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Man Utd midfielder is destined to clash with managers, claims the man who discovered him

Could Pogba's exit to Real Madrid benefit Man Utd in the long run?

Franck Sale, Le Havre’s chief recruiter, discovered Paul Pogba when he was only 12 years old. He has claimed that if Pogba moves to Real Madrid, he could encounter the same issues he has at Man Utd.

Franck Sale told¬†Optus Sport “If Paul has a coach with a strong personality around him, in time there will be a clash somewhere.”¬† Sale is firm in his opinion of Paul Pogba, that he is a very strong-minded character who will find a way to get what he wants out of his career. It is clear that the Frenchman is itching to join Zidane’s Real Madrid, but Sale believes that “If tomorrow he goes to a big club like a Real Madrid, he’ll still have his conflicts, even with Zizou [Zidane].”

This is worrying for Paul Pogba’s career, whether it be confidence or arrogance, clashing with managers never tends to go down well. For neither the club, the player and the team’s results.

Is Pogba bad for Man Utd?

Jose Mourinho, however harsh it may be, described Paul Pogba as a ‘virus’. Regarding Sale’s comments, it may be the case that Jose had a point in his accusation.

If Pogba can’t follow the instructions of the world’s greatest managers such as Jose Mourinho and Sir Alex Ferguson, expecting him to perform for the inexperienced Ole Gunnar Solskjaer almost seems laughable.

With Zidane being highly regarded in France, though, we could finally find a manager that Pogba will give the utmost respect to.

This season with Man Utd will give fans a real insight into Pogba’s determination to help the Reds get back to the top. Should he leave and have his large fee re-invested into a brand new midfield and Man Utd vastly improve, questions have to be asked of Paul Pogba’s influence in the dressing room.

A player should never be above the manager, nor the club. This seems to be the case with Paul Pogba, whether it be the fault of his own or not. Maybe a Man Utd without Pogba wouldn’t be so bad after all, as long as his quality is replaced by someone of similar ability.

On the other hand, Pogba is Man Utd’s only world-class midfielder. Without him this season, the club could easily sink down to a mid-table position. Staying another year for the club would be a large testament to his character and professionalism, and is definitely respectable.

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