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Notts County fans react to former Man Utd man reported takeover interest ‘Yeah right…where ever, whenever’

Most football fans could probably share a bizarre story about their club. From players, they nearly signed to people who nearly managed them. However, Notts County fans can top that list this week.

ESPN has released an article explaining that Barcelona centre back, Gerard Pique, nearly bought Notts County. Yes, you read that right.

Pique has been getting into investing his money in businesses. Recently he’s been looking outside of Barcelona and bizarrely, Notts County was of interest to him. However, it didn’t go ahead…

Stopped in his tracks

The only thing that stopped this purchase of the National League club was an unpaid tax bill. The former Notts County owner, Alan Hardy was forced to sell to other options.

Pique is still investing and won’t be put off by this unsuccessful purchase. Fans have reacted to the news by making puns in regards to the Spanish man’s wife, Shakira.

Some are finding it hard to believe and others are finding it quite funny. Some think he’s got a good business head. What do you make of this?

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