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‘Absolutely gutted. My first ever memories of football were at this place’ D-Day for Bury FC and it’s fans

Bury FC have had their first six games of the campaign postponed, and now they might face folding altogether…

The EFL has ordered Bury to prove that they show sufficient funding by 23:59 Friday 23 August 2019. The BBC reported that ex-director of the club handcuffed herself to a drainpipe outside Gigg Lane, pleading for help from investors and other North-West football clubs.

Bury fans and football fans across the country are torn up by how a lack of good ownership has killed and buried a 134-year-old establishment.

Upon the financial takeover of an EFL club, the EFL must first condone. Steve Dale has a long list of failed businesses but was still granted the ability to take over the club. Once again, he has destroyed what he’s touched.

The only way Bury can be saved is if Dale sells the club to a suitable investor who can also provide proof that they can adequately finance and maintain the club…

Social Media has been flooded with heart-wrenching stories and opinions from long-serving Bury fans about how the abandonment of their club will affect their lives.

Fans are also displeased with the EFL. They are aware that they have the power and ability to save the club.

Steve Dale famously bought the club for £1. Which means he would incur any of the withstanding debt that the club owed at the time. He purchased the club on the promise of improving the financial situation. Now, Dale is holding out for £2million for his ‘time and resources’, making the chances of finding an investor all the less likely.

We all want Bury to survive

Any true lover of the sport would never want to see a club fold due to poor ownership, regardless of their loyalties. The time, effort, joy, tears, money, love and life poured into the team you love all to be taken away.

The Football Manc Cave hopes to see Bury standing strong for another 134 years.

Twitter reacts: ‘Goodbye Bury’

Fans are growing tiresome after another Bury FC fixture is postponed due to ‘outstanding evidence regarding a number of financial commitments has still not been provided by owner Steve Dale.

Bury have been unable to compete in four League One fixtures and one EFL Cup game so far. They wither away in the 24th spot on minus twelve points.

Bury fans are furious. Many stating that they just want football to watch, as of right now, they have none.

The Bury FC side of Twitter looks like a mourning ground. Many fans of many clubs are leaving their condolences for the historic club.

It may well be the case that Bury follow suit of many clubs that have found themselves in a financial crisis. This would result in one of England’s most cherished football clubs disappearing or plummeting down to non-league football.

Curzon Ashton made a fantastic gesture for Bury fans, showing how football can provide the kindest of acts…

Hopefully, Bury can pull through this dilemma. Though it looks like their season and their club, maybe coming to an end.

Twitter Reacts to the ‘Agenda against Bury FC’

Owner of Bury FC claims that there is an agenda against his club and demands talks with EFL on Monday.

Speaking to TalkSport, Bury FC Chairman Steve Dale said “Clearly there’s an agenda here. We’re hearing rumbles in League Two that they’ve heard there might be another place for going up, so they’re actually counting us out.”

The situation Bury have found themselves in due to poor ownership and complications has left fans bickering. The Football Manc Cave bring you the two sides of the Bury dilemma.

Some fans see that the EFL are the only ones who can co-operate with their club to the extent of forgiveness, to allow them to continue their season undisturbed. However, there are some disagreements…

Bolton is in a similar situation to Bury, both receiving a 12 point deduction from the get-go of the EFL League One season. But Bolton was granted the ability to play their first two fixtures whilst Bury were not.

Both Bolton and Bury were given sufficient time to prove that they can be sustainable in the league. Given deadline extensions, Bury were the ones to hand in their homework late…

Though some fans are sticking to their guns, they genuinely believe that Bolton has seen preferential treatment over Bury. Hence why Steve Dale is opting to meet with the EFL face-to-face.

There are clearly two sides to this story, dividing an already unhappy fan base right down the middle.

‘Nothings stopping the likes of Man Utd & Everton stepping up & arranging a fundraiser, like they do in Germany’ Bury & Bolton Wanderers fans react!

