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Ross Embleton will carry the torch after the tragedy of Leyton Orient boss Justin Edinburgh

Justin Edinburgh has died at age 49 after suffering a heart attack, they mean to continue his legacy through colleague Ross Embleton.

Leyton Orient manager and former Tottenham Hotspur star has passed away at age 49 after suffering from a heart attack.

Justin Edinburgh and his boys at Leyton Orient achieved promotion to League Two last season after winning the National League, being crowned champions with 89 points.

On June 8, 2019, Edinburgh suffered a heart attack, resulting in his death at age 49, he truly went out as a beloved champion at Leyton Orient. Many players have shown their condolences and remorse on social media, Edinburgh has been described as a ‘notable absence’ after his passing as the boys are back in training.

Ross Embleton was a part of Edinburgh’s coaching staff prior to his passing and has now been appointed as a manager, with the help of Jobi McAnuff as player-coach. By employing from within their own ranks, Leyton Orient can continue the culture and ethics employed by Edinburgh which won his side the league.

Edinburgh will go down in Leyton Orient history and will never be forgotten, as Embleton himself said:

“To have known someone for 18 months and to make it feel like 18 years, it is vitally important that everything we do at this football club, whether that is me as an interim head coach or new players, that Justin remains a pivotal part of that.”

Hopefully, Embleton can carry the torch for Edinburgh and allow the club to progress in their new competition next season.

Regardless of your loyalties, losing someone in the world of football is always heart-breaking news. Thankfully, Leyton Orient will never forget the blood, sweat and tears Edinburgh put into the club, and we may see a very strong and resilient Leyton Orient next season as they look to do justice for their former manager.

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