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Nottingham Forest fans mixed reaction to signing Bolton Wanderers’ Sammy Ameobi

Nottingham Forest have signed Bolton Wanderers winger, Sammy Ameobi.

The 27-year-old is a product of Newcastle’s youth teams. He’s been at Middlesbrough and Cardiff on loan spells in the past but signed for Bolton in 2017. Ameobi went to Bolton on loan originally and did want to stay with the club. However, at the start of the Trotters off-pitch problems, they had a transfer embargo which wouldn’t allow them to have the winger. Nevertheless, once that was sorted, he signed for the Wanderers and has been there for the past two years.

Even though Bolton are supposedly taking back control of their financial struggles, I would not blame any player for looking at other options. I am a Bolton fan myself and have met Sammy quite a few times as he used to come into a restaurant I worked at. He is one of the most humble and nicest footballers I’ve met. I wish him all the best but Forest fans are having mixed reactions…

‘I’ll take Rochdale in first round good away day’ Bolton Wanderers fans looking forward to ‘easy win’

The Carabao Cup was drawn from a Morrisons store last night… we don’t know why either but Bolton will face Rochdale away. 

Bolton Wanderers are another North West team to suffer problems off the pitch recently. However, there are so many rumours flying around about the team’s possible takeover that fans should be optimistic that things are looking up.

Although a new owner will not be able to immediately sort out the team’s squad, the fact they were relegated last season, other debts and issues, at least it’s something positive for the time being.

Even though the league will be a priority, how have fans taken to their draw with Rochdale in the cup?

Opinion: Why is Bassini still in the Bolton Wanderers mix!?

After reading that one party had dropped out of trying to buy Bolton, meaning they had 5 bids instead of 6. I was really hoping for the clubs sake that it was Bassini who had pulled out but sadly that is not the case.

Laurence Bassini would be a plague on Bolton and I’m not sure why he is even being considered, but here we go. Bassini is the former chairman of Watford and led the club to the brink of financial ruin, having himself been declared bankrupt on three separate occasions. In March 2013 an independent disciplinary commission found Bassini guilty of misconduct and dishonesty over financial dealings on behalf of Watford and, banned him from being involved in a position of authority with any Football League club for three years.

Sadly for Bolton however, Bassini’s ban is up and the man wants back into football. With the deadline of Friday for producing evidence of funds, I really hope that for Bolton’s sake he fails.

I truly believe that it is the desperation of the situation at Bolton, simply to keep the club alive, that has lead to Bassini even being considered to take over this once Premier League club. According to The Bolton News, he is confident his bid will be successful.

Just over a month ago on the 7th of May, Bassini was going to save Bolton before administration hit, however yet when asked to provide proof of funds to the Football League – Bassini failed on multiple occasions. Yet again just a month later he’s back in the running.

Why he is allowed anywhere near a football club I have no idea, and I truly hope for Bolton’s sake they take another offer.

Opinion: Is a Move To Ipswich Town The Wisest Move For Bolton Wanderers’ Harry Brockbank

It seems then like everyone is wanting out at Bolton Wanderers, the latest to be linked with a move away is the 20-year-old defensive prospect, Harry Brockbank.

Despite only making three appearances for struggling Bolton in the Championship last season, a host of Championship and League One clubs are after the young centre back, with Ipswich being the latest link. Ipswich finished bottom of the Championship last season, but are already assembling a good squad to try and rebound straight back into the second flight.

The young defender, who is capable of playing at right back, centre back and defensive midfield, would be a great addition to any squad due to his versatility and raw talent, he is the kind of player that managers love and can build a team around.

After impressing many teams during his Bolton debut against now Premier League Aston Villa, the young full-back can leave the team on a free due to the clubs off-field issues. However, if he wants guaranteed first-team football, then perhaps him staying for one more year at his home side wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. It’s a chance to get some more experience under his belt before being a squad player in the same division.

For Ipswich this move would be a great deal, signing a potential star full back for the years to come, get him some game time in League One ready for if they do go back up. Even if they then sold him on, signing the young lad on a free makes business sense.

For Brockbank, I think it all comes down to game time, if whether it be Ipswich or wherever he moves, can guarantee the game time then, by all means, he should go and play his football at the right end of League One. However, if he is just going to be a squad player then perhaps it would better him to stay at Bolton, yes they are likely to go down again due to starting the season on minus 12 points, but at least he is likely to play the vast majority of games.

‘I’m at the club until I’m told otherwise’ Josh Magennis right to ponder Bolton Wanderers Options

Behind the scenes Bolton Wanderers are in turmoil, things aren’t amazing on the pitch either.

We’ve seen player strikes and players not getting paid last season, but recently Northern Ireland International Josh Magennis, despite his limited footballing ability has released a statement of intent during a recent interview.

When Magennis was asked about whether he is still committed to Bolton the big striker replied: “Unless somebody comes in and buys me, or unless the club goes bust and I’m able to walk away from my contract as a free agent, I’m at the club until I’m told otherwise.”

It, therefore, seems that the Northern Irishman isn’t set to down tools anytime soon and is going to honour his contract at the club, something that I’m sure fans of the turmoil club will appreciate.

Despite the statement, however, it does seem that Magennis isn’t exactly over the moon to be stuck under contract at Wanderers. He’s only been at the club a year after moving from Charlton Athletic, but I guess the uncertainty would have anyone contemplating their future.

The striker hasn’t exactly set the world alight during his time at Bolton, meaning I’m unsure if anybody would pay a fee for the big target man. Which leaves him looking at the future of the actual club with doubt, as he is under contract until the end of the 2020 season.