The EFL has issued a statement regarding the future of Bolton Wanderers and Bury FC, here is what Twitter has to say…

Fans of Bolton Wanderers have more to be happy about than Bury fans right now. Although both clubs are in terribly murky waters.

An official statement from the EFL has finally been released. They have concluded that Bolton Wanderers have ‘satisfied that they are sufficient to meet the requirements of the League’. Therefore, ‘their opening day fixture with Wycombe Wanderers and it will remain as originally scheduled on Saturday 3 August 2019 at 3 pm‘.

Bury, on the other hand, have not supplied sufficient evidence ‘in regard to the outstanding information it requires that demonstrates how the Club will be funded moving forward’.

Bury’s opening fixture against MK Dons has been suspended. Should necessary evidence not be presented to the EFL board by Friday 2nd of August, their fixture the following day against Accrington Stanley will be suspended also.

Let’s see what EFL fans have to say about the news…

The general consensus is that the corporation side of the sport has brought devastating results to the clubs and fans.

Bolton has been granted permission to play the opening fixture. However, fans fear that their journey afterwards may not continue…

Some fans feel as though the richer clubs in the country should hold out a helping hand.

Both Bolton and Bury are respected amongst the football community. Hopefully, the Greater Manchester clubs can pull through these tough times.

Photo Credit: EFL

Here are 4 players from Man City, Tottenham Hotspur & Wolves’ loan-pool for Bury FC to dip in to

It’s getting worse for Bury FC as they enter League One with a 12 point deduction. After losing 14 players already this summer, Bury is looking to loan players from Premier League clubs.

Nine of the eleven that started in Bury’s last game of last season have departed from the club. Ex-manager Ryan Lowe left the club this summer to manage Plymouth Argyle, taking Will Aimson, Danny Mayor, Callum McFadzean and Dom Telford with him.

In Bury’s recent friendly match against Nantwich, their entire squad was made up of trialist players, as manager Paul Wilkinson only has six contracted players with the beginning of the season looming near. This puts into perspective the uphill battle Bury will face in the upcoming season.

As a result, Bury is apparently looking to Premier League clubs to loan their players. According to Alan Nixon on Twitter, Bury has approached Man City, Wolves and Spurs about loans.

Here are players that Bury could be looking to loan to give them a chance of surviving League One…

Luke Bolton

Luke Bolton, 19, is an English right-winger for Man City. He spent a period on loan to Wycombe last season where he got 10 League One games under his belt. With one year left on his contract, he will be itching to prove himself to Pep Guardiola, and he could do it by having a successful season at Bury.

Daniel Grimshaw

This 21-year-old goalkeeper has only made appearances for Man City’s academy. He would benefit from having some first-team action and could act as Bury’s second goalkeeper throughout their next season.

Elliot Watt

This 20-year-old midfielder plays for Wolves and the Scotland youth team. He has 64 career games under his belt so far and having the first-team action at Bury next season would satisfy all parties.

Timothy Eyoma

Eyoma is a 19-year-old right-back for Spurs, he has only ever played as part of their youth set up. However, he has made appearances for England’s youth academy. He would now be looking to get some first-team action and could help Bury tremendously in surviving relegation.

Loaning players looks to be Bury’s lifeline as the season begins on August 3rd. Wilkinson will be desperate to throw a squad together in that time.

Bury FC fans right to demand season ticket money back

It gets worse for Bury FC as fans begin to rally together for refunds on season tickets, and the Football Manc Cave can understand why.

Several loyal Bury fans who have purchased season tickets are now demanding refunds, and are urging other fans to follow suit.

The beloved Greater Manchester club, formed in 1885, is on the verge of a shutdown after being plagued with debt in the region of £8million.

Staff have admitted to not being paid on time since January 2019, as well as players.

Fans are successfully receiving refunds under The Consumer Rights Act (2015) “The goods supplied must match any description given to you or any models or samples shown to you at the time of purchase.”

