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‘Nobody has made a better offer than me. I am sick and tired of Bolton fans getting conned’ Bolton Wanderers dismiss Bassini…again

Laurence Bassini is threatening to take Bolton Wanderers to the high court in order to stop them being given to rivals, Football Ventures.

Bassini has been a name that has been involved with Bolton’s take over for quite some time and at the end of April, he requested 48 hours to complete and present his funding package to the football league. However, Bolton claimed that no presentation was ever made and that they were now considering that Bassini’s interest in the club had come to an end and no further discussions were held.

Now that Bolton has been linked with Football Ventures taking over, he is apparently, ‘furious.’ He claims that he made a better bid for the club than the ones accepted by the administrators and that he was willing to pay the family of the late owner, Eddie Davies a total of £5.5 million alongside picking up the tab for the other secured creditors at the cost of around £3 million.

After the apparent ‘weeks of frustration’ that Bassini has been under, he’s broken his silence and said,

“I did not want the club to go into administration when it did, I offered to pay the trustees and I was also happy to pay for the hotel immediately. Every time I made an offer, it was leaked to Sharon Brittan (of Football Ventures). Nobody has made a better offer than me. I am sick and tired of Bolton fans getting conned. I want this club to survive and work with local people.”

I think most Bolton fans will agree with me here, he may be ‘sick and tired’ of fans being conned, however, we are sick and tired of seeing and hearing his name coming up in the take over news. All Bolton fans are getting bored of hearing that the take over news is ‘coming’ and then not actually being told anything, but now it’s starting to make sense. I honestly believe that Bassini is the reason why this take over has been held up. Why is he still getting involved?

Saying things like, “I’m sick of the Bolton fans being conned,” he is one of the people that did con us. He got our hopes up that we could be saved and we fell straight into administration after he failed to produce his financial plan. The first thing that put me off him, was when he was initially linked with the club, he stated that he had a ‘three year plan’ where we would end up back in the Premier League after that time. We are in League 1 now, how would he have ever expected us to get back up in that time when at the minute we don’t even have a full squad?

As fans, we just want our club saved, the league we are in right now doesn’t even matter. Let’s just focus on actually having a team, getting a take over deal done and then the planning for the future can come. I wish that he would stop sniffing around the club and not get involved. It’s football, he’s lost this take over battle and we don’t want him. The club should give him a refund for that shirt he got his name printed on to and then maybe he would be on his way.

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