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Man United Fans Show They Have Had Enough of Pogba, With Star Linked With a Move Away

Paul Pogba
Paul Pogba's return to Manchester United was one that suppose to have changed the Red Devils fortunes and been the reuniting of two colossal worlds.

Paul Pogba’s return to Manchester United was one that was to have supposed to change the Red Devils fortunes and been the reuniting of two colossal worlds.

However, that couldn’t have been further from the truth. Paul Pogba has shown glimpses of brilliance and looking like the 90m star he was brought in to be. On the other hand, he has disappeared when United have needed him the most, and this inconsistency in his play has left many Man United fans frustrated with the French midfielder.

Following the end of season lap of honour at Old Trafford yesterday, a section of the Stretford end showed their feelings towards the man, who in recent months hasn’t looked like he wants to be there.

United fans need Pogba to show some passion, maybe delve into the passion he has on social media and transcends it onto the pitch. It would certainly up many fans opinion with simply increasing his work rate. Highlighted last night on Match of the Day, it showed Pogba letting his man run past him while he stood there and watched, no tracking back, no desire to get close…nothing.

There has been many rumours about Pogba leaving for Real Madrid this summer, many fans would happily see the back of him. United needs players that are going to fight for the badge during what is going to be a really tough time for the club. Pogba does not look like he wants to be around for that scrap.

I heard many months ago a rumour about a three-year plan for Pogba from his agent following his move from Juventus, and that was to be at either Madrid or Barcelona within three years of being at United. It’s a marketing tool for a star who wants to be Beckham-esque status. The thing is, he needs to put the work in on the pitch like David Beckham did, to appeal to the fans.

I personally have always felt that Pogba was inconsistent when I used to watch him for France while at Juventus, I was stunned at the 90m transfer, as I believed he would be a 40/50m player tops at the time.

He has, for me been everything I thought he would be. Amazing and poor throughout his time at Old Trafford, for the likes of the Glazers he’s a goldmine. However, for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and formerly Jose Mourinho, he has been a difficult member of staff to have in the dressing room if reports are to be believed.

Many will want him out the club in order for it to move on, Man United fans, what are your thoughts – Do you want Pogba to stay or go?

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