get back to the Championship. By employing a man who won it with Sunderland and survived it with Ipswich, his experience of the contest should allow them to return to it and remain in it.

Bolton defeated Sunderland during Roy Keane’s period as manager, resulting in ultimately costing his job. Now, he could be the man to drag Bolton Wanderers out of the gutter.

These Bolton fans seem up for it…

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