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Bolton fans react after GK opens up on his tough year ‘Great attitude & talented keeper, I’m sure he’ll be a success story as Bolton move forward’

Bolton News reporter, Marc Iles sat and spoke to Bolton goalkeeper, Remi Matthews this week.

The Bolton Wanderers reporter got the chance to actually sit and speak to the goalkeeper who has had an extremely hard year. Matthews has come under the firing line from fans for a while now When you actually look at what he’s been through and the stats in the league, I think you’ll change your mind a little.

Ok the financial crisis stage of the club, Matthews tried to get noticed from other clubs in case Bolton were to go under. He had a move to Norwich fall through, he went 5 months unpaid, had a deal for him to move to Crystal Palace blocked by administrators and to top it off, things on the pitch have been even worse.

After the relegation battle last season, the 25-year-old went through a 5 game spell in which the team conceded 26 goals. This obviously led to criticism. The more shocking numbers that Marc Iles explained was that the goalkeeper has faced, on average, 25 shots per game in his 7 appearances so far this season.

The stats are high

He’s is the leagues highest saving goalkeeper with 30 shots stopped to his name so far this season. The keeper has spoken how this has been the hardest year of his life, with the financial difficulties and then now facing abuse over social media about his performances.

Some fans are very quick to think that this is all the ‘keeper’s fault without watching a game. Don’t get me wrong, I have judged Matthews after watching him sometimes, however, he deserves credit. He’s stuck with us, he’s dealing with the comments he’s getting, but people are disregarding the fact that he’s had more work to do than any other keeper in this league so far this season.

You can see why he collapsed to his knees after keeping a clean sheet against Oxford.

Here are your reactions to this interview…

Bolton’s Chairman will back Bury’s bid to return to League 2 – ‘Good luck…there is some very bitter teams in the football league’

The Bolton News has reported how the new Bolton Wanderers owner, Sharon Brittan has said she would back Bury’s campaign to return to League Two. The Football Manc Cave look at your reactions.

There’s a campaign in full swing for Bury to return to League Two instead of starting again from Non-League. The EFL clubs will meet on September the 26th to discuss the matter and Bolton owner, Brittan has confirmed that she would want to back this idea as long as Bury have a stable footing.

A lot of other fans have been saying that it wouldn’t be fair on clubs trying to gain promotion and I completely understand that side to the argument. However, the EFL didn’t do a lot to help Bury in their situation and it’s not the fans, players, staff or community’s fault.

Bolton and Bury’s situations were running at exactly the same time although they had very different outcomes. It’s nice to see that Sharon is completely behind Bury as she understands the struggles she’s faced. I’m glad and proud that she will be supporting them in this vote.

Here’s what you thought…

‘New team and management. Needs time. But the heavy defeats need to stop’ Bolton fans happy just to score

The Football Manc Cave is looking at how Bolton fans are reacting to their 6-1 loss today.

It was Kieth Hill’s first game in charge and supposed to be a fresh start for Bolton. Fans sold out their end of the ground and the anticipation was high. Unfortunately, Rotherham wasn’t bothered by Bolton’s new signings and despite the Trotters going 1-0 up, they came out losing again.

Bolton fans won’t be too disappointed as the whites went 1-0 up and actually managed to produce a goal. Alongside their team is filled with relatively new players who all need to gel together still. It’s just the goal difference that is the issue at this stage.

Here are your reactions…

Bolton Wanderers fans put forward their favourite eye-catching kits

The Football Manc Cave are exploring Bolton Wanderers’ best ever kits, in the wake of the news that the Trotters will be getting a new kit in the coming weeks for this season.

I’ve been going to Bolton games since I was about 7 years old. As a kid, I was never out of Bolton shirts. I played football, I watched football and wanted to be a footballer. I had Bolton Wanderers’ bedding, Bolton posters all over my room, I used to collect Match Attacks and have the full Bolton squad around my room. I was football mad.

Years later and here I am, a football writer. I’m still going watching Bolton and other clubs now so that I can report and I’m still playing!

My favourite Bolton kits

So first of all here are some of my favourites…

What did you think? Here are your replies to my tweet from this morning…

Thank you for all of your tweets and input! It’s been great.

Bolton fans cause delay to watch the youngsters ‘Onwards and upwards from here… UP THE LADS’

Bolton Wanderers played Bradford last night in the Leasing.com trophy and The Football Manc Cave want to see your reactions.

This was the first home match for Bolton since their take over had gone through. The new owners had said that to draw in an audience, they would only charge £5 a ticket in which you got a match day programme and free parking. They underestimated how many people would turn up as kick-off had to be delayed by 10 minutes.

Another nice touch to this game was that even though Keith Hill has been appointed manager, Jimmy Phillips was told to still manage this last game and put out a young team for one last time, despite the new signings being made. I personally thought this was a great touch and sensible. It was a 1-1 draw that saw Bolton go 1-0 up thanks to Dennis Politic but only lost to penalties at the end.

Here are your reactions…

There was also some confusion at the last penalty…

‘ANNOUNCE LEAGUE ONE WINNERS 19/20’ Bolton Wanderers fans react to signing after signing on deadline day

Bolton Wanderers fans had a busy day yesterday keeping up with their clubs last-minute signings and The Football Manc Cave are taking a look at your reactions.

