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Peter Wild Again Steps Into An Uncertain Future At Boundary Park

It makes perfect sense to invite Peter Wild to take over as coach till the end of the season. His previous spell included the victory over Fulham and a couple of league victories, that had us temporarily believing that ‘one of our own’ was going to lead us to the playoffs.

Bringing in a new face now serves no purpose if the problems at the club aren’t ironed out soon. There needs to be a period of transparency because at present what passes for concrete information is based on rumour and conjecture. Also, anyone who doesn’t manage to secure nine straight victories, will be hounded out by those fans who don’t actually care who picks the team as long as they win every game.

The main bone of contention at present is that owner Abdallah Lemsagam is interfering in team selection and, has offered certain players extensions to their contracts for next season. If this is true (and the original story was from a dubious source) then it is obviously going to affect the appointment of a new manager.

That same story mentioned a missing team bus and a gas supply ‘ripped out by creditors’. This has been denied by the club but still, the rumours persist.

Peter Wild’s reintroduction to the hot seat has prompted some fans to suggest that he is merely the puppet of Lemsagam, and whatever side is put out will have nothing to do with Wild’s choice and everything to do with the Chairman’s wishes.

Should Wild work some magic into the side however, the doom merchants may have to change their current ideas. It is quickly becoming overlooked that Paul Scholes departure was very swift indeed. His apparent lack of desire to carry on cannot have been arrived at, after lengthy wrestling with his conscience because 31 days in a job doesn’t give you a full idea of what the job entails – whether you’re managing a football team or cleaning windows.

There are certain players at Boundary Park who have done very little to be awarded a place in the first team, however they continue to be picked. Many supporters feel that they know better than the manager where team selection is concerned (that is human nature and it will never change). Furthermore, if those players are in the side because the Chairman has insisted they are, then, Athletic are heading for a situation matching those at Blackpool and Leyton Orient and I doubt whether the fans have the stomach for such a battle after years of decline.

With a free weekend due to International call ups, the Supporters Trust has called a meeting on Saturday to try and gauge the mood of the fans. There may be only nine games remaining till the end of the season but, the plot for this mad season may take another unexpected twist yet again.

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