We can all guess the underlying message in the player’s recent interview and statement, but without reading between the lines all the striker has said is he will honour his contract. Something that I’m sure if he took legal action over, he’d be able to get out of due to his and all the Bolton players wages not being paid on time.

OPINION: Out of The Frying Pan, Into The Fire For Bolton Wanderers! – BWFC Fan Alex Shares His View

‘Out of the frying pan and into the fire’ pretty much sums up Bolton Wanderers situation at the present.

The club is on the verge of bankruptcy again and being dissolved for the… I’ve lost count… time in the last 12 months. It has been rumoured that perhaps a hero is on the horizon, a new owner to guide the struggling club into new dawn after the player strikes and games being called off during the last 12 months, sadly for fans of the Trotters that man is Laurence Bassini.

Where to start with Bassini, he’s been declared bankrupt twice after business’s failing, never his fault and he’s the former owner of Watford, he oversaw the worse period for the club financially, ever, after he secured loans against loans and borrowed money from the club for his own use. After his tenure at Watford, Bassini was banned from being involved in football for three years, but his time has been served and he’s trying to weasel his way back in.

In 2014 he was declared bankrupt again, but fast forward to 2019 and he’s going to save Bolton? Don’t think so, the ‘takeover’ has been going on for a while now with the main hold up being Bassini being unable to show evidence that he has the funds to own a football club the stature of Bolton.

If Bassini does takeover Bolton, yes, in the short term they may stave off administration but that leech will only drain the already struggling club further, he’s not the hero Bolton want or need as his shady past tells you that. The fact that he has been allowed anywhere near Bolton to negotiate a takeover really is laughable, how is this kind of person been allowed back into the people’s game?

How Good is Bolton’s Luca Connell Future, With Tottenham & Co Sniffing Around

It’s a really sad state of affairs at Bolton Wanderers this season, the club have been relegated back to League One and the ownership of the club still looms like a dark cloud over the University of Bolton Stadium.

To pour more misery on the Bolton fans, it seems one of their young starlets is grabbing the attention of many a Premier League suitor. Youngster Luca Connell is an Irish midfielder, who is out of contract come to the end of the season and, can leave for nothing more than training fees.

He’s made quite the impression in his 10 outings in the Championship this season for the Trotters. Playing in a defensive role in the midfield is his favoured position, however, he can be moved about a little to left-back or left-wing showing a good deal of versatility.

Tottenham Hotspur, Norwich City, Everton and Wolves have all got Connell firmly in their radars and with good reason too.

The 18-year-old is an up and coming star. He may not be the key signing the fans want for the likes of Spurs, who haven’t signed anyone in the past two transfer windows, but in what will be a very competitive market this window. Investing in the future may not seem the silliest of ideas for Pochettino.

He can certainly flourish at a club like Spurs who do give youth a chance, although a high possibility would be that he is sent back out on loan for a season in the Championship to gain some more game time experience.

Whatever his destination is, Luca Connell is a name that all Bolton fans will be keeping an eye on over the course of the next few seasons. Let’s hope that Bolton’s future can do a 360 and be as bright a future as the Irishman.

Bury join Bolton in being on the brink of administration, Salford back in form and Rochdale appoint Brian Barry-Murphy

This is the EFL and Below Show, your weekly look at all the footballing action in Greater Manchester which doesn’t come from Old Trafford or the Etihad.

Manchester Football Social’s Niall McCaughan is joined in the studio by Ian Foran and Aaron Benson from the Football Manc Cave, where Bolton and Bury’s financial turmoil is a big talking point.

The lads also chat Salford’s chances of National League promotion and Brian Barry-Murphy’s appointment as new Rochdale manager as they look to stave off relegation.

Catch the latest episode here >> https://play.acast.com/s/eflandbelowshow/manchesterfootballsocial-eflandbelowshow-buryjoinboltoninbeingonthebrinkofadministration-salfordbackinformandrochdaleappointbrianbarry-murphy

The Spirit of ’98 is Long Gone, But Bolton Will Be Hoping For a Great Escape

We’ve seen some tough times at Bolton this past few years, from being relegated in 2012 into the Championship up to the liquidation hanging over their head tomorrow.

I’m not a Bolton Wanderers fan, however, growing up my uncle used to take me to Burden Park on a regular basis, and then the Reebok Stadium as it was known.

I remember being there singing the great escape theme tune back in 1998, when the Trotters smashed five past Crystal Palace to win 5-2 and give a glimmer of hope before being relegated on goal difference. The atmosphere back then was a defiant we’re all in this together – something which is the polar opposite in today’s situation.

Retro Football Cushions

A players strike ahead of a massive day for the club in court shows the discontent within Bolton. Things have soured over the course of this season after promotion at the first time of asking in League One last year.

Ken Anderson’s dealing of the club has been woeful to say the least, and from the outside looking in – It looks like a warzone.

Player power has took over, and rightly so.

Nobody would turn up to work to not be paid at the end of the month. For a football club to be in a that bad a state, that it can not pay it’s staff is a sad state of affairs.

The thing is, this chairman has come and will hopefully, and quickly go. The managers will come and go, same with the players but the fans are their from childhood to the day they die.

The simply cannot switch clubs, they can’t move on – a football club is ingrained in most families, for some it’s their sole focus of their weekend. A football club is not an option and should the worst happen tomorrow – only the fans will feel the true effect of an idiot with no good intention or know how on how to run a business.

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