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Rochdale making smart moves in the transfer window – Agree?

Rochdale have been confirming contract extensions for very exciting players. but how badly do they need new signings?

Rochdale have secured many futures at the club this summer from within their own ranks, is this enough to secure improvement?

Many reports have been confirmed about Rochdale successfully extending and/or renewing contracts for players both fresh and experienced from within their own ranks.

Favourites such as Aaron Wilbraham, who will turn 40 during his next season with Rochdale, wonderkid Aaron Morley, Brad Wade, Ollie Rathbone are all extending contracts. Matty Done also will remain at the Dale for a further two years.

Rochdale have also been securing their own future by giving professional contracts to their youth, so look out for the names Lewis Bradley, Harrison Hopper and Fabio Tavares. This certainly creates a buzz around the club as it demonstrates the faith they have in their youth, which can almost determine the future of an entire club.

By maintaining key and future players, Rochdale has allowed themselves to have a steady structure and both short term and long terms plans for the future, in which they can add the missing pieces to through transfers.

This busy summer window indicates that Rochdale are looking at a vast improvement going into the new season, and we could see a new Rochdale going forward.

Looking at Rochdale’s Twitter page, there are numerous posts celebrating the contract renewals and extensions which have taken place over this summer. However, the majority of responses follow the opinion that Rochdale needs to announce more new signings, in order to appease the quality of football as well as the excitement of the fans.

Rochdale’s past two seasons have resulted in a disappointing 16th place finish and a very frightening 20th place. They will surely be attempting to push past the mid-table point in the 19/20 season.

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