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Interesting: What if Sanchez had joined Man City over Man Utd…

In January of 2018, Man Utd shook the Premier League by making the astronomical signing of Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal amid interest from Man City…

Football fans speculate that Alexis Sanchez was pursued by Man Utd to avoid him falling into the hands of Pep Guardiola. In a team full of both Premier League talent, but mostly European talent. Including a Premier League dynamo such as Alexis Sanchez could have been seen as an attempt to distance the Blues from the rest of the Premier League even further.

Should this be the case, it explains why Man Utd offered Sanchez wages that would make him the highest-paid player in the country.

Did Sanchez’s wages ruin his career?

After joining Man Utd, a few weeks of dull performances and no chance of winning trophies could have massively harmed Sanchez’s mentality. As a human, he may well have regretted the decision to take a huge money contract over the opportunity to lift the Premier League trophy. Snowballing into the Alexis Sanchez we think of today, one of the biggest transfer flops in Premier League history.

Should Sanchez have opted to move to Man City, he would first and foremost have more trophies than he does now. Furthermore, his form from Arsenal may well have continued or returned to him as his transfer-regret would be non-existent. Resulting in the Chilean remaining in the Premier League to this, scoring and assisting like the Sanchez we used to know and love.

On top of that, Guardiola would have probably recognised the player’s technical ability. Instead of playing Sanchez as an out-and-out winger who is expected to dribble through and past players, he would be utilised as an inverted winger or attacking midfielder who feeds dangerous balls into the attackers behind the defence.

3 reasons why it didn’t work out for Man Utd flop

According to reports, Alexis Sanchez is on his way out of Manchester United on a loan deal to Inter Milan.

Man Utd’s genius board have agreed to pay over half of the Chilean’s wages while he spends a year serving another club; Inter Milan.

Alexis Sanchez to Man Utd epitomises the issues with the upstairs of Old Trafford. Financially, a nightmare. On the pitch, even worse.

Many Man Utd fans agree that Sanchez is the worst number 7 to ever grace the green of Old Trafford. Yes, that means even Angel Di Maria is preferred over him.

It is difficult to recall a good game the Chilean has had in a red shirt. But it is almost equally difficult to recall a bad game he had in an Arsenal or Barcelona shirt. So what happened? Here are three reasons why Alexis Sanchez was one of the biggest flops in football history.

January Transfer

Sanchez came to Man Utd in January 2018. During a time that Reds had just lost the race for the title as Man City stormed ahead of the second-place Man Utd.

Joining a team who are declining and losing sight of first place as weeks go by, is always going to cause hardship for the player. Being one of the two only world-class outfield players (other being Pogba), a lot of weight will have been placed on his shoulders to keep the Reds in an impossible title race.

The Transfer Saga: Continued

As well as joining at a terrible time, Sanchez was linked to Man City. Rumours suggest that Man Utd bought him to keep him out of the Etihad.

This means that in essence, Sanchez literally chose higher wages over success. Resulting in laziness, sloppiness, complacency and lack of motivation, fans saw it on the pitch and in performance.


Being the highest-paid player, by far, it will have certainly caused distress in the changing rooms after the Chilean went weeks without putting in a decent performance.

This unrest of a changing room can destroy a team, which could explain why Solskjaer is desperate to get him out.

How will he fare at Inter Milan

In a slower league, on loan with no discrepancies about his earnings from fellow staff nor players, don’t be surprised if Sanchez has a good season in Italy.

Two reasons Llorente is a shrewd bit of business by Man Utd

Ex-Tottenham Spaniard Fernando Llorente could be a part of the Man Utd squad this season. Here are two reasons why he would be a good addition to Solskjaer’s squad.

Fernando Llorente is closing in on 200 career goals at the age of 34. The Spaniard has been rumoured to join Man Utd since deadline day, as he currently finds himself a free-agent.

With Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial, Mason Greenwood and as it stands, Alexis Sanchez, why would bringing in a 34-year-old striker be beneficial to Man Utd’s bid to get top four this season?

Aerial ability

He certainly doesn’t fit the bill for the type of player that Solskjaer favours working with. However, without Romelu Lukaku the Reds find themselves without a target man. Standing at 6 foot 3, he could be the only forward capable of turning in headers from the elite crossers such as Andreas Pereira and Diogo Dalot that Man Utd have in their ranks.

Many fans worry that the introduction of a striker would steal game time away from Man Utd’s young prodigy Mason Greenwood. However, at 34 years of age and unlikely to sign a deal of more than one year with the club, Solskjaer will use him as the right tool for the right job. For example, 0-0 against a team with tall defenders with acres of space on the wings would allow the Reds to have a target to him from those positions.

