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Man City offered player for Sane, fair swap?

Manchester City’s Leroy Sané has been in and out of the transfer window gossip this summer, and this week the Football Manc Cave has seen another rumour.

According to Sportwitness, David Alaba has been linked with a move away from Bayern Munich. Wednesday’s edition of the Catalan Newspaper, Mundo Deportivo claims that Alaba has been offered to Man City in a swap for Leroy Sané.

Bayern Munich apparently wants to offload Alaba in a swap deal for the Man City star or for Barcelona’s Ousmane Dembele. There’s no suggestion as of yet from the Manchester side on whether the rumours are true or not. However, Sané has been a big part of Pep Guardiola’s pre-season team.

Fair swap?

There’s some that will say if a deal can be negotiated with some money on the table as well, that this would be fair. When you look at the existing Man City squad, however, it’s a different story.

A lot of fans have realised that if this rumour is true and if it was to go ahead, it would leave the Blues with four choices for their left-back position. While it’s always good to have options, he’s definitely not needed. As well as being no place for Alaba in the squad, he’s also older than Sané.

Alaba is 27 years old and known as a defender and midfielder. He’s blossomed as a left-back in recent years so it’s now his comfortable position. Leroy Sané, on the other hand, is 23 years old and known as a winger and attacking midfielder. It just doesn’t seem like a fair deal in terms of what Man City gain from this.

Man City fans also value Sané and wouldn’t want him to go, especially not now. He’s at a young age and he’s proving himself in the squad.

We should probably also mention that this is only a rumour and that the German stance on Alaba is very different. This is probably more realistic also but apparently, he is not for sale.

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