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Man City will hope that Kompany can teach 22y/o defender these 2 things

After learning these two qualities from Vincent Kompany, this young defender could slot into Man City's defence upon his return from loan.

Philippe Sandler is under Vincent Kompany’s wing for a further year, and will most certainly return to Man City a more well-rounded player.

The 22-year-old Dutchman will be leaving the Etihad to play for Anderlecht on loan for a season. Man City made the announcement this week.

Apparently, Kompany had been working alongside Sandler long before the Belgian hero left to Anderlecht to take the role as player-manager. Kompany and Man City have opted that Sandler goes with him to spend more time learning from the Premier League champion.

Kompany’s influence on the Blue’s defence will be missed at the Etihad. However, after Sandler returns, that hole may well be filled. Here are two things Sandler can bring home with him from his season in Belgium.

Leadership and demands

Kompany captained Man City for many years. Organising his backline with ruthlessness, he managed to evolve with the ManCity team, playing with many different defenders alongside him.

Upon his return, we may see a very confident and vocal Philippe Sandler. Man City need a long-time servant for their defence in order to maintain winning ways in the future.

Bring the ball out from the back

At Man City, Kompany and Laporte made quite the pair. Often, Kompany would get the ball to his defensive partner, who would make a long ball to the Man City attack. But Kompany would regularly bring the ball out or bring himself forward to support midfielders. This type of play got Kompany in prime position to score his wonder goal against Leicester last season.

This will be something Kompany tries to pass on to Sandler and will develop his confidence off the ball as well as on the ball.

Sandler will return to the Etihad with more game time and experience in his football career. As well as the invaluable tutorship of Vincent Kompany. Rejoining the squad at 23 years-old, he may be well on his way to starting week in week out of the blues.

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