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Stockport County impressive, whilst Oldham Athletic still have work to do

Oldham Athletic and Stockport County are two teams that The Football Manc Cave report on regularly so to hear they would be facing one another in a pre-season friendly was something we couldn’t miss.

This should have seen Bolton Wanderers face the Latics. However, this didn’t go ahead at the request of Oldham who was worried that the Trotters would have cancelled on them last minute, as they have with their other pre-season games.

Stockport have had a promising pre-season campaign and have seen a lot of goals, Oldham, on the other hand, can’t say the same. Fans have become increasingly frustrated and fed up with their performances this summer and have insisted that they sign new defenders.

Seeing the two teams meet was interesting…

First Half

Oldham started out with three trialists in the starting eleven, and two on the bench which should have given fans a little bit of hope that their side was answering their prayers for new players.

However, it only took 4 minutes for Oldham to disappoint. After a Stockport corner saw Ash Palmer power a header straight past Gary Woods and into the back of the net.

Stockport carried on piling the pressure as Oldham didn’t get too many chances for the rest of the half. It was just before half time when Woods was forced to save the initial efforts from Connor Dimaio, only to be disappointed again as Sam Walker found the rebound and rolled the ball into the back of the net.

With Oldham trailing 2-0 at the half time whistle, Laurent Banide’s side had a lot of work to do if they were going to please their fans.

Second Half

The second part of the game saw Oldham come out a little more positive giving fans something to shout about. It looked like they were going to produce some good football initially only getting a shot on goal seemed troubling.

Stockport fans seemed happy with the performance of their side and so they should be. They’ve had a great pre-season campaign and fans have been impressed, even though there’s been a lack of signings over the summer.

It took 88 minutes for Oldham to find a shot on target that actually gave their fans some excitement. Other than that, the second half didn’t have too much to show for either side. Only that the Hatters have a collective squad who looked professional, well-gelled together and ready for their season -compared to Oldham who isn’t giving fans much hope.

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