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Gossip begins to heighten amidst takeover rumours for Bolton Wanderers

Alan Nixon has tweeted a Bolton Wanderers takeover rumour that The Football Manc Cave has a little more news on.

Nixon has revealed how Terry Robinson, an experienced English football chairman and director. Is a name on the agenda for possibly being the director of Bolton Wanderers if Football Ventures can complete the takeover deal.

Terry Robinson has been involved in a few clubs including Bury where he was chairman for twenty years. He’s also been involved in Sheffield Utd, Stoke City and Leicester City. Bolton fans may recognise his name from when he was involved in the club a couple of years back. Robinson left us in 2016 but apparently could be making a return.

A source says…

A source close to us has stated how this may be just gossip. Apparently, Robinson has had some conversations with people about Bolton although absolutely no offer has been made. The conversations he’s had were more him giving advice rather than him being asked to re-join the club. He has no idea where the rumours have come from.

I wish I could write this article and just give you my opinion on this rumour and that be it. Unfortunately, the word, ‘if’ in Alan Nixon’s original tweet has taken centre stage for me. This is because Bolton fans are sick of hearing the word ‘if’ when around three weeks ago Football Ventures were supposed to be completing the takeover.

Now we’ve got players refusing to play over still not being paid, no friendlies going ahead and absolutely no news of what’s going on. It’s about time we stopped hearing ‘if’s and but’s’ and more ‘what’s, when’s, where’s.’

It’s such a sad and disappointing time to be a Bolton fan. We are all dreading the start of this coming season because everyone thought that our club would be financially stable by now. Or at least, have the take over completed so we could work on our squad. Instead, the first game of the season is upon us and we barely have a squad.

Two reasons Oldham Athletic making a Bolton Wanderers key player is a good move

The Football Manc Cave are learning from The Sun journalist Alan Nixon of more worry for Bolton Wanderers as key player, David Wheater could be leaving the troubled club.

Football journalist, Alan Nixon replied to a fan on Twitter who asked about the rumours of the defender moving to Oldham Athletic. Nixon simply replied, ‘talking.’ This suggests that Wheater is in fact weighing up his options despite the interview he gave about staying with Bolton.

As a Bolton fan myself, I can’t believe these financial and takeover problems are still ongoing. I have said since the end of last season that I would not blame any player for leaving this summer. Now it’s been announced that the Trotters have cancelled their pre-season friendlies as the players still haven’t been paid.

This was enough alone to make any player open to other options, however, Bolton Wanderer’s administrator, Paul Appleton released a statement in response to the player’s refusal to play. He accused the players of not understanding the situation properly and riddling their statement with ‘factual inaccuracies.’ The fact he’s practically called the unpaid bunch liars may be a reason to why key players such as Wheater are looking elsewhere.

The defender also let his hair down at the weekend as he sang karaoke in Bolton town centre on Saturday night. Fans know that this is typical David Wheater. Whether he’s in trouble or at the top of his game, he is known to go out and have a laugh with fans, make people laugh and be down to earth.

So with that being said, what can he bring to Oldham if the move goes ahead?


Wheater is a player who gains a lot of respect from his teammates and fans. He’s been loyal to Bolton Wanderers as he’s been with us since 2011. Over the years who’s become loved by the club and fans and it only made sense to see him captain the club. The 32-year-old has been great at influencing players he’s worked with throughout his career, and now he will have to put himself first and possibly lead himself out of the club he has loved playing for and take his leadership skills and knowledge to Oldham.


Wheater is a great defender, whether it be for marking or clearing a ball off the line, there’s no doubt that he’s been brilliant for Bolton. However, as a defender, you don’t really expect to see goals on record, maybe the odd one or two but not a record like his. He’s found the back of the net for every senior club he’s been at. If he’s not scoring them, he’ll find the positions to create them for other players. Hopefully, he will be able to bring this attribute to Oldham or any club he looks at moving to.

