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Oldham Should Start With This Midfield Ahead Of MK Dons Match

Facing a trip to MK Dons on a cold, wet January night requires a certain level of determination from both visiting fans and players. For the team, there is the realisation that our cup exploits are over and the issue of climbing the table needs to be addressed. For the fans, there is another reality check as to why we put ourselves through this turmoil every season.

However, we can’t play all our games in the media spotlight and if we are to make anything out of this season we need to start winning some games. I can think of several teams I’d prefer us to play at present as our record against MK Dons is hardly anything to shout about.

Given that their recent form has taken a bit of a nosedive with only 4 points being gained from the last 6 games, MK Dons are perhaps going through a rough patch that Latics can take advantage of.

Latics certainly need to control the game in midfield and I believe these four players should at least be in the starting line up:

Mohamad Sylla

Sylla played only his third game at Doncaster and although many thought he didn’t play that well at Macclesfield he showed a great deal of determination in the Cup game. It can take several games for a player to fit into a side and I believe that the tough-tackling Frenchman could be a real asset.

Christopher Missilou

Having been involved in most of Athletic’s games this season, it would be unthinkable to not include Missilou in midfield. The 26-year-old has become a firm favourite at Boundary Park after signing a one year contract at the start of the season.

Gevaro Nepomuceno

Another player whose place in the starting line up is a necessity. Gevaro has not been able to play to his full potential in the last couple of games given the absence of Robert Hunt at full back. Nepomuceno is best employed on the wing supplying crosses into the box rather than filling in at full back.

Mohammed Maouche

Only Curaçaoan born Nepomuceno stops these midfielders being a French foursome. Maouche is another classy midfielder who must surely be in line for the player of the season. Sadly missed at Doncaster due to suspension, he can make a significant difference to the side and is a must starter at MK Dons.

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