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Spotlight Feature: Your Team – Altrincham

We caught up with Odd Sindre Tonning, an Altrincham fan from Norway in our first instalment of ‘Your Team’ ahead of #NonLeagueDay.


How long have you supported Altrincham?

I first started supporting Altrincham back in 2011, when I began managing them on Football Manager. I completely fell in love with the club, and I’ve been following them through Twitter-updates and Radio Robins from Norway.

What are your memories of your first match?

I’ve got two memories from my first match watching Altrincham. The first one was the FA-Cup clash with Barnsley in 2015, when one of the broadcasters in Norway streamed the match. I was gathered in the living-room with my family watching Altrincham ‘kill’ another giant. The second one is my first match at Moss Lane. That was last season in November when I finally managed to get over here to watch a match. It ended 1-1 vs. Buxton, but it was a great experience and I loved every minute of it.

Greatest Altrincham moment for you?

Greatest Altrincham moment for me is divided in two again. The first was the Barnsley match, when Reeves scored the only goal to see us through to the next round. The second one was when Greg Wilkinson came on as a sub just before full time of extra time in the promotion-final in 2014, and seconds later scored the winner to secure promotion. What a feeling that was!

What’re your hopes for the season?

My hopes this season is to avoid the drop in the league and establish ourselves in the National North again. I would also love to see a cup-run and maybe witness a giant-killing myself. Also, the Altrincham FC Ladies has opened the league brilliantly with 5/5 wins, I would love to see them continue that form and keep playing the football they are at the moment!

If a first timer was to come to your ground, they would experience…

…A real family feeling! The non-league is nothing like the Premiership, it is so much more of a togetherness and friendliness. I love that feeling, and one of the best things that happened to me was finding Altrincham on Football Manager and falling in love with the club. See where that has led me, I currently living the dream.


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