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‘It’s great to see Bolton Wanderers in transfer talks with ex-Blackburn Rovers striker, we just want the takeover to happen’

According to Bolton Wanderers News, the club has missed out on signing because of the ongoing take over issues.

Apparently, ex Blackburn Rovers and Celtic man, Anthony Stokes, was linked with a move to the Whites, until the slow takeover took its toll and had an impact on the 30-year-old striker’s decision. There’s not a lot of information on the actual rumour of him supposedly being in talks with the club, however, fans learning of this news are getting increasingly frustrated.

Stokes has now joined the Turkish side, Adana Demirspor. As I’ve said since the start of this transfer window, I would’ve been surprised at any player wanting to stay a club that wasn’t paying them, so I’m not surprised that a player would want to make a move to that same club.

Transfer talk

Although it’s nice to see Bolton being linked with transfer talk again and being ambitious, I think it’s safe to say that everyone is awaiting this take over to be completed so that the club can welcome new players. While free agents might be the most sensible option when the deal has been signed and sealed, the club seriously needs to start getting their squad sorted out.

When you look at the remaining senior squad members, you’ll see there are only around 13 players on the books. Only a handful of these, however, are senior members, the remainder is youth team scholarships who don’t have much if any, league or senior squad experience.

If the club wants to stand a chance at League One football, they need to make the most out of the remaining days of the summer. If the take over happens too late and it doesn’t give Phil Parkinson long enough to try and negotiate a few deals, even the signing of any free agents, then the club needs to seriously develop their youngsters and prepare them for what’s to come.

I feel massively sorry for the fans, and I am a Bolton fan myself. I feel for the club as a whole and I’m even starting to feel for Phil Parkinson before the season has even started. Some might disagree but I know that Parkinson will get the blame for everything that goes wrong on the pitch now. You have to put yourself in his shoes and think that all the financial problems and the take over should have been sorted by now. There’s such little time left to the start of the season and I bet he’s getting just as frustrated as the fans.

I really hope the youth can come through and show the energy that’s needed in League One. Otherwise, we are in serious trouble.

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