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Juan Mata’s inspiring post gave Man Utd fans belief this season but made one vital error…

Juan Mata made a big mistake when addressing the defeat against Crystal Palace...

Man Utd’s Juan Mata has been posting a blog each Monday for the past six years, recently announcing that they now are posted on Wednesdays. But his post-Crystal Palace blog post contains two very mixed messages…

Juan Mata sets himself apart from the typical footballer by being heavily involved in charitable and societal acts. As well as remaining humble enough to interact and be open with fans. He is a fantastic footballer and a fantastic human.

In his recent post, he addressed his recent contract extension by saying: “Given the situation, it perhaps would have been easier to leave, to accept that I did not arrive at Manchester United at the best point in their history,”

Adding: “However, I believed, and still believe, that it was worthwhile to stay, to work so that this club returns to fighting for big trophies.”

This message certainly gives fans some relief, in that at least one person inside the club seems to care about taking them back to where they belong; the top.

But upon addressing the defeat to Crystal Palace, the humble Spaniard made one fatal error…

What was wrong about Juan Mata’s inspiring blog post?

In his weekly blog, post-Crystal Palace, Mata stated “I would have liked to have been writing after a win, as I have done many times, but that’s not the case and it is something that has to be accepted. Defeats are a part of football, although we feel like this one arrived too soon”.

Crystal Palace had never beaten Man Utd in the 20 occasions they faced each other in Premier League football. Losing 2-1 at Old Trafford to a struggling bottom-half of the table side should neither be tolerated nor accepted at Manchester United.

The issues with the performance were foreseen after the transfer deadline day. A lack of midfield quality will ruin this season for Man Utd, and so far, it has.

By ‘accepting’ this defeat, he is accepting much more. He is accepting a lack of investment, a lack of backing for the manager and that mediocrity is where the club is.

Of course, Mata wants the best for the club and is likely unhappy with the current state of the squad. But accepting a home defeat to Crystal Palace is the beginning of accepting that Man Utd are a mediocre club who have no intention of improving on recent seasons.

Saving Grace

Thankfully, Juan Mata makes some sense in that he says “Fortunately, we have the rest of the season to fix our mistakes and improve”.

Which is entirely true. However, unless Man Utd can magically spawn two midfielders, any improvement is very unlikely.

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