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Man City are ready to pounce on exciting Watford target

Joao Pedro is likely to transfer but is in a tug of war with Man City and Watford.

It’s a bizarre situation in which Pedro is in, and something that I’m sure we will hear more from in the next couple of days. What we know so far is, the forward agreed a £2 million transfer last October, that would see him join Watford in 2020 after he turns 18.

Joao Pedro’s current club, Fluminense, has a new president, Mario Bittencourt. He is supposedly unhappy with the deal. There is also understood to be a clause in his contract that would allow another team, such as City, to hijack the deal. In order to do this, the blues would have to offer the Hornets £17.9 million in compensation.

So now City is meant to have approached Fluminense offering to renegotiate a transfer deal once the clause is settled.

The 17-year-old only appeared four times since 2019 and impressively, he scored three times. He’s even scored in cup games and other competitions and this is what attracted Watford in the first place. Now it looks as though Man City could be about to throw a spanner in the works.

As a young player, I think he will look at his options and choose City as he can develop as part of their youth. His value should increase as he appears more, hopefully, scores more and grows as a player.

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