Squad depth

With Romelu Lukaku departing for Inter Milan and Alexis Sanchez in talks with the exact same Italians, Solskjaer would only have three strikers at his disposal.

Man Utd’s board over summer lived up to the fans expectations by disappointing them massively by strengthening one area whilst weakening the other. Should Man Utd see Martial, Rashford, Greenwood or multiple at once receive injuries, there would be a huge cause for concern upfront.

As the transfer window is now shut, Man Utd’s two options are pulling youth into first-team football or signing a player without a club.

Man Utd set their sights on former Man City youngster

Manchester United went from having one of the worst defences in the top half of the league, to have one of the best defences in Europe after the Summer transfer window. In January, Solskjaer has to bolster his midfield and attack with rumours of Paul Pogba and Alexis Sanchez seeking departures from the club…

Rumours of Man Utd’s interest in Borussia Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho circulated during the transfer window. The young English winger’s asking price is over £100million.

Sancho recently signed a £190,000 per week contract with the German side. This will allow his current side to be in a strong position during the inevitable transfer negotiations, that will ensure from the top European clubs over the coming twelve months. He was part of Man City’s youth set up before Dortmund swooped in and stole him for around £7million.

The Sun reported that with the £75million for Romelu Lukaku from Inter Milan will be reinvested into the club. And will attempt to sign Jadon Sancho in January in order to help the sign gain Champions League football.

Bringing in a 19-year-old to help the country’s biggest club gain top four would often be dismissed as ridiculous. However, Sancho has proved to be one of the most exciting talents in world football…

Why does Man Utd want Jadon Sancho?

Man Utd is in desperate need of a right-winger. Their current set-up almost looks as though they have abandoned that area of the pitch. Requiring Aaron Wan-Bissaka to rush forward, added one more to the many responsibilities he already has.

Last season in the German Bundesliga, Sancho produced 12 goals and 17 assists in 34 appearances and averaged 2 key passes per game. This brought the youngster into the spotlight, resulting in stepping up for England.

Man Utd’s first two games in the Premier League showed vast improvements from last season. But the Reds are lacking creativity and intelligence in the final third, having only Juan Mata and Paul Pogba who fit the bill. Mata, who is too slow to impact a pressing side, and Pogba who doesn’t want to be there anymore.

Could Man Utd have their first English number 7 since Michael Owen come January? If they do, Champions League football may not be such a long shot for the side.

Forget Alexis: Here are 2 Man Utd players that can fill his boots

It looks as though Alexis Sanchez will be departing from Man Utd with the European transfer window still open. Fans are worried about the depth of attackers in the squad but fear not. There are two players who can step up to the place this season…

Sanchez has struggled to perform at Manchester United, under both Mourinho and Solskjaer. He has scored just 5 goals in 45 appearances for the Reds and has failed to live up to his £300k+ per week wages.

The Chilean is close to signing with Inter Milan, and are reportedly discussing details of the deal, as they look to take a second Man Utd’s cast off into their ranks.

In Solskjaer’s favoured squad, forward players include Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford and Mason Greenwood. There is also Daniel James, Jesse Lingard and Juan Mata who can play attacking midfield/wing positions.

Alexis Sanchez could fit into all the roles of the aforementioned players, striker, winger or attacking midfield. However, with the ex-Arsenal man looking to move to Italy, who can possibly replace him in Man Utd’s squad?

Angel Gomes

Gomes is one of the best young talents around. His ability to play off the wing was proven in the pre-season game against Spurs, as the youngsters scored a goal that humiliated the Champions League finalists.

His low centre of gravity and speed allows him to dribble through players as if they weren’t there, very similar to Lionel Messi. Gomes’ ability to pick out dangerous passes in the final third makes him akin to an Alexis Sanchez who is doing his job correctly.

Gomes is most definitely ready to be introduced into first-team football. Without Sanchez in the squad, the young Englishman has a much higher chance of being in the middle of the actions throughout the season.

Tahith Chong

Sanchez was often played as an out and out winger. His tendency to drift in towards the middle of the park often voided Paul Pogba of advancing up towards the opposition’s box.

Chong serves as a proper winger. He will be on the touchline ready to receive the ball and drive forward. Chong’s speed and footballing talent would allow him to serve as an old-school winger for situations where Man Utd are looking to attack down the flanks.

Dan James is similar, but arguably more versatile than Chong as he can happily play in any of the forward four positions. Chong is a tool to be used for specific occasions when applied correctly, he can and will cause mayhem for opponents.

‘This is the perfect time to prove everyone wrong’ Man Utd fans feel striker should stay

Alexis Sanchez could be heading away from the club as Man Utd fans are torn as to whether he should be allowed to leave.

