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PSG’s Neymar to Man Utd is a non-starter – Here are two reasons why

According to The Sun, Neymar has offered himself to Manchester United. The Football Manc Cave explore two reasons why Ole Gunnar Solskjær should reject his offer.

Barcelona was rumoured to be interested in the striker, however, they failed to raise the £198 million transfer funds required. The 27-year-old desperately wants to leave his current club, PSG. However, the fact that Man United failed to make Champions League football last season may be one factor to why Neymar ends up elsewhere.

The Paris Saint Germain player is also meant to be unhappy at the fact he’s not considered the biggest name at his current club, as that has fallen to Kylian Mbappe. It appears that any big European club would be an option for Neymar. The final decision for the star to leave will have to come from club managers and owners after it was revealed that he requested to leave ‘weeks ago.’

A lot of fans are reacting to this story claiming it’s unrealistic, whether it is or it isn’t, here are two reasons why it’s not a good move for the player or the club…


In my opinion, this story will already put Man United fans off the striker as he’s apparently offered himself to the club knowing they don’t have Champions League football to look forward to. It kind of sounds like Neymar will make a change to the Manchester side only if he has to.

Why would you offer yourself to a club knowing they don’t have everything you’re looking for? With that in mind, I don’t think Solskjær and owners will allow the transfer of the PSG player to go ahead with the cost of him. £198 million plus his fees are too much for a player who is already causing controversy.


A lot of football fans know that the reputation of the player isn’t exactly good. On the pitch, yes, off the pitch, not so much. He’s a player that gains negative headlines. Admitting himself that he isn’t a good role model or inspiration to young people. Man United want to focus on playing good football again and finishing high in the league as they are used to, not covering negative headlines surrounding the player. As much as he may be an ideal addition to the team when he’s playing, his reputation and the cost is something to consider for the club.

Fans who aren’t keen on Neymar may be happy to read that Juventus are now also entering talks with him. I’m sure there will be more news in the next few days or even a couple of hours with how fast the Neymar news is changing.

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