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Man City to kick off the title defence with this starting backline

Man City start their Premier League campaign at West Ham this weekend and the Football Man Cave is taking a closer look at their defence.

Following Vincent Kompany’s departure from the club at the end of last season, Man City fans have been wondering who will fill that space and how exactly their defence would line up throughout the season.

Pep Guardiola has had the chance to see a range of different players over the pre-season period, and it’s given everyone a clearer picture of how the squad might line up. We have picked out who we think might line up against West Ham…

Kyle Walker

He was always going to be a part of the team, however, the clearance he made off the line against Liverpool in the Community Shield was something that has proven to fans, management and the club why he’s in the squad. The defender will be ready and raring to go this weekend after his performance last weekend and the reaction he received.

John Stones

Proving that they can work well together, Stones and Walker will be the first two defenders in mind when it comes to Saturday. He’s known to make mistakes and has had a bad reception from England fans in the past. However, his league game is always better and he proves exactly why he should be in the City squad.


This week, the Daily Mail reported how the midfielder has been in talks with Pep Guardiola over filling Vincent Kompany’s position at the back. Now that the squad is full of fresh midfielders such as Rodri, it has become harder for Fernandinho to be picked in his known position. However, Guardiola has had a plan of action again and that’s to get the versatile player to drop into a centre back position.

It’s probably risky to start him on Saturday although it would be a good chance to see him in action and if things aren’t working, he can be replaced by one of the other experienced defenders that Guardiola has coached.


Relied on a lot in pre-season and for Man City over the past year, he is looking to be a great asset to the growing City team. The 22-year-old started against Liverpool at the weekend and should be given another chance to shine at West Ham.

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