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OPINION: Bernard Morley and Anthony Johnson To Ride Into Bury FC & Save The Day is a Career Ender – Agree?

There’s a job opening at the team that won promotion from League Two last season, Bury FC. You’d think the applicants would be queuing up at the chance to take on the side, that’s where you would be wrong.

The off-field situation is bleak, nobody is sure who’s been paid, nobody knows when they are going to get paid, in fact, I think 99% of the players at Bury don’t know if they will be playing for them come the 2019/20 season. It will need a miracle worker if they are going to stay up next season.

Rumour is that Bernard Morley and Anthony Johnson joint managers of Chester FC are being linked to the job. Is that because the owner of Bury loves saving every penny he can, so thinking to bring two guys up from Non-League will be cheaper than getting someone with League One experience? I think so.

Johnson apparently is a fan of Bury, so you could understand him wanting to ride in and save the day for his favourite club, but as the two of them have a great little project going on down at Chester, are they really going to sacrifice all of that for the sinking ship that currently is Bury?

The risk of not getting paid, the probable instant relegation to League Two surely it is a borderline career ender?

If Bury where on a better footing financially, then you could forgive the pair of them making the move. Full-time management at the highest level neither of them have been at and a larger paycheck, but it just isn’t worth the risk currently. The grass isn’t always greener.

Photo credit: Terry Marland

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