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Man Utd fans send Solskjaer a clear message in our ‘Who to sign’ poll

Solskjaer at a Man Utd press conference
The results are in, and your ideal Man Utd signings may well become realities.

In a Man Utd recent article on the Football Manc Cave, we asked fans to vote for two players they want to see sign for United this summer.

According to the results on our poll, which asked the reader to vote on the two players, they want to see sign for Man Utd. Saw Bruno Fernandes smash it with 49% of the votes, followed by Harry Maguire with 29% of the votes.

Longstaff received 14% and Rabiot only 6%.

Bruno Fernandes

This tells us that Manchester United fans are incredibly aware in order for the club to improve next season. They most definitely need to bring in the top talent Bruno Fernandes, who can sit in the middle of the park and provide precise balls to our pacey front men. Something the Red Devils struggled with last season.

Harry Maguire

The high demand for Harry Maguire also reiterates the fan’s displeasure of the current Manchester United defence, the biggest weakness of the squad. With Ashley Young being replaced with Wan-Bissaka, the next step is to replace Chris Smalling with a competent defender who is good enough to make the national side; Harry Maguire.

Sean Longstaff

Although a fair amount of fans would like to see Sean Longstaff play for Man United. It is clear that fans are more eager to fix the starting eleven before thinking about replacing their own youth.

Adrien Rabiot

Adrien Rabiot stood no chance, which doesn’t hinder the Red Devils too much, as he has now joined Juventus. However, Rabiot may have suited the Manchester United midfield, as he is regarded as a top talent in football and would have been available for free.

The results of the poll demonstrate the desperate need the Red Devils have for quality footballers to be part of their side. Should De Gea and Pogba leave this summer, there would be zero world-class talents in what is meant to be the most successful club in English football.

It is still feasible for Solskjaer to add Fernandes, Maguire and Longstaff to the squad before the beginning of the 19/20 campaign. But with regards to Manchester United’s horrendous negotiation abilities, it seems slightly unlikely that a further three signings will be made in time.

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