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Man City are best off keeping Delph from Everton for these two reasons – Agree?

Earlier this week, the Sky Sports reported that Man City’s Fabian Delph could be leaving the Etihad this summer, with the possible destination being Everton.

Everton could be leading the race in signing the 29-year-old. According to Metro, Pep Guardiola’s side has given their player the go-ahead to leave this summer and he’s received a lot of interest, just not any bids yet.

However, more recent reports from Metro have claimed that Delph will have to ask the club for permission if he wants to leave. Guardiola doesn’t see why his player should leave or at least leave for a low amount. Despite the attraction from a list of teams, here are two things that Man City may consider when fighting to keep the England international.


Delph’s contract is still in date for 12 months. This summer has seen multiple reports about Pep Guardiola’s future. Some about him taking a sabbatical, others about him saying he will return to other teams soon. No one can really determine the truth behind those, although it is true that David Silva will be leaving at the end of the coming season.

With all this in mind, it could be a substantial season for Man City if next summer see’s them coming to blows with departures. This is why they should push to keep Delph on so that they can get the most out of him for his final year with the club, and then he could be one of the departures this time next year.

Back Up

Not only is Delph known as a midfielder, but he can also serve in defensive positions such as left-back. The signing of Rodri from Atletico Madrid puts the England star in a harder position to try and gain matches. He only gained 11 appearances for the Blues in the Premier League last season, which is probably a factor he’s considering in deciding whether to stay or go. He’ll have to hope that Rodri doesn’t fit in as well as fans and the team are hoping, or just hope there will be some way he can break in the team as back up. With his ability to appear in different positions, it gives him more of a chance to be used as cover.

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