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Is this Bolton Wanderers’ best ever Premier League 5 a-side team?

Today at the Football Manc Cave has taken a look at Bolton Wanderers’ Premier League days and picked out their best 5 a-side team.

When Bolton was in the top flight of English football, it was a time in my life that I used to go to every single game. I got to see some of the best players we’ve ever had so picking this 5 a side was a struggle.

With everything going on behind the scenes at Bolton Wanderers, I thought this may be a nice thing to reminisce over and see who you would have in your Bolton 5 a-side team.


I think Jussi Jaaskelainen is probably most fans favourite and that includes myself. One of my most memorable moments was when he saved the two penalties in a row at Blackburn Rovers. Not only is he one of the best keepers I’ve seen, but he’s also one of my favourite all-time players.


Going with the formation 2-1-1, I’ve picked Gretar Steinsson and Ricardo Gardner. Two of the best defenders I think Bolton have seen. Gardner’s pace that also made him a capable winger was impressive. Steinsson’s goal that was meant to be a cross, or was it? That goal against Stoke City is something I’ll never forget seeing.


Okay so this was massively hard because with the formation I’ve gone with, I could only pick one. It has to be Jay-Jay Okocha. His free kick against Aston Villa was the first ever match that I got to go to, and our number 10 inspired me to play football and watch football more and more.


We’ve had quite a few goal scorers over the years and narrowing it down to one was challenging. However, it has to go to Kevin Davies. I’ve always said he was one of my favourite players because of his determination to win every ball. If there was a ball to be won, guarantee he would throw everything he has at it and if he couldn’t, he would definitely be able to get a free kick out of it. Does anyone else remember when he broke his finger in a match at home, snapped it back into place on the touchline and then carried on? One of my favourite players ever.

My other options were players like Gary Cahill, someone who’s gone on to have an amazing career. Stelios was another player I considered, I just couldn’t let Okocha be overlooked. Kevin Nolan is another Bolton legend that I decided to pass on although he was one of the best players I’ve seen. I couldn’t have done this article without talking about Gary Speed, a player who I think everyone who got to see him play, agrees on how good he was. Anelka’s ability to find the back of the net was another factor that made picking this team even more difficult as he had a brilliant spell with us.

Finally, a controversial choice but I don’t care, Stuart Holden. He was my favourite player when I was younger, I had his name printed on the back of my home and away kit bought a “StuSA” shirt and still to this day, I follow his social media. I was devastated when his career was ended by that tackle.

My list could go on. I do hope that we can end up in the position we used to be in one day when we have gotten over this bad patch. For the time being, I’d love to hear your player picks.

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