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‘Sooner rather than later’ What does Guardiola have to achieve at Man City before returning back to Barcelona

Guardiola has put City on alert after revealing he may return to Barcelona.

There have been quite a few rumours in the football world about Pep and his possible moves. From how stressed he is, to the fact that he’s stayed at City longer than any club. Now the blues fans do have something to worry about.

He spoke at the presentation of the Cruyff Court near Barcelona this week and said, “I’m trying to be a good coach, that hasn’t gone too badly in this decade. I will return to Barcelona to live sooner or later.”

The manager does still have two years remaining on his current contract and after leading the Manchester side to a historic domestic treble last season, it’s no surprise that fans of the club have been unsettled by any rumours of their current leader leaving. He did begin his career at Barcelona’s B team before he was promoted to their senior team.

As he enters his fourth year with City, what should he try to achieve in Manchester first?

Champions League

Most have heard by now, UEFA has threatened to boot City out of the Champions League for ‘Financial Fair Play Breaches.’ Although they have already launched an appeal to the court of sport in a bid to have any suspension overturned, this will hit City harder than they think of they do get banned. For example, players sign for teams that are in the European competition because it’s a big appeal, it will drive players away and possibly Pep himself. So, with this in mind, Pep should prepare his men mentally for both outcomes. If they can play in the competition, they should aim to win it before their manager departs, if they can’t, he should prepare them for another title win.


Before Guardiola does depart, he should help the club find good investments in either youth or new players that can replace legends, David Silva and Vincent Kompany. The ex-captain has left to manage Anderlecht and Silva has confirmed he will be leaving the club at the end of the season. I have no doubt that the 48-year-old will be able to find suitable replacements.

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