Reports have surfaced that Man Utd are looking to offload Alexis Sanchez before the European transfer market shuts. According to Sky Sports, Inter Milan are looking to hijack another Man Utd player, this time on loan.

The desperation of Man Utd to get rid of the Chilean certainly raises eyebrows. The Reds currently lack depth in the forward and midfield positions, and most fans believe that it should be defenders heading to the bin, not strikers.

However, some fans feel that there is no way back for Alexis Sanchez.

Whilst a portion of fans are glad that Sanchez is leaving, many others disagree. The main concern for fans is the depth and quality of Man Utd’s forwards…

To the surprise of most, there are fans out there that believe Sanchez could redeem himself this season…

Sanchez leaving Man Utd comes down to two things. Should Sanchez leave, it would allow more playing time for youngsters in an array of positions; Greenwood (striker/winger), Chong (winger), Gomes (winger/attacking midfield) and James(winger).

However, Man Utd have Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford, who are yet to prove themselves as prolific Premier League goal scorers. Next up is 17-year-old academy graduate Mason Greenwood, who has zero first team (competitive) goals so far. Greenwood is capable but unproven.

This leaves Man Utd starved for goals and attacking threat this season.

Twitter has had it says, have yours! Should Man Utd let Sanchez leave this summer?

Man Utd outcast can fit Solskjaer’s ‘Oleball’ and turn round his career, agree?

Reports have come out that Solskjaer wants to be rid of Alexis Sanchez, but is that the best move for Man Utd?

Alexis Sanchez has had a difficult time at Man Utd since arriving in the January 2018 transfer window. According to The Sun, Solskjaer has banished Sanchez from the first team, and will be playing with the reserves should he refuse a loan move, likely to be to Roma.

Last season, during a tough spell for Solskjaer at Man Utd, the Norwegian manager claimed that he will be ‘ruthless’ with his squad. This could be the result of rumoured and confirmed departures such as Romelu Lukaku, Marcos Rojo and Alexis Sanchez. Chris Smalling and Phil Jones being completely dropped from the squad against Chelsea was also a big statement from the manager.

However, players such as Smalling, Jones, Matic and Lukaku were wanted out of the squad due to either a lack of quality or being a misfit to Solskjaer’s plan.

With Alexis Sanchez, he doesn’t fall under any of those concerns…

Why should Man Utd keep Sanchez?

Alexis Sanchez looking on

The Chilean is, on paper, one of the best players in world football. He came into a struggling and declining squad who were out of favour with their manager. Playing a very defensive and pragmatic style, Sanchez’s strengths of passing in behind the defence and being involved in close-controlled intricate play were made void.

With Solskjaer’s new system of high-pressing and counter-attacking football, it would allow Sanchez to shine. Sanchez is a hunter for the ball, even last season, he pressed high and chased possession endlessly.

At times we saw glimpses of the type of pass the Chilean can pull off, but lack of quality and movement also made this trait void.

Having such a highly regarded player in the squad who fits the new system should be given the same opportunity to prove himself as other players did during pre-season.

It appears Solskjaer favours the youth. Removing Romelu Lukaku has made space for Mason Greenwood on the bench. Would involving Sanchez remove his spot?

In a season where Man Utd have a large number of games (having Europa League football) and a lack of squad depth, perhaps keeping Sanchez for another year wouldn’t be so bad after all.

What will become of Man Utd this season if no more transfers walk through the door?

Amid speculation of transfers, there is one probable outcome that tends to be glossed over. Could this Man Utd squad cope without anymore transfers this season?

It is no large secret that Man Utd’s board are frugal with their spending. Tending to only spend big money on ‘shirt-sellers’ who will recoup the money spend by shirt sales and brand offers. As opposed to bringing success on the pitch. Examples such as Di Maria, Paul Pogba and Alexis Sanchez.

Should Arsenal land Pepe, and with Aston Villa spending tonnes, both will have out-spent Man Utd in this summer transfer window. Both clubs are significantly less wealthy and arguably in less need of a rebuild than Man Utd.

Man Utd’s current squad is composed of two world-class players; David De Gea and Paul Pogba. The rest are either previously fantastic players who have lost their legs such as Ashley Young, Nemanja Matic and Alexis Sanchez. Or, promising but unproven youth players such as Marcus Rashford, Mason Greenwood, Scott McTominay, Dan James etc.

Solskjaer’s ultimate goal is trophies, admitted by himself and his squad. However, the Man Utd squad in comparison to the squads of Man City and Liverpool is lacking in quality, immensely.

Man Utd’s current squad is on par with the likes of Everton, Wolves and Leicester. The professionalism, demands and fantastic coaching may be all that separates the clubs by around 10 points in the league table.

What could Man Utd be this season?

