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Man City looking for experience to replace the departed Kompany

Man City have reportedly enquired about Juventus centre back, Bonucci.

With Vincent Kompany leaving his Manchester club at the end of last season, it’s obvious that Pep Guardiola is now looking for a replacement. For weeks, that player looked to be Harry Maguire. City and United have both been interested in him but Leicester wants around £100 million for their defender. This fee has put clubs off.

So this means that Leonardo Bonucci could be the cheaper option for Pep’s team. This could also be a good move for the Italian as Juventus could win the race in signing De Ligt. Say that the transfer does go ahead, the new Juventus boss, Maurizio Sarri will have 5 central defenders at his disposal, so he could and probably should be asked to balance the books by selling one of his defensive options.

The 32-year-old has had an impressive career. He was with Juventus from 2010 to 2017 where he had a total of 227 appearances. The defender also racked up 13 goals for the club in that time before going to Milan in 2017. After 35 games there and 2 goals, he went back to Juventus in 2018 and made 29 appearances, bagging 3 goals last season.

For me, he would be a better option for City than Maguire. Bonucci has racked up a lot of personal achievements over the years, he’s been placed in UEFA team of the year a few times, been in many Serie A team of the year picks and even got Serie A footballer of the year in 2016. As well as this, playing for Juventus and being in the league he’s in, he’s had tough competition so the Premier league could be an easier and new challenge for him.

If Pep Guardiola can get the deal to go ahead, he will also be happy as he has said previously that he considers Bonucci to be one of the ‘best players in the world’. He’s gone on to explain that he thinks this, ‘not just for defending but the ability he has to play from the back.’ Lets just hope City can win the race to sign him as he’s apparently also gaining interest from teams like PSG.

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