One of his most important and crucially times goals for Bolton came in our 3-2 win against Nottingham Forest in 2018. He scored the goal that put us level and it’s a game fans will never forget. Relive it and see the goal here.

OPINION: ‘I’d rather us have no club than this absolute mess’ Bolton Wanderers fan has had enough!

With the start of the season looming, it sure is hard to be a Bolton Wanderers fan right now.

It was over two weeks ago now that Football Ventures were announced as Bolton’s preferred bidder in the buying race. Since then, we’ve heard news of Laurence Bassini still getting in the way and trying to get the money to buy Bolton again, and also news of him trying to take the club to court. Two weeks ago we had hope. The fans, the team and management all had hope that the take over was about to happen, and things were going to get back as they used to be.

Two weeks later and things are downward spiralling again. This week, Bolton players announced that they would not be playing in their next friendly against Chester and Andrew Taylor spoke to TalkSport about the current condition.

According to the out of contract player, the training ground was still locked when players turned up to start preseason training. They are having to take their own water and are unable to have showers. The players and staff haven’t been paid for 20 weeks now.


As well as the squad releasing a statement on their refusal to play, so did the administrators. The basis of the statement made on behalf of Paul Appleton basically made out that the players had put out inaccurate facts, and while he sympathies with the squad, he is trying his best to sort the issues.

I am now becoming increasingly frustrated, as all Bolton fans thought that this would all be sorted by now. When we first had fears of going into administration, I think all the fans thought the summer would allow the club time to sort the financial issues. We are now 16 days away from the start of the season, we are cancelling preseason friendlies, players are still going unpaid and everyone is frustrated.

Just when fans of the Trotters thought things were looking up with the training ground opening again, and the Football Ventures rumours keep on coming. We are now back in the same position we were at the end of last season.

I’m really not hopeful in any way for the club I love. 16 days is not enough time to give a company the green light to complete the takeover, any debts to be settled, players to be signed and development of a squad. I obviously feel sorry for these players with the situation they are in, and fully back their decisions. I also feel sorry for Phil Parkinson as he will take more blame for the football than he deserves. If I was him, I’d walk away from the club as soon as I receive payment.

Some sort of miracle is going to have to happen in order for any sort of hope for Bolton Wanderers. I’d rather us have no club than this absolute mess.

‘What a sad time to be a Bolton Wanderers fan’

This week the Bolton Wanderers players finally stood up for themselves. Announcing that they would not be playing in their next friendly against Chester as they still haven’t been paid.

The players issued a statement claiming that they are under, ‘severe mental and emotional stress.’ The squad have said that themselves and coaching staff haven’t been paid for 20 weeks now. They have also claimed that the administers have not offered any financial help.

The statement also revealed how the players had arrived back to preseason training with the mindset that it was a fresh start from last season. They added that this was not the case as the financial situation behind the scenes still hasn’t come to a conclusion. This has added to their stress as players, both at home in their personal lives and as they prepare to go into league one football. They finished the statement questioning how long it’s acceptable to go without pay.


The club administrators responded to the statement with their own. They claimed that the player’s statement was ‘riddled with factual inaccuracies.’ Paul Appleton said that he did appreciate the player’s point of view and understood their frustrations. He’s also added that the players do not have an understanding of the situation, and that manager Phil Parkinson has been left to explain the problems to the players. The statement also claimed that the players and staff will be paid in full as soon as the take over goes ahead.

As a Bolton fan myself, I fully back these players in their decision. I’ve said from the beginning of the problems with the club, that I don’t blame any of the players for walking away from the club or refusing to play when they aren’t getting paid to do so. No one would go to work for nothing, just like Andrew Taylor said back in April. It doesn’t matter how much you’re contracted to earn if you aren’t receiving it, it’s putting pressure on all aspects of your life.

Patience is wearing thin

Just like the players said, this problem was supposed to be sorted out by now. Bolton fans and players have been patient in waiting for the apparent new buyers Football Ventures to get the green light for the deal to go ahead. It’s been around two weeks since everyone heard that the Trotters have a takeover deal near, and now we are still in the same situation as we were at the end of the season.