A letter from a fan

One fan sent an email to Bury’s support team which read the following:

“I’m getting in touch regarding a refund for my season ticket, which I wish to request today.

I bought this on the premise of an exciting season in League One with the basis of the team that got promoted last season. As this is being ripped apart by our chairman, I don’t wish to be associated with the club on this level.

I don’t agree with staff and players not being paid either – I was under the assumption season ticket monies would go some way to help pay our hardworking staff and players but it’s obviously being siphoned into another account seeing as the club account is frozen, and I don’t wish to line Mr Dale’s pockets.

This is not my club, I don’t identify with it, and I would like a refund.”

Bury fans also raised £900 in shopping vouchers and £1000 in cash to go some way into helping their ‘hardworking staff players’. An act of immense kindness no fan should be feel obliged to do, as they already show financial support by purchasing tickets and merchandise.

Regardless of whether or not the club survives this traumatic debt. Fans have every right to boycott the club and demand refunds, as consumers who have been falsely sold to.

One Twitter user stated “I’ll buy a season ticket once Mr Dale has left… If there’s a #buryfc left then that is. “

Any football fan would hate to see a historical club go down the gutter due to financial and business complications. We hope here at the Football Manc Cave that Bury FC can resurface and dust themselves off in the future.

Opinion: What Should Bolton’s Transfer Strategy be Ahead of Next Season

Next season is simply going to be about rebuilding for Bolton Wanderers, the club was relegated into League One last season and now faces starting the 2019/20 campaign on minus twelve points. Therefore Bolton could very realistically be facing another relegation season.

With a vast amount of players jumping ship and the new owners not being sorted till Friday, it is going to leave a lot of work to be done in not a great deal of time before the first game of the season.

So once the owners are sorted and the club are on a financially sound footing hopefully, then what? Well in our opinion, why not promote the youth? Create a squad from within therefore if one or two make it, the club becomes self-sustaining and hopefully, this kind of disaster will never occur again.

Of course, the club can’t rely entirely on youth as there is slim hope of survival, therefore we would recommend looking at loans and free agents. Furthermore, as Bolton isn’t the only club having financial woes, perhaps although it upsets us to say, they should look at the other clubs in similar situations to themselves and take their better players.

If Bolton can hang on to any of their squad, then that is a bonus in our eyes, as truly we don’t believe there will be many left come the opening day of next season. Next season should be basically a rebirth for the club with a different ethos of promoting youth and then cashing in, similar to that of Crewe, Bolton have amazing facilities from their Premier League days if they can get them back after administration. So why not use them to their fullest and create stars for the future, instead of buying players and spending more money on a short term fix.

OPINION: Ryan Lowe Leaves Bury a Legend As He Joins Plymouth Argyle

The vast majority of football people will have heard of the plight that is facing Bury FC, unpaid staff, unpaid players and a club facing financial turmoil with an owner that doesn’t seem to care about the club.

The shining light for Bury, however, was on the pitch, with club legend Ryan Lowe at the helm somehow they managed to gain promotion from League Two. That’s about where the positives end, it seems all the money gained from this promotion has lined the pockets of their owner never to be seen again.

It does really sum up what kind of owner Bury have when the only person at the club who got their wages paid was the departing manager, and that was only so he could leave for a new club at the cost of £150,000, and guess where that money went.

I deeply believe that nobody can hold leaving Bury against promising manager Ryan Lowe, yes it was for Plymouth in a lower division but the man has a family to look after and therefore needs his wages on time.

After everything Lowe has done at Bury, the man in the eyes of most fans is a club legend having contributed to three promotions as a player and manager, plus scoring 71 goals in 180 appearances.

Sadly it seems like Bury will go into administration with none of the staff or players having been paid since March, therefore it’s very likely that they will have to find a brand new squad. Furthermore, Losing the majority of those that won them promotion, and possibly start next year with a points deduction meaning they are very unlikely to stay in League One and all Lowe and the players of last years hard work will be undone.