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Rochdale needs BBM to keep achieving these 2 things in 2019

Rochdale is having a good run in League One under Brian Barry Murphy. The Football Manc Cave is looking at what he needs to achieve before the end of 2019.

I’m not a Rochdale fan but I am happy for them and their manager. I wrote a lot about what he would need to do to succeed at the Dale over the summer. Now his plan and hard work are showing in his results and the league table.

They recently beat Southend 3-0, drew with Blackpool 0-0 and lost to Sunderland 2-1. They sit 11th in the league with 9 points from 6 games. It’s impressive but it’s also early doors, what will Brian Barry-Murphy need to do to keep up this form?

Keep Working On Squad and Player Performances

It’s clear that he’s got a good plan of action on the training ground and off. Whatever he’s doing is working and Rochdale is performing well. However, sometimes certain players can drop or the squad can take a knock. So the mentality that he’s got his players in now will need to be kept up, in order to keep them climbing the league.

He’s a relatively calm character who just wants his squad to get the job done. The players all seem to respect him and this is probably why results are going in their favour. He just needs to keep the squads individual and team performances at the same standard and help them improve.

Keep Goal Difference At a Positive

In the league, they currently have a +3 goal difference. Their performances are steady and consistent so my prediction is that they will continue to work for a mid-table place or higher. One big factor in this league that determines places is goal difference. Being on a plus total in early stages of the season is great. BBM just needs to keep that how it is, so they don’t start slipping down the league.

When you look at their recent form, they aren’t conceding many. If they keep this up, they will continue to do well.

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