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Raheem Sterling’s Form Will Be Face The Ultimate Test at Anfield

4:30 on Sunday and Raheem Sterling’s biggest moment of the season will arrive. At this particular ground things always go wrong, yet in a sky blue shirt, he’s not the only one.

However, like with everything to do with Sterling, when he’s part of a struggling team -the Englishmen fast becomes the scapegoat. His critics start typing on default and all of a sudden he’s trending number one on Twitter. The World Cup was proof of the unfair animosity that exists surrounding Sterling. The response from his teammates tells us Sterling has more allies than enemies.

Moreover, Sterling’s keyboard warrior haters have been quiet over recent weeks, for they’ve had nothing to shout about.

By the end of the week, things could all be different.

The first challenge that goes in on Sterling will be met with roaring cheers from the Anfield terraces.

Liverpool will never forgive him, those City fans who acknowledge his uncredited work rate will continue to love him.

Four goals already this season, two of which against Arsenal and Newcastle were quite superb. In a new found left wing position, ‘Raz’ ¬†weaved past a few defenders, cut inside and burst the net in the process.

Leroy Sane spent August out of the squad. Club record signing Riyad Mahrez is losing the fight so far with Sterling to make the starting eleven. In the quarter-final at Anfield, Sterling was left out of the side, six months on he’ll be first on the teamsheet.

The odds of a loss at Liverpool are higher than any other side in the Premier League for City. Expect Sterling to take the flack if the seemingly inevitable happens.

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