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‘On the fans part at least, they still have a football team to watch at 3 pm on a Saturday afternoon’ as Bury’s CVA is finally passed

Bury FC as we know it will still be in existence by the new season after the proposed CVA was approved in court.

In short, the overall result means the North-West club, who for months have had a threat of liquidation over their heads, will avoid such a consequence despite the period of poor ownership under Steve Dale and Stewart Day.

After months of confusion with serious fears that one of Britain’s oldest clubs may be sent to liquidation or administration. The club may finally be able to look the future with hope rather than fear.

Almost. Owner Steve Dale still has to sell the club and what is needed is for Dale’s time in ownership to end swiftly and new custodians to arrive and steady the ship.

In a statement released on the clubs website, Dale spoke about how he and his team have kept the League One Club alive.

Steve Dale quote

‘Today was a major day for our beloved Club, the old girl is safe. The CVA was passed so our future is secured as I said I would.

We have worked tirelessly to achieve the result today whilst taking a lot of flak, some might say our methods were questionable but we can all pass comment with hindsight, my job was to save Bury FC and that’s done, we have other hurdles but the main one is complete’.

Despite a recent article in The Guardian Newspaper stating his takeover went through without approval from the governing body the EFL. It seems Dale may have done what’s required in order to keep the League One club afloat.

What will follow in the days ahead of the new season is up in the air. Most likely is what consequences this financial mess may have on Paul Wilkinson and his new players.

A 12 point deduction on the opening points tally is almost a certainty. Therefore the club will begin their season on minus 12, the same number of points as near neighbours Bolton Wanderers.

New floodlights need to be purchased at Gigg Lane not forgetting a brand new squad. Time is running out quicker to re-construct a side, than the time Britain’s next Prime Minister has to agree on a new Brexit Deal. On the fans part at least, they still have a football team to watch at 3 pm on a Saturday afternoon.

Bury have hovered over the financial trap door for so long in recent months. Only now are they slowly creeping away from falling into extinction.

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