If the most common reports hold truth and are followed through, Man Utd’s squad quality could go from a 6th or 7th place position to a 2nd or 3rd.

With Harry Maguire bolstering the defence, Man Utd would have no big weaknesses at the back. With Pogba, Bruno Fernandes and Paulo Dybala in and around the midfield and attack, the squad would be transformed.

Man Utd’s current squad have fantastic quality, but there is not enough depth in it. By allowing the current ‘fantastic’ players to be rotated with potential signings who are ‘world-class’ players, the structure of the squad would be able to match Man City and possibly even surpass Liverpool.

What if there are no more signings?

Despite Daniel James showing great potential and unbelievable athleticism, he is nowhere near a finished product. Aaron Wan-Bissaka, however, is one of the best right-backs in European football, a very good signing.

But with no more signings, there are not enough holes being patched. And Man Utd will find themselves outside of the top 4 once again, battling for 5th and 6th place with Arsenal, Leicester, Everton and Wolves.

Could these two players give Man United the edge in the race for a top-four finish?

Should Solskjaer get the best out of these two players, we could see Man Utd in the race for top 3 all season.

Pre-season has been full of mixed emotions for Man Utd fans. Despite promising signings in Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Daniel James, the overhaul and rebuild are yet to be evidenced.

However, with four games on tour for the Red Devils, they have come away with four incredible wins.

Man Utd’s new style of play, “Ole ball”, requires a high press, a fit team and intelligent link-up play. Making the likes of Romelu Lukaku and Nemanja Matic almost useless. With regards to this, it will be the youth that carries Man Utd to success this season.

The Football Manc Cave introduces two Red Devils who will transform this Man Utd side and make this season compared to last season look like night and day…

Mason Greenwood

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has stated that Greenwood has a fair chance of starting the campaign against Chelsea. Across youth levels last season, Greenwood had 28 appearances, with 29 goals and 12 assists. He also bagged two fantastic goals in this summer’s pre-season.

The 17-year-old is Man Utd through and through. It would be a pleasure to watch him grow as the club regains their spot at the top of English Football.

Alexis Sanchez

Despite being unimpressive for Man Utd since his arrival, Solskjaer may be an angel in disguise for the Chilean forward. One of Sanchez’s only redeeming qualities last season was his tenacity in pressing high up the pitch. Unfortunately, his teammates didn’t follow.

With the new style of play, Sanchez fits in perfectly. He is versatile across the front four positions, enjoys a high press and can pick out brilliant passes when his teammates can be bothered to make movements.

Special mentions

Aaron Wan-Bissaka has been unbelievably crucial to Man Utd’s pre-season successes. He has increased the defensive stability ten-fold. Similar can be said for Scott McTominay, who is increasingly becoming a fan favourite. The Scotsman demonstrates professionalism, passion for the badge and absolutely runs the midfield when he’s on his A-game.

Lukaku out: 2 experienced strikers Man Utd should be looking at

Romelu Lukaku looks set to join Inter Milan this summer, leaving Man Utd with the need to sign a new striker.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is creating a team of players with pace, high work-rate and ability to play the ball on the floor. Romelu Lukaku possesses none of these qualities. Which could be why he fell out of favour with Solskjaer and Marcus Rashford took the number nine spot.

Last season Lukaku scored 15 goals, compared to the 27 goals he got the season before. It shows that the Belgian worked under Jose Mourinho’s pragmatic and defensive approach and Lukaku can hold up the ball and win it from long passes.

Here are two experienced players that could add to Solskjaer’s high pressing and on-the-floor build-up play…

Javier Hernandez return to United?

Hernandez, or Chicharito, is fantastic in the number nine role. He rarely takes more the two touches on the ball before finding a teammate and instantly finding space. Chicharito was a Manchester United player under Sir Alex Ferguson. He understands the demand for quality necessary to play at Manchester United and even won two Premier League titles with the club.

Chicharito scored 8 goals and got 3 assists in 28 appearances for West Ham last season. However, being surrounded by Manchester United’s creative players such as Juan Mata, Angel Gomes and Paul Pogba. Chicharito could be the super-sub that adds over 10 goals to the tally for the club in a season. Unlike Lukaku, Chicharito is less offended by being on the bench.

Arsenal’s Aubameyang

With Arsenal’s pitiful £45million transfer budget, now is the chance to secure deals that otherwise would be dismissed. According to the Mirror, Arsenal is open to bids for their 30-year-old prolific striker.

If Manchester United want a first-team striker, Aubameyang can replicate last season and score over 20 goals in the Premier League.

It isn’t a foreign concept for Man Utd to steal star players from Arsenal. In the past few years, Robin Van Persie and Alexis Sanchez both ended their loyalty to Arsenal to join Manchester United.

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