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Loan, Buy & Sell: Bolton Wanderers

Now that it’s looking like Bolton Wanderers may have the financial situation under control, the Football Manc Cave is looking at options for the club to loan, buy and sell.

There’s been a lot of news regarding Football Ventures and their possible takeover at Bolton Wanderers. This article is literally just me being optimistic that Bolton manages to secure the takeover deal, sort out everything behind the scenes financially and then get to business in the transfer window.

If we can do all of the above, here’s a player that I think we should sell, one that I think we should buy and one that might benefit from a loan. Think a football equivalent to snog, marry avoid.

This was also quite hard to choose players for as fans know, we only have around 7 players that have actually signed new contracts and we don’t yet have money to buy anyone.

That’s why my options have been a little limited…

Loan – Connor Hall

The 21-year-old has already spent most of his football career on loan so why not give him another spell to try and build some experience, skill and a chance to prove himself.

He joined Bolton in 2017 and in 2018 was sent to Accrington Stanley on loan. He only managed 13 appearances there and didn’t bag any goals. With our current situation, I don’t think we should be open to loaning anyone who has had the courage to sign a new contract with us. However, if we can manage to sort the situation before the start of the season, Hall is a player we should let have a chance elsewhere. Erhun Oztumer is another player who could be considered as teams like Charlton have shown interest although I personally think we should fight to keep him.

Buy – Alie Sesay

As we currently don’t know the exact situation behind the scenes of the club, I didn’t want to get too carried away with picking a player to buy. Back in May, we were linked with the 24-year-old defender and it made fans question how we were going to pay him. People questioned if we were now paying in Monopoly money or magic beans.

However, now that we hopefully have payments covered, we can put in a bid for him. We desperately need players in any department but defenders should be the priority. The 24-year-old ended 2019 as ‘player of the season’ with AO Chania Kissamikos and may be worth looking into if the rumours were true first time around.

Sell – Andrew Taylor

Now, I haven’t picked Taylor because I want him to go, I’ve picked him because I think he wants to go. I said at the end of last season that I wouldn’t blame any player for leaving us this summer as they’ve all gone without pay. There’s news about how the 32-year-old is supposedly looking at a move to the National League.

Taylor gave one of my favourite interviews from any member of Bolton Wanderers players, management and staff. He addressed the problems behind the scenes and gave this interview. He explained how the players on pitch performances were affected by the financial problems, and how the players were becoming frustrated.

If Taylor does end up leaving us, although I don’t blame him at all, I will be gutted. I’d also want to thank him for sticking with us at hard times, and for his honesty on the situation. I wish him well in the future.

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