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Man City & Celtic lose out to Porto for promising 20y/o star

The Football Manc Cave is taking a look at Ecuadorean star, Jose Cifuentes as he has supposedly turned down Man City and Celtic for a career move with Porto.

Jose Cifuentes has been in headlines the past few months with regards to his future. The 20-year-old defensive midfielder was the star of Ecuador’s Under 20 side at the recent World Cup. He looks promising at a young age which has drawn in attention from Man City and Celtic.

The player has previously claimed that both Man City and Celtic were chasing his signature, although that hasn’t actually been confirmed. Now, according to Alan Nixon at The Sun, the 20-year-old is on the verge of joining Porto instead. Apparently, the club and player are about to accept an offer.

It’s not a huge blow to either side as they both have the money to look elsewhere, however, Pep Guardiola and Neil Lennon are both competitive managers won’t be too happy to lose out on the star.

What are they missing out on?

The youngster looks like the real deal, he’s got bags of energy, a great passing range and a fierce shot that will make goalkeepers fear him. He’s got ambitions to play in Europe and wanted to sign for one of these clubs until the deals got overlooked when Porto got involved. This would have meant that his determination to play well over here would have been noticeable and he would have made a great impact.

It’s not been confirmed as of yet where the 20-year-olds future lies, however, Celtic could be needing a midfielder due to injuries. While Man City are always on the lookout for youth team members to develop, and train but this one could be slipping through their fingers.

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