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“It’s Time To Vote With Our Feet”. Newcastle Utd Fans React to Losing Benitez

One of the most unlikely partnerships in football between Rafael Benitez and Newcastle Chairman Mike Ashley has come to an end. The long-suffering Toon fans have taken to social media to express their disgust, and plan what action they intend taking next.

The presence of Benitez who has never been shy of tackling those in charge of a club, and a Chairman renowned for his rhino-thick skin and unmovable ego was always going to be a pot ready to boil over.

Despite his belief that he is untouchable and always right. Ashley cannot have foreseen the rise of Benitez to hero status, and it is perhaps that which has driven a wedge between them.

It is money that has caused Benitez to depart. He believed that in order to compete in the top 10 of the Premier League, he needed a huge measure of control over the club he manages but it would surely not have come as a huge surprise that Ashley was slow to give ground.

Obviously sickened and aiming to step up the protests against Ashley, Newcastle fans vented their frustrations on social media.

Ashley who has also faced heavy criticism in the past for the ‘Victorian working conditions‘ at his Sports Direct factories, may well think that he can ride his way out of this latest drama. However, he may well find that the Tyneside fans have the determination to hit him where it hurts most – in the pocket.

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