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Leeds Utd Spygate may hamper their chances in the loan market but work in Wigan Athletic’s favour

It would be fair to say that Leeds’ season went off the rails after ‘Spygate’. Gavin Massey put the final nail in the coffin. Now Lampard is Chelsea bound, could it hamper their chances in the loan market.

Leeds want Clarke-Salter to marshal their defence next season, and sent out scouts to the U21 Euro’s competition to watch him captain England. The centre back, 21, spent last season at Vitesse in Holland, however, it’s likely that Chelsea will hand him some experience in the EFL.

“Haha” Lampard will reply down the phone, “here’s some revenge for spying on us, he’s going to Wigan instead” at least I hope that’s how the conversation goes. Surely he won’t be doing Leeds any favours, it created a great rivalry between Derby and Leeds last season which sparked a brilliant play-off semi-final tie. Derby won 4-3, btw. This all came about because Massey scored two at Elland Road, in a 1-2 win for Wigan. That wasn’t necessary…actually it was.

Leeds are probably the biggest club in the Championship now after Villa were promoted. They could’ve had the choice of any loan player…Mason Mount, Harry Wilson, Fikayo Tomori, Jake Clarke-Salter, take your pick. Until Marcelo Bielsa couldn’t keep himself away from rivals’ training grounds. Ah well, I’m sure they’ll sign a couple of Real Madrid players, he turned out well didn’t he?

In all seriousness, hopefully, this works in Wigan’s favour and after the outstanding work we done with Reece James last season, are rewarded with another couple of gems.

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