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Play Off Dark Horses Curzon, Close the Gap to 4 Points

If I’m dreaming, please don’t wake me up. Curzon extended their remarkable unbeaten 2019, making it 6 unbeaten and a remarkable 5 wins.

Hereford was one of the lucky games on the fixture list that managed to get the go-ahead this weekend. After a quiet first half, Hereford went 1-0 up. Being the pessimist I am I thought, oh here we go, and I think the Nash of two months ago would have crumbled, however, Curzon remained composed, and 12 minutes later Lewis Reilly managed to get an equaliser.

Curzon was not happy with the point, and defended well, parking the bus when they needed to and attacking aggressively when they had a chance. Their tenacity was rewarded when Shaun Miller hit the most superb strike from 25 yards. There wouldn’t have been many better finishes than that in the league this weekend and, was one of the strikes of the season. It was a hard-fought but deserved win, and an excellent way to celebrate long-standing stopper Cam Mason’s 100th game in net for the Nash.

This weekend’s win has left Curzon, who barely 6 weeks ago were looking like getting embroiled in a relegation battle, are now sitting just 4 points off a play-off place. Alongside, Spennymore playing Bradford PA this weekend and Southport playing Chorley, some of the clubs in those desirable play-off places will inevitably be dropping points at the hands of each other.

With arguably the toughest games of the competition out of the way, having played Chorley both home and away, they have a slightly easier run to the end of the season and the playoff dream stays alive under Mark Bradshaw.

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