I think that the statement made by the administrators is appalling as they’ve dug a bigger hole for themselves. When your players are already admitting to emotional stress and have refused to play in the preseason, don’t fuel the fire by accusing them of getting facts wrong. He then accused the players of not understanding the situation, that is their own fault. Start communicating with the players that are responsible for the football and maybe they won’t be refusing to play or making statements against their own club.

And finally, Phil Parkinson. I know that fans already are doubting him for the next season. I also can predict that fans will be on his back and blaming him as soon as we start losing games. I’ve said before that I think he should go at the end of this season but as of right now, he’s in the same position as the players. If not worse. If I was him, I’d stick around until I was paid and then I’d walk away from the club. The administrators have stated that they’ve left it to Parkinson to keep the players updated. I can just imagine his frustrations as he talks to the players knowing just as much as them and having no payment to back up his efforts.

What a sad time to be a Bolton Wanderers fan.

‘On the fans part at least, they still have a football team to watch at 3 pm on a Saturday afternoon’ as Bury’s CVA is finally passed

Bury FC as we know it will still be in existence by the new season after the proposed CVA was approved in court.

In short, the overall result means the North-West club, who for months have had a threat of liquidation over their heads, will avoid such a consequence despite the period of poor ownership under Steve Dale and Stewart Day.

After months of confusion with serious fears that one of Britain’s oldest clubs may be sent to liquidation or administration. The club may finally be able to look the future with hope rather than fear.

Almost. Owner Steve Dale still has to sell the club and what is needed is for Dale’s time in ownership to end swiftly and new custodians to arrive and steady the ship.

In a statement released on the clubs website, Dale spoke about how he and his team have kept the League One Club alive.

Steve Dale quote

‘Today was a major day for our beloved Club, the old girl is safe. The CVA was passed so our future is secured as I said I would.

We have worked tirelessly to achieve the result today whilst taking a lot of flak, some might say our methods were questionable but we can all pass comment with hindsight, my job was to save Bury FC and that’s done, we have other hurdles but the main one is complete’.

Despite a recent article in The Guardian Newspaper stating his takeover went through without approval from the governing body the EFL. It seems Dale may have done what’s required in order to keep the League One club afloat.

What will follow in the days ahead of the new season is up in the air. Most likely is what consequences this financial mess may have on Paul Wilkinson and his new players.

A 12 point deduction on the opening points tally is almost a certainty. Therefore the club will begin their season on minus 12, the same number of points as near neighbours Bolton Wanderers.

New floodlights need to be purchased at Gigg Lane not forgetting a brand new squad. Time is running out quicker to re-construct a side, than the time Britain’s next Prime Minister has to agree on a new Brexit Deal. On the fans part at least, they still have a football team to watch at 3 pm on a Saturday afternoon.

Bury have hovered over the financial trap door for so long in recent months. Only now are they slowly creeping away from falling into extinction.

‘And Newcastle Utd fans constantly complain about their owner. Don’t know they’re born’ Bolton Wanderers fans react to players recent statement

It’s not a good time to be a Bolton Wanderers fan with the players revealing that they still haven’t been paid. 

Not only this, the players have called off their next friendly against Chester City as a result of the financial issues at the club. I have written a lot about the club I support over the past few days. I have stated how I am fully behind the player’s decision to refuse to play. I’ve raised my concerns as there are only 16 days till the start of the season and we haven’t got a full squad. We still don’t have a deal with new owners and players and management are getting increasingly frustrated. 

Today I think it’s about time the Football Manc Cave looked at more Bolton fans opinions to see how they add up. It’s safe to say that emotions are running high not just from fans but players too, and I really do feel for Phil Parkinson and the squad.

