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OPINION: ‘I’d rather us have no club than this absolute mess’ Bolton Wanderers fan has had enough!

With the start of the season looming, it sure is hard to be a Bolton Wanderers fan right now.

It was over two weeks ago now that Football Ventures were announced as Bolton’s preferred bidder in the buying race. Since then, we’ve heard news of Laurence Bassini still getting in the way and trying to get the money to buy Bolton again, and also news of him trying to take the club to court. Two weeks ago we had hope. The fans, the team and management all had hope that the take over was about to happen, and things were going to get back as they used to be.

Two weeks later and things are downward spiralling again. This week, Bolton players announced that they would not be playing in their next friendly against Chester and Andrew Taylor spoke to TalkSport about the current condition.

According to the out of contract player, the training ground was still locked when players turned up to start preseason training. They are having to take their own water and are unable to have showers. The players and staff haven’t been paid for 20 weeks now.


As well as the squad releasing a statement on their refusal to play, so did the administrators. The basis of the statement made on behalf of Paul Appleton basically made out that the players had put out inaccurate facts, and while he sympathies with the squad, he is trying his best to sort the issues.

I am now becoming increasingly frustrated, as all Bolton fans thought that this would all be sorted by now. When we first had fears of going into administration, I think all the fans thought the summer would allow the club time to sort the financial issues. We are now 16 days away from the start of the season, we are cancelling preseason friendlies, players are still going unpaid and everyone is frustrated.

Just when fans of the Trotters thought things were looking up with the training ground opening again, and the Football Ventures rumours keep on coming. We are now back in the same position we were at the end of last season.

I’m really not hopeful in any way for the club I love. 16 days is not enough time to give a company the green light to complete the takeover, any debts to be settled, players to be signed and development of a squad. I obviously feel sorry for these players with the situation they are in, and fully back their decisions. I also feel sorry for Phil Parkinson as he will take more blame for the football than he deserves. If I was him, I’d walk away from the club as soon as I receive payment.

Some sort of miracle is going to have to happen in order for any sort of hope for Bolton Wanderers. I’d rather us have no club than this absolute mess.

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