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Away games: ‘We’ll Look After Your Car’ – When Taking The Car Isn’t Always a Good Idea

Winning at an away ground is a great feeling. The form book has invariably been upset, you’re waving at the home crowd leaving in droves and all there is left to do is applaud your team off the pitch and declare to any home supporters left in the stadium that your team is the best in the league and you would like to play them every week. All that remains is to get back to the car, tune in to 5 live and enjoy the possible misfortunes of your nearest rivals.

It is usually at this point that a nagging reminder of where you left your car starts to interfere with your natural desire to be joyful and untroubled. Memories of that unlit back street where you hurriedly parked it flood back, along with the sight of those unkempt youths eyeing your pride and joy with murderous intent.

You recall stories of exorbitant fees charged by garages to respray ‘keyed’ cars or worse, still, you could find your only option of getting home propped up on bricks with the wheels missing.

There are certain grounds where groups of youths exercise an entrepreneurial scheme, where they take money off you in return for not damaging your car. I met such a bunch of young tycoons at Gigg Lane last Saturday.

I’m not doing such a great job of describing them as ‘youths’, they were considerably younger and seemingly new at their chosen venture. After stowing anything that looked vaguely saleable in the boot, I locked the car and was met with the sight of a handful of beaming young faces. “We’ll look after your car for £5, er £3,” said one of them offering me a reduced rate whilst hardly pausing for a breath.

Why would I want to pay you that? I replied knowing the answer before it came. “It might get damaged“. I had two choices here, tell them to take a running jump (or words to that effect) or cough up. I chose something between the two. “Tell you what, I’ll give you 50p now and when I get back I’ll give you the rest if my car is ok” I offer, with no intention of keeping my part of the deal.

I was amazed that they accepted this impasse so readily, their budding scheme seemingly faltering on the first rung of the ladder.

The game held my attention for the next three hours and I didn’t even think about the car, given that Oldham had put in another highly questionable performance and scuppered their chances of getting anything out of this season.

However, as I approached the car I was pleased to see that it was untouched and still had four wheels. As I was about to get in I noticed the kid who I had given the 50p to sat in the bay window of the nearest house. Surely he hadn’t stuck to his side of the agreement and been watching my car for over three hours?

I was immediately stricken with guilt at my intention to drive off, so I knocked on the door intending to make his takings up to a pound. The door was answered by a woman who was singularly unimpressed by my explanation of her son’s financial dealings. “Get here you!” she shouted. “Have you taken money off this man?”. He nodded”. “Give it him back and say sorry“. He returned my 50p and I was left on the doorstep facing their closed door.

Get here you!” she shouted. “Have you taken money off this man?”. He nodded”. “Give it him back and say sorry“. He returned my 50p and I was left on the doorstep facing their closed door.

He may have been taught a valuable lesson but I was taught several. Don’t succumb to extortion. Don’t assume you’re doing the right thing when you know it’s wrong and last but not least – stop being so tight and pay the £5 to park your car!

AWAY FANS SERIES: The Class of 92 Inspired Danish Jens to Create an Online Community

As part of our away fans series, I spoke to Jens, a Salford City fan from Denmark who has recently created a website to connect with fellow Ammies fans around the world…

Ian: How long have you been a Salford City fan?

Jens: I have been a fan since 2015 when a friend who is a dedicated Manchester United fan told me about the club. The story of the club fascinated me

Ian: It certainly is a great story, have you managed to get to the ground?

Jens: Not yet no, but I will be travelling later this spring. I will go there with my friend to see a Man United game, and then spend a few days in Salford meeting up with other Ammie fans to see them play, of course!

Ian: How did the Danish Supporters club come about?

Jens: Well, as I told you, the whole story of the team fascinated me. I have been a fan of UK football since the late 70s when Danish national television broadcasted one match per weekend. I always loved the atmosphere of the matches there.

I remember being hooked on West Bromwich Albion in those days. So when my friend told me about Salford City FC… it kind of took me back to those days – back to the community feeling.

At the time I became a fan, the whole team was in a big transition, and I really felt the whole Class of 92 buzz.

Ian: I bet you’ve been surprised about the quick rise through the leagues?

Jens: I know that when they took over, the whole game changed. I know that some fans were against money coming into the game at the volume it did. But the class of 92 were not just rich guys wanting to direct a team.

They had a history with the area, and I feel that they genuinely wanted to give something back to the place that gave them great careers. Salford City is, in spite of the money, still a team that is very much about the community.

Yes, for sure. It blew everyone away, that they could get 3 promotions in 4 years. I guess it also bred a lot of envy in the fan world of sub-Premier League teams although there are no local players left, the team is still all about Salford. It gives Salfordians something to be proud of. Which team would not love to have more money on thier hands?

Ian: Yeah I bet, what are your thoughts on this season so far?

It has been a bit rocky so far, late 2018 proved to be a bit of a challenge, but they caught up nicely in the end. However, we should still be happy to get into the playoffs for promotion, and sometimes you need to let things settle before you make the next big leap.

The team as such is still finding it’s feet

Ian: Do you think another promotion is on the cards?

We are now spending time and energy in the FA Trophy, and there are some strong teams in the National League, and nothing is set in stone. I applaud their latest signings, and they may provide the energy and extra talent, that it would take to get promoted directly but honestly, I would love to see them get promoted again. It would take Salford City FC into a whole other game.

Ian: You say you have created the Redammies website, tell me more?

Jens: Sure…

Living so far from the team, I wanted to do the next best thing, which would be to get involved with other Ammie fans. So I wanted to network with them and that is the main reason I created the site. Redammies.club is an alternative site for fans, with networking features on its own proper domain. I did not want to create yet another group on Facebook. There is already one great community of Salford City fans running a group there.

Redammies.club is a networking site for fans and supporters of Salford City FC. I started it a couple of weeks ago (mid-January 2019), and we have 50+ active users within three weeks in!

That may not seem a lot to you, but starting a brand new (and unofficial) site is an extremely steep curve to climb. I am confident that we will grow quickly and my first aim is to reach 100 active users by the end of February, and 500 users by Summer 2019. I don’t aim for the number of users as much as I aim for the quality of the user base. I sincerely hope my enthusiasm and dedication will inspire other supporters to join redammies.club

Ian:Brilliant, where can fellow Ammies find it?

Jens: They should go to https://redammies.club, and sign up. The procedure is extremely simple and user-friendly – Salford City FC Red Ammies Supporters Site – This is the new home for the fans and supporters of Salford City FC, also called the Red Ammies. Fan site with forum groups, networking and more.

Join us, and make it happen!

Ian: Excellent, I wish you all the best for it Jens.