A general reaction from fans in response to the most recent statement is that it sounds too much like the previous owner, Ken Anderson and that is a direction that no one wants the club to be returning to. Hopefully, some sort of plan will be put into action in the next few days or should I say, a miracle. Until then, here are your thoughts… 

2 free agents Bolton Wanderers should be looking at once the dust settles

With the start of the season getting closer and closer, Bolton Wanderers need some players, especially defenders. The Football Manc Cave has had a look at the free agents available to the club and has picked out two realistic options to who could move to the League One side.

With all the financial and behind the scenes issues at the club, it’s been very hard for Bolton to develop their squad over the summer. The Bolton News has only recently revealed that the club is still not offering contracts to free agents until the takeover gets the green light.

When Bolton do sort their issues, there are a number of players who have been let go as free agents. This would be a perfect option for Phil Parkinson’s side as the administrators and new owners sort the debt that’s been left with the club.

With that in mind, we have picked out two realistic and sensible options from Transfer Markt‘s list of free agents.

Jordan Spence

If you look at Bolton’s squad, they are especially falling short of defenders so I was always going to pick a defender for the options here. Spence is now 29 years old and has been around. He’s a product of West Ham’s youth until he broke into their first team in 2007 however, he has been on loan to several clubs from 2008 to 2014.

Most recently, Spence has been with Milton Keynes and Ipswich Town. The defender has also been called up to the England squad at nearly every youth level, from Under 16’s to Under 21’s.

He’d be a great addition to the team as they need an experienced defender. He’s not only experienced in the team’s he’s been at and the years of football behind him, but also with how he has been playing in League One for years. Bolton needs players that are used to the league as they start their new campaign.

Tom Adeyemi

I’ve picked a midfielder here, however, he’s a comfortable defensive midfielder. The 27-year-old has been with Birmingham, Cardiff and Leeds in the past. He’s most recently been at Rotherham and just like our first pick, Spence, he’s spent the last two years at Ipswich. In those two years, he only managed 5 games so he will be in need of a club that could give him starts. With the lack of options Parkinson has at the minute, he could be a pony of interest.

After all the issues that have been ongoing with the club, it’s going to be hard for them to sign anyone with the fact that players went unpaid last season. As much as free agents would love to snap up a club, they’d be wary of the fact they need their wages to be paid and at the minute, the take over at Bolton is still up in the air. Let’s hope and pray that everything can be taken control of soon.

‘It’s great to see Bolton Wanderers in transfer talks with ex-Blackburn Rovers striker, we just want the takeover to happen’

According to Bolton Wanderers News, the club has missed out on signing because of the ongoing take over issues.

Apparently, ex Blackburn Rovers and Celtic man, Anthony Stokes, was linked with a move to the Whites, until the slow takeover took its toll and had an impact on the 30-year-old striker’s decision. There’s not a lot of information on the actual rumour of him supposedly being in talks with the club, however, fans learning of this news are getting increasingly frustrated.

Stokes has now joined the Turkish side, Adana Demirspor. As I’ve said since the start of this transfer window, I would’ve been surprised at any player wanting to stay a club that wasn’t paying them, so I’m not surprised that a player would want to make a move to that same club.

Transfer talk

Although it’s nice to see Bolton being linked with transfer talk again and being ambitious, I think it’s safe to say that everyone is awaiting this take over to be completed so that the club can welcome new players. While free agents might be the most sensible option when the deal has been signed and sealed, the club seriously needs to start getting their squad sorted out.

When you look at the remaining senior squad members, you’ll see there are only around 13 players on the books. Only a handful of these, however, are senior members, the remainder is youth team scholarships who don’t have much if any, league or senior squad experience.

If the club wants to stand a chance at League One football, they need to make the most out of the remaining days of the summer. If the take over happens too late and it doesn’t give Phil Parkinson long enough to try and negotiate a few deals, even the signing of any free agents, then the club needs to seriously develop their youngsters and prepare them for what’s to come.

I feel massively sorry for the fans, and I am a Bolton fan myself. I feel for the club as a whole and I’m even starting to feel for Phil Parkinson before the season has even started. Some might disagree but I know that Parkinson will get the blame for everything that goes wrong on the pitch now. You have to put yourself in his shoes and think that all the financial problems and the take over should have been sorted by now. There’s such little time left to the start of the season and I bet he’s getting just as frustrated as the fans.

