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OPINION: Should Women’s Football Introduce Rolling Subs

So another rule change is set to take effect next season in women’s football, a rule that you often see in junior football, rolling substitutes.

Rolling subs is a rule generally used so that everyone gets a decent amount of game time, therefore increasing participation which at a guess we would say that it’s exactly why it’s been introduced in the female game.

Like all varieties of football at the present, the number of people playing is growing but one part of the game is set to beat all the others thanks to it being their World Cup this year, the women’s game.

It’s, therefore, possible that this rule has been introduced so that when the inevitable increase in interest does arrive. Ladies football is more capable than ever to interstate these new players, and if they are playing an increased amount of football they are more likely to stick in the game.

Is it all positive news though?

Are rolling subs a positive for women’s football?

There are arguments for both sides, all these previous factors we have mentioned for example, but similar to the new rule about sin-bins in men’s non-league. This rule changes the game completely, therefore, teams might lose players too, if they go from playing every game to reduced playing time, people can be very competitive.

In the end though, it’s all going to come down to whether or not the players understand why the ruling is introduced, as to whether it’s going to be a success or not.

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