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Our Bolton Wanderers fan Leanne wades in on the bizarre rumoured Dirk Kuyt takeover

There’s a bizarre rumour flying around that suggests Liverpool legend, Dirk Kuyt, could be in the running to buy Bolton Wanderers…

I think it’s obvious that people don’t know the truth behind this but an article has suggested that Dutch TV has interviewed a football agent, Rob Jansen. He has suggested that a number of former stars that he has represented have this dream of co-owning a team. Dirk Kuyt is apparently one of those men.

Kuyt retired from football last year following spells at Feyenoord and Fenerbahce after he left Liverpool. His former agent has spoken publicly about this possible collaboration to own a team, however, he has not revealed the team name. This has somehow now led the Dutch media to come to the conclusion that the team of interest is Bolton Wanderers. Don’t get me wrong, it’s something that isn’t impossible but I think it’s highly unlikely.

If you’ve read any of my articles before, you’ll know that I am a Bolton fan myself and this information should probably be exciting us, although I, along with many other fans are sick of hearing, ‘we’re on the verge of being taken over.’

In my opinion, potential buyers are getting involved with the club, realising how much debt we are actually in and it’s putting people off. I think most Bolton fans are tired of hearing take over rumours because we all thought, we would be a step closer to having our financial troubles taken care of by now.

We should be looking forward to a new season but it’s hard to when all you’re hearing is lots of your team leaving. Alongside next to nothing happening in return or in regards to the off the pitch problems, which are beyond our control.

I appreciate that Bolton representatives are telling fans that the deal shouldn’t be rushed and I agree. I just think it has been going on for so long and it is getting frustrating. Personally, I’m not sure about this story, why would someone like Dirk Kuyt want to own a team like us as his first ‘big investment’ when he would have to settle millions of pounds worth of debt? If it does happen, fair play, I hope it works out. I just want all the problems behind the scenes to have some control taken over them sooner rather than later.

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