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‘Steve Dale you have ripped the heart and soul out of a community’ Bury FC face their biggest week in history

The Football Manc Cave is taking a look at your reactions to Bury with their current situation.

It’s no secret by now that Bury is in trouble. They’ve had no league games go ahead yet because of problems behind the scenes. We have been reporting all summer of the ongoings at the club, and I can’t believe we are still seeing them in such a bad situation.

This week, club owner Steve Dale has 3 deadlines:

Steve Dale has had 8 months to sort this mess. It now comes down to days. I really feel for not only the members of staff, the squad, coaches and management but mainly the fans. Their club could be no more and it isn’t their fault. It’s about time the EFL stopped allowing people to take over football clubs when they can’t fully afford to.

Reviews of owners should be put in place more often, to see if they can still afford what they set out to do. So that clubs don’t end up in these horrible situations.

Here are some more opinions and news coming from the club…

This is worth a watch…

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