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OPINION: Out of The Frying Pan, Into The Fire For Bolton Wanderers! – BWFC Fan Alex Shares His View

‘Out of the frying pan and into the fire’ pretty much sums up Bolton Wanderers situation at the present.

The club is on the verge of bankruptcy again and being dissolved for the… I’ve lost count… time in the last 12 months. It has been rumoured that perhaps a hero is on the horizon, a new owner to guide the struggling club into new dawn after the player strikes and games being called off during the last 12 months, sadly for fans of the Trotters that man is Laurence Bassini.

Where to start with Bassini, he’s been declared bankrupt twice after business’s failing, never his fault and he’s the former owner of Watford, he oversaw the worse period for the club financially, ever, after he secured loans against loans and borrowed money from the club for his own use. After his tenure at Watford, Bassini was banned from being involved in football for three years, but his time has been served and he’s trying to weasel his way back in.

In 2014 he was declared bankrupt again, but fast forward to 2019 and he’s going to save Bolton? Don’t think so, the ‘takeover’ has been going on for a while now with the main hold up being Bassini being unable to show evidence that he has the funds to own a football club the stature of Bolton.

If Bassini does takeover Bolton, yes, in the short term they may stave off administration but that leech will only drain the already struggling club further, he’s not the hero Bolton want or need as his shady past tells you that. The fact that he has been allowed anywhere near Bolton to negotiate a takeover really is laughable, how is this kind of person been allowed back into the people’s game?

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