Bolton has been in need of some new signings for quite some time and now that this new take over enables them to do so, they have arrived. Finally, Bolton can start to compete in the league with a fair team and it will be like a fresh start for the new manager, Keith Hill.

A total of 9 players signed on the dotted line yesterday and fans were loving it. So strap yourself in, we’re going to go through the day and get some of your best reactions…

After the signing of Jack Hobbs had already been announced at the weekend, this was what kickstarted yesterday:

Bolton fans were quick to jump on this

Me a couple of minutes later, they stuck to their promise and the announcement of Thibaud Verlinden from Stoke City was made.

Next up, Liam Bridcutt became the next signing…

Will Buckley’s return to the club was next on the cards…

Jake Wright was next…

Ali Crawford was next in Keith Hill’s plan…

And then Chris O’Grady got himself a contract until the end of the year.

Josh Emmanuel was next…

But Bolton has put out the wrong picture in a manic rush

Joe Bunney then made his move…

The news that fans were begging for finally came in, the signing of Daryl Murphy…

And that was all! Let’s hope Keith Hill can get these players ready for the league and have a fresh start. This will now give the youngsters a chance to rest but their efforts will never be forgotten. It will be nice to see some of them just coming on as a sub, rather than having to push 90 minutes a game being tired and unfit.

Come on Bolton!

‘Thank Christ that’s over with. Horrible’ Bolton Wanderers fans relief over takeover

The Football Manc Cave is looking at your reactions to the Bolton Wanderers takeover.

The news of Bury being expelled from the league came in, and Bolton got 14 days to try and find a resolution to their take over before going the same way. As I wrote my thoughts out into an article, Bolton’s take over went ahead. I am absolutely delighted. I’m still upset for Bury and hope that there’s some sort of resolution to their ownership that allows them to still be a club and build, eventually, they could end up back in the league.

As a Bolton fan, I am so happy. I was expecting us to take it until the very last minute before securing a takeover and having fans wait it out. It’s just what we have come to expect. To learn that we have actually sorted the deal out is brilliant and here are some of your reactions…

‘The only person to come out of this with any integrity!’ Bolton Wanderers fans react to Parkinson’s resignation

Bolton Wanderers fans suffered another blow on Wednesday night. Phil Parkinson has now left the club and The Football Manc Cave are looking at your reactions.

There were no reports from Bolton themselves as every other news source reported that Phil Parkinson and assistant manager, Steve Parkin has both handed their resignation into the club.

It has now been addressed by Bolton and they have announced that they have accepted the resignation notice and thanked them for their time with the club. As I am a fan of the Wanderers myself, this news, although it was a big blow, has come as no shock whatsoever.

Phil Parkinson was getting just as frustrated as the fans with everything that’s been going on, and he looked like he’d aged years in the space of a couple of months because of everything he’s been dealing with. I’m surprised he didn’t go sooner if I’m honest. Some didn’t like his style of play but that comes last right now, we should be thanking him for sticking with us through the toughest of times and trying to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Here are your thoughts…

Thank you for everything Phil!

‘Bassini claims he’s got 8-10 players ready to sign for the club. But he won’t name the players’ More rambles for Bolton Wanderers fans to digest

The Football Manc Cave are looking at fans reactions to Laurence Bassini’s latest attempt at trying to get Bolton Wanderers fans on his side.

You’d think now that the court case at Bolton is over that Laurence Bassini would have walked away. But no. Instead, 30 to 40 fans missed Emmerdale and went to meet him at 7 pm on Tuesday night to listen to more lies and empty promises. Don’t get me wrong, I was thinking of going myself for a laugh, however, I remembered that going and giving him the time of day would look better on him and he doesn’t need any encouragement.

He met the crowd outside the stadium and wasn’t able to give any answers to his promise that he could bring in players from West Ham and Arsenal. He also couldn’t explain his comments about Phil Parkinson in regards to calling him a ‘mercenary.’ One blizzard comment seemed to have Bassini hint that ex EFL supremo, Shaun Harvey and ex Wanderers chairman, Ken Anderson were lovers.

As you can imagine, fans started to walk away and he became desperate to keep them interested. He got sniggers from the crowd when he was asked about his loan from David Sullivan and how he would repay it. Changing the subject was something he was apparently great at. He even went on to say that he would get the minus twelve points that Bolton have started the season off with, removed. He failed to explain how. All I know is I want him removing from getting involved in our club.

Here are your reactions…

‘Every credit to the kids but this cannot continue’ Bolton Wanderers fans getting impatient over the takeover delay

Bolton Wanderers suffered a 5-0 loss to Tranmere Rovers at the weekend. The Football Manc Cave looks at your reactions.

I am a Bolton fan. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy that we are actually getting to play football, unlike Bury who is in a similar position to us. The thing is, our team consists of youngsters who aren’t prepared.

Every Bolton fan would agree, we are all proud of this young team and the fact they are getting their boots on and trying given the circumstances. The fact they got a point a couple of weeks ago is amazing and these lads will go down as legends for how they’ve gone about the situation with the club. The problem is, we didn’t get any pre-season friendlies organised for these youngsters because of the financial issues and now these kids are being thrown in at the deep end.

The players we have are being overworked. Three games in the space of a week for some of them, no wonder there are issues with injuries and tiredness. Phil Parkinson has raised his concerns for the health and welfare of the squad, I just hope something gets sorted soon especially in terms of the takeover.

Here are your thoughts…

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