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Sadly Missed, Thanks and Well Wishes as Ryan Lowe leaves Bury for Plymouth

Another big Football League move happened this week, Manager Ryan Lowe left now League One Bury, after securing them promotion last year and has gone to League Two Plymouth after they suffered relegation from League One last year.

After numerous off-field issues at Bury last season and going into this year, Lowe inherits a squad in need of a large amount of change, but it could be argued that they are still in a better position than promoted Bury due to their financial issues.

A lot of Plymouths key players are out of contract, meaning that Lowe has the opportunity to build his own squad for the coming season and with the issues at his old club, there is every chance some of his players that won promotion last year could follow him down south.

With this in mind, we took a look at social media to see how Bury fans reacted to the loss of their manager to a club in a lower division despite the on-pitch success of last season.

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