I really hope the youth can come through and show the energy that’s needed in League One. Otherwise, we are in serious trouble.

Good additions? Former Blackburn Rovers & Preston North End players training with Bolton Wanderers

According to EFL Transfer News on thier Twitter page, Craig Conway and Ben Pringle are in training with Bolton Wanderers. Today at the Football Manc Cave, we look at what they could bring to the club in a time of need.

As all Bolton fans know, there’s been so many problems behind the scenes and as they go into League One, they are in desperate need of players. Now it’s being said that former Blackburn Rovers man, Craig Conway and former Preston North End midfielder Ben Pringle are both in training with the Whites.

It’s safe to say that fans will take any signing at the moment. For people who want to know more about the pair, we take a look if they’ll be good additions to the trotters…

Craig Conway

Conway is now 34 years old. He’s comfortable as a winger and has previously played for the likes of Dundee, Cardiff and most recently, Blackburn Rovers. In May, Conway confirmed that he would be leaving Ewood Park after five and a half years when his contract expired.

Now he will be in need of another club as the new season starts and Bolton could be his number one option. Some say he’s too old and past it and he has been known to suffer from injuries quite often, however, Bolton will be looking to take on anyone they can convince to sign. The winger could be a good addition to the side as he’s older and has more experience than most youngsters in the current squad.

Ben Pringle

The 30-year-old midfielder has sure been around. After spending his youth at West Brom, he joined a whole host of clubs from Derby, Rotherham and Fulham to Preston, Oldham and Tranmere. He’s spent a lot of his career on loan to other teams to give him break out opportunities. The ex-Grimsby star also has had a few achievements such as being listed in the 2013/2014 Football League One PFA Team Of The Year. He was also named as man of the match in a game against Bolton back in 2015 when he played for Rotherham.

Again, Bolton fans would be happy to see a signing and he might be someone that can make a difference. Hopefully, instead of a loan spell like he’s used to, he’ll sign a permanent contract if a deal can be made and he may help in getting Bolton back on top again.

3 players that should use pre-season to impress for Salford City

As Salford City head into their new and exciting League Two campaign. The Football Manc Cave have selected three players who will be aiming to impress before the season starts.

Graham Alexander’s team managed to secure promotion from the National League to League Two at the end of last season via the playoffs. I think it’s safe to say that all of the team, including new signings, will all be out to impress and aim for another promotion.

Salford won a pre-season friendly 4-0 this week against SAK 1914. There’s been no confirmation of goal scorers yet, although newly signed players have been seen with the squad.

With that in mind, here are 3 players that will want to show they can step up and prove, that they’re worth taking a chance on this coming season.

Oscar Threlkeld

The Bolton born man spent a lot of his career shuffling between Bolton Wanderers and Plymouth Argyle. He’s only signed for the Ammies this summer and fans are excited to see him in action. Threlkeld will be looking to break into the squad as soon as possible. He’s very versatile, as he’s a known midfielder who can also play in defensive positions. I think he’ll make a big impact on fans and the team next season.

Joey Jones

Previously being a part of Arsenal, Leicester City, Yeovil Town, Woking Town and Eastleigh. The 25-year-old will be looking to make an impression. Salford hasn’t been strangers to signing players this summer, so he will have a fight in his hands if he wants to get games. If he can get the chance to prove that he is worth being in the Salford defence, he will want to go all out as he’s been subject to a lot of free transfers over the years.

Mani Dieseruvwe

A player who has been in the squad for a few years now. He broke into the squad last season in the team’s campaign to win promotion. I imagine he will now be hungry to prove that he’s worth a shot, whether it be bringing him off the bench in desperate times or starting him. Salford had another friendly with Atherton recently, where Dieseruvwe scored the only goal of the game. I think he’s trying his best to